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skip to 9:10 if you wanna actually hear about comic books

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Thanks for the wrestling joke, Corey. :)

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I think during Grants action arc an important point was that Vyndktvx was attacking supes at different moments of his life and then bringing it all together creating this whole 5d mess so maybe 'the death of superman' hasn't happened yet or...... New 52!!!!( shakes fist)

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Wait CV is talking about games now to, what do I need GB for?

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The cross over events like trinity war in DC do not serve as good jump in points for new readers. I think the company wide events like Zero year, villain's months, and even WTF april provide the hook to get new readers and are relatively new reader friendly.

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No offence guys but you really sound like corporate apologists on here.

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@g_man, @undeadpool: Once again guys awesome podcast, I didn't even cared if you talked about games for the first 10 minutes. Hey there is Assassin Creed comic books right or comics based on games? So in a way you're still talking about comics. lol Ok, so a lot of interesting things to talk about. I'm starting notice there's a lot of hate on The New 52 coming again lately. I really don't get to hate ALL of it. Sure it's not perfect, but there's been a few great stories that were even better than the originals like Batman, Supergirl, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Justice League, etc. I think the Zero Year has been phenomenal by the way, all the tie-ins are really great and it doesn't even diminish the main story. It just builds upon it which is awesome. It's even better than the majority of the villains month. You were right Tony about Doomsday, it is somehow referenced in Action Comics 15-18 that Superman fought Doomsday and died, even Lois Lane mentions how it was 3 years ago before that actual fight. I know it's pretty bad that Superman died TWICE within the 5 year timeline. But you really take your time to read the story and forget about the five year timeline, it's a great story in itself. I also starting to noticed there's been a problem with characters being able to evolve, some do and some don't, like teenagers for example, ever since Legend of Korra season 2 started people have been attacking her character for making bad decisions and having period problems. But they somehow forgot that she's a teenager and when we were teenagers we all went through these problems that relates to hers. It seems like people just wants characters to stick with them and always agree to them all the way through. They don't want the character to grown, they just throw in the trash and never look back on it and think. Kitty Pryde I really don't have much of a problem I understood why she joined Cyclops. It's mainly because Wolverine, Storm and Beast were FORCING the young X-Men to go back the past and she was against that since like third or second X-Men issue. Since Cyclops was the only one to not force them to go back in time. She felt like she needed to go his side. I just don't agree with her being cool about the weapon X base as the new Xavier's school. I just thought that was odd.

The dispute between the rides and attractions of Marvel in Universal studios end at 2015. They had a contract that withheld from Disney to make anything. Since 2015 is almost there, they are making plans for Marvel rides and attractions coming after 2015. So, yeah Universal is gonna say bye bye to all Marvel by 2015.

There is an exclusive Black Adam skin for the PS4 Injustice, I didn't like the open stomach from Huntress either except when Jim Lee draws it lol, and yeah Corey you're right House of M is the best way to start for Marvel. That's basically where I started from and mostly every single event has been based off of that. Sorry if I go all nerd on you guys. I'm just a very informative person.

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Thanks for the wrestling joke, Corey. :)

That's one!

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I'll say that the Marvel Event method is how I got into comics two years ago. I read the major events and then went back to read characters that got my interest until I was caught up. With DC it was harder, I ended up just jumping into single issues of characters I knew or thought I'd care about and tried to figure out where the story was going. Luckily for me I got into comics the spring before the New 52 so I was only lost for a few months but it was definitely harder to read DC than Marvel at the time.

On another note about boycotting the company because of editorial my problem with that is that it discounts everyone else who works on the book. I had the same problem with people boycotting enders game because of Orson Scott Card's producer credit. Boycotting it because of him also hurts everyone who worked on the movie and discounts their involvement

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Good podcast guys. How about moving the show to Thursday if you cant manage every Friday. As for the editorial problems it's hard to say your right about one thing we only hear one side of it. So if the books are still good I will buy them.

I find since we are more online then ever people tend to blow things way out of proportion and you never hear about all the good Marvel and DC do for their creators.

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I totally agree with you comments about customers reading and handling books at comic book stores. I buy most of my books at my local comic book store (TBS Comics) and the owners are pretty laid back when it comes to reading and handling books without purchasing them. I always know to not purchase the front copy because it has been handled. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!