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My phone hates me! No Skye for meeeeeee.

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Don't ever stop the music Tony!!

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@missj: aww, it feels like forever since we've had you on the podcast

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Is this early or is it just me? Also aw yeah podcast, feels like it's been a while since the last 'cast.

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you did the same tony catwoman

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AH! No dimmers! Please!

Edit: The reading order for Infinity is in the back of the comic books. I think. Most of them at least.

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@g_man: Well Tony, if you ever feel lonely on the podcast you can always PM me and I will be prepared for it, trust me! lol

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@iceslick: I do wonder why Tony has never tried that before?

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@trevel8182: I don't know...I always been ready for it. It just doesn't happen. :-(

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Haha good soundtrack Tony , more ;)

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Lol @ the background porno music

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*dims the lights*

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When a podcast begins putting out episodes more and more sporadically and at greater intervals. Typically begins with only one episode missed, but if a podcast isn't careful, it can compound, sometimes as severe as one podcast every other month. Podfade often leads to podcast death.

Many podcasts deny their podfade until it is too late.

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Undeadpool is not here? YOU MADE ME download this podcast and Undeadpool isn't here.

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@mucklefluga: Yeah, kind of does get awkward. But me and Tony or the rest of Comic Vine cast has talked outside of comic vine quiet a lot like on twitter and PM messages. Even when I spoke to him and Mat in NYCC, the conversation ran quite smoothly. It's really about the confidence that you have in you. It's not like Tony knows about most of these artists or writers personal lives.

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Yeah Tony I was tempted to leave when I heard no Corey, but then you told me to stay, so I did.

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@g_man Thanks for answering my question. Since that question was from a bit ago, I have been keeping a close eye on the news, previews, and solicits for DC. While I'm still cutting back on New 52 books drastically (mostly because Image is getting more of my cash lately), I am giving Batwoman, Earth 2, and Animal Man a month by month chance. Especially since the new creative teams on Batwoman and Earth 2 have some good work behind them. Batgirl is starting to get some of it's "spark" back (if it is ever allowed to go more than 2 months without an interrupt), and Animal Man has got a great artist on it now.

So I haven't walked away entirely but they are no longer on my pull list.

Thanks for the response.

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@iceslick: Okay then, maybe it would work perfectly with you. But if Tony did invite you he would have to invite other members of the community to other podcasts to make it fair and they may not work as well.

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@mucklefluga: Yeah I guess that's the problem inviting other members of community because they might not be engaging as I am or they be a troll. lol

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I usually like the music Tony. What you were listening to sounded like a porno in the background. But the rest of the music? Yeah DJ it up!

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Tony, would you get the season pass of Arkham Origins (future DLC plus skins)?

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Relatively new listener to the podcast, but it's really enjoyable. Understandable that sometimes issues comes up, but for a one man podcast it was still really good. Now I have to go and read the Green Lantern/Nightwing annuals.

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Stop reading a book to send a message, but at the same time read that same book to know whats going on, I feel like you didn't think that one through. But I get the Idea, I don't read any books from DC to send a message about Captain Marvel (and some of the other stuff that they are doing). Websites and reviewers give enough spoilers and information to know whats going in comics right now. It's not much fun but I would feel bad paying for a concept I feel is wrong. Loved the Dark Recliner idea, and in response to the Joker thing, I actually feel like using him less and trying to make him seem like more of a super super villain takes away from his character to the point where he doesn't feel like the joker. I liked the type of Joker used in the DCAU, you could use him any time, do some kinda crazy scheme, have fun watching Batman foil it, and still have moments/plots that had huge impact.

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Even if it's just you, Tony, I'm glad you do the podcast! I like listening to these while I do problem sets.

Also, I totally agree with that one community member: everyone throws a hissy fit when DC books get cancelled, but people don't seem to say a thing for Marvel books (the one exception was the cancellation of Fearless Defenders, which invoked a deservedly HUGE amount of ire from the fans, including me).

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Here's some really bad news. I was recording the next Super Massive for Wednesday with a special guest. But Since I was doing it on Friday (after this podcast) instead of Thursday, I was using a different studio. The problem occurred when, 45 minutes into a really really great conversations (with loads of spoilers), the recording program crashed. This never happened in the main studio. So the convo was lost. I was crushed. Haters, feel free to laugh. So we'll have to figure out making that up some other time.

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@g_man: I understand how that totally feels. It's such a bummer and it really isn't something to laugh at. I remember during my college years when I was filming with black and white film and since the tech was so old some of the footage came out blurry because some of the film got smudged. I lost half of the things I recorded for my final project. It was really depressing. Luckily my professor still gave me a good grade for the hard work, especially since I was the only one who didn't have a filming partner because he abandoned me by dropping the class early and everyone else had a partner already. So, I had to do it alone the whole semester. Thank God I finished college because I always hated on relying on irresponsible people. But I feel bad for what happened to you Tony, it really sucks. :-(

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@ghost_runner: I know! I'm teaching a class during the day on Fridays now, so I have to wait until the quarter ends to come back.

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Dark Recliner is a million dollar idea.

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I love Superior Spider-Man. I just started getting into it and I'm at #10. I love Otto as Peter. Most times it's just hilarious (e.g. "you're not a skrull") and satisfying (i.e. beating the villains to a pulp) and some times it hurts a little experiencing what's going on with Ghost-Peter there but you've got to admit he's pretty Superior. Overall, I'm loving what's happening.

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@g_man: As always a good podcast even though it is a little weird only you talking (however still better than nothing). I do agree with you on the term that people should not buy things the don't like and it is a stronger and the best way to show your dislike since the company (in this case a comic company) don't get your money. I also agree with you that you can't say if you like the product or not since you don't have any directly experience with the product. However you can say if you like the premises grounded in the knowlegde you have from media's covering of the subject since that would be the reason for buying it or not. You can only hope for the premises to change in the future. This goes for everything we buy not only comics.