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New podcast, nice and early!!!! Great way to start off my Friday.

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Damn that was fast.

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I originally understood Tony as Comic and Whore con. My jaw dropped LMFAO

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Woah this is early! Not complaining tho!

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groovy an early podcast!

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Think I'm gonna try to go to the Long Beach Con. Maybe.

I can see that Cyborg has had some secret missions that haven't been revealed yet. Maybe he teamed up with the "Titans" a while back. I think that would be very possible.

I think the Wolverine and the X-Men kids could face adult villains like the Marauders. It would be like in Spider-man, when Peter was a teenager he fought adult bad guys all the time. Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Vulture, Electro, all his enemies were grown ups. It would be that young versus old, new generation versus older generation theme. It would really work and maybe even help the book build a rogues gallery.

I didn't read any of the Young Hellfire Club stuff, so i can't say for sure, but it sounds almost like they were trying to have a rival school of kids for the Young Jean Grey School kids to face. Sort of like the rich school kids picking on the upper/lower/middle class school kids who go to a public school instead of a private school. Sort of like those 80s movies where the rich col guy picks on the younger less cool less rich kids. But again, I haven't read the issues... yet. I got this issue #19 and so far its so good. Love the art and the stories seem fun.

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Woah this is early! Not complaining tho!









New podcast, nice and early!!!! Great way to start off my Friday.



Damn that was fast.

All of my thoughts in one place!!

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Just to let you know, for me, the RSS continues to suddenly quite on me in mid listen. I will be listening to the podcast on the RSS and it will just stop, then I have to restart it and find where it left off. It has done this for the past few weeks of podcasts. Don't know what the problem is or if you guys can fix it, but just thought you might want to know.

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@Babs: I'll join in on the letters for Cassandra Cain!

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Henry the 8th kept his scottish wife alive and gave her a castle, and atleast one other who died naturally, I'll have too look it up.

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Hi iron hawk, I got married at the castle where Ann Boleyn grew up! :)

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Just after going to my first con a few weeks ago it was called D.I.C.E in Dublin. It was a great con it was very intimate and I got to meet a lot of writers and artists and have some long conversations with them, best experience I've ever had. I dunno what the big cons are like but it will be pretty hard to top the personal feel of D.I.C.E for me anyway :P

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Shoot forgot to ask a question. Hey I know your into Assassins Creed, do you have 3? And if so how do you like it?

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@SavageDragon said:

Shoot forgot to ask a question. Hey I know your into Assassins Creed, do you have 3? And if so how do you like it?

I don't have 3 but I'm planning on getting it, for sure! The statue of Conner is actually on my desk right now :D

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@Speckins said:

Hi iron hawk, I got married at the castle where Ann Boleyn grew up! :)

That's pretty awesome!

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@Speckins: Awesome! That must have been very cool! I looked it up, Anne of Cleves was the scotish woman I mentioned.

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Good vibes! Thanks for this guise. I so look forward to the podcast every weekend.

Cyclops as a villain? NOTHXPLZ =(

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Oh, this was recorded yesterday? Guess I submitted my question too late. Well, darn. Still enjoyed it. Sad that Corey couldn't make it.

If continuity didn't matter, then Marvel and DC wouldn't need to constantly reboot the series. They would just exist. They don't sell these as short stories. They sell it as a consistent universe. Saying you shouldn't worry about the continuity feels more like an excuse for lazy planning.

Yes, people who love ARKHAM CITY but hate comics are pretty laughable, but is it any more ridiculous than people who love comics but hate manga? Those are just comics from another country. Do you classify comics made in Europe and Mexico as anything other than a comic? I know of tons of great new manga series. I love comics, manga, anime, and games. It's all entertainment to me.

I'm all for more of Sara's editorials. I always love those. What about Lois Lane and how she seems to no longer care about journalism?

I wrote an entire blog on the idea of how to deal with people being intimidated by comics numbering. I even suggested a possible solution to the topic. "Comic Numbering is a Broken System! Here's a Possible Solution!"

Not that I'm against a letter writing campaign. As far as Cassandra. Her return would be great, but I have to wonder if now is the time. Look at what DC has done to many of it's more interesting female characters since the reboot. Catwoman, Batgirl, and Lois Lane,

I didn't really know about this new Talon that you suspect may be the new Cassie. What is it about this that you object to being the new Cassandra? Is it the fact she's was never Batgirl and that washes away literally all of the her past stories?

Hope your arm feels better.

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Lol...totally got my forum question twice, answered this week and two weeks ago!!

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@dreamfall31: It was that good of a question. Deserved to be mentioned twice.

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I have often wondered about that too. There have been lots of times where I like the idea the comic is presenting and I want it to succeed, especially if its a new series that just got started and not a series or characters that has been around for a long time, but I am currently not liking the art or the current story.

So I want to support it but at the same time i don't want to buy it and would rather buy a different title. Should I just buy the different title or keep supporting a book I am currently not that interested in because of its possible future?

