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podcast time baby

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Good to see Sara is back. 3h with 2 dudes, nobody deserve that.

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If you work for a business and you use their equipment they can spy on you. I've been in two jobs were there has been software were they can literally pull up my screen or anyone else's when they want. It's still pretty douchey though.

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iTunes, when will you update?

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Great work guys!

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The thing about Superman though is that maybe he was like that in Action Comics, where he was still young, but now he is an adult and I thought he was supposed to be the Superman we all know and love and the world knows him as. If he, as an adult in current times isn't the Superman we all knew him to be then that is a change that might turn some readers off. If instead of being this really good noble guy he is this guy who is a little immature and brash and not as grown up as he was before the New 52... I am not sure if I am getting my point across. It would be like taking Batman and making him less competent and less grim, or taking Spider-man and making him care less about responsibility or something. Its a sort of big character change from his pre-new 52 self.

I like that they made the new Hob Goblin this sort of dumb criminal. He leaves his weapons out on his bed in his apartment, he gets all this info about Spider-Man and Peter Parker and comes to the wrong conclusion. He just isn't a smart villain. I like that. Instead of him being another smart and deadly super criminal. He is really just this punk who got lucky when he killed the other Goblin. I also think Max might come to the conclusion that Peter is Spider-man, but maybe there is something in that spell of Dr. Strange's that stops people from coming to that conclusion. Maybe thats why Hob Goblin did that too, and when Osborne was head of HAMMER he did the same thing, when presented with all this information about Spider-man and Peter parker everyone comes to a conclusion that is just left