About Cyclops, I wasn't meaning he should be this twirling mustache villain, but someone like Magneto who sees his ends always justifying the means. And not going back to one day being the leader of the X-Men again, but being seen as more of a terrorist like Magneto. I just thought that would be a change from a good guy being sort of possessed and causing all this death and destruction and then turning back to good and eventually being forgiven. Might be cool to see him become a villain like Magneto, someone who can justify all his actions and someone who the reader can maybe see his side and maybe side with. At the very least it would be neat to see him as a loner now, not a good guy or a bad guy but in between. But to be honest I only read that issue, I wasn't keeping up with the A versus X comics and may have not seen all the comics about Cyclops leading up to this so maybe its not a real natural evolution. Personally it might be fun to see Cyclops as the "bad guy" and be able to look back at his good guy days and think what it must have been like to see Magneto change from a good guy who was friends with Xavier to a bad guy who attacked Xavier. Because years from now when a title like the X-Men or the Avengers or Captain America is fighting Cyclops and his team of followers and he is sort of the bad guy like Magneto used to be we as readers could say I remember when he used to be a hero. We rarely get to see that happen, a character evolve over many years and turn into a villain. Normally we just see them turn into a villain in the issue they are introduced in or a few issues later. Just thoughts I guess.

Who is Superior Spider-Man? Quoted from aNew England Comicspost they made on Facebook:

"Superior Spider-Man. Now relax and don't get all flustered just because I said it. I know some of you are already burning your Spider-Man comics and shouting down Marvel with terrible epitaphs you'd only save for your worst enemy...or the guy in front of you with 20 items in the 12 items or less line. But I was mulling over what Dan Slott could have cooked up in his mind for Spider-Man and convinced the big brass at Marvel would be a hell of a idea to publish each and every month. It was the word "Superior" that got me thinking...what if Peter Parker created a all new Spider-Man? Think about it. Whatever is coming down the pike is going to be so terrible that Peter is not Spider-Man at the end of it. BUT there has to be a Spider-Man in the Marvel universe. Who knows Spider-Man and his powers better then Peter Parker? Who knows better then how to improve upon those powers, and still maintain the moral compass that Spider-Man lives by? Peter Parker of course! So perhaps Peter, with all the technology at his disposal, goes about crafting his replacement? One that he knows will do the job after he "quits" the way he'd want to see it done. And not have to worry about it being a evil or defective clone that have creeped into his life before. Sound possible? Am I grabbing at spider webs? Maybe I am. But it's certainly possible. Consider it comic food for thought until #700 comes out. Until then feel free to rampantly speculate. But don't judge it until you read it fan base."

What if Superior Spider-Man is Spider-Man 2099? Somehow traveling through time and space?

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Halloween podcast. This I like. Wish Sara or Corey would PM or message me if they had time. I don't know what I'd say(Not good a initiating a talk) but Tony sent a PM which was random , awesome and boosted my Levels on the site. I commend you sir!

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so hey, why don't you invite Scott Lobdell? even if is a one time thing, it might be interesting!

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I believe the Hellfire Kids motivation is they are creating and selling sentinels to governments and other people and they believe the school will create less tension between humans and mutants so they are trying to shut the school down.

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Here's how I'd organize the Batman books: (Lines mean cancelled.)


Batman & Robins - Focus on the Bat Family, especially Batman's relationship with the Robins.

Detective Comics - Independent Batman stories, ala Legends of the Dark Knight, followed by six-issue back-up stories featuring little known DC comics street-level characters.

The Dark Knight - I totally agree, Sara. Detective Comics makes Dark Knight kind of redundant.


Batgirl - Incorporate Batgirl into Birds of Prey and put Gail Simone on as a writer.

Catwoman - If DC isn't going to do Catwoman justice, then just cancel it...She'll be in Justice Society anyways...

Batman Inc. - Cancel after Morrison's run.


Teen Titans

Red Hood & The Outlaws

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Another great podcast guys. Cory's endless guffaws were sorely missed so he should pay back the users by revealing his secret of invisibility to one and all. I sometimes wonder if we should start calling this the Cassandra Cain cast. I can't even remember the last episode we got through without you guys bringing her up in conversation. I have nothing against the character but I'm just kind of neutral on the topic of her absence. It makes me think I'm suppose to like this character who I know next to nothing about even though she's not showing up in the comics I'm reading. Anyways keep up the awesome job.

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@JairamGanpat said:

I originally understood Tony as Comic and Whore con. My jaw dropped LMFAO

Me too haha

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Awesome podcast - was listening whilst revising for midterms. (the epitome of fun) You forgot All New X-men in your X-men titles ! (super excited for what Bendis is going to do in that....). Right about Henry VIII; divorced first (she dies naturally), killed second, third died of complications from childbirth, divorced fourth, killed fifth, sixth outlived him. Names were Catherine of Aragon (widow of Henry's brother, Arthur), Ann Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Ann of Cleves, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr. It's like the one thing that gets taught repeatedly over here in History classes.

Was it Grant Morrison who was rumoured to be writing Wonder Woman Earth 1....?

Anyways, enjoyed listening, keep up the great work XD

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Family of the Bat 2 part comic would be awesome! I'd trade Detective or Dark Knight for that title for sure.

@Babs start the Cassandra petition and you'll have my signature!

Loved this podcast! Corey's hilarious, but sometimes when he's on... there are times when Sara takes the backseat- which is a shame because Sara's comments are often my favorite to listen to.

Thank you for answering my question twice and for the kind words. You all rock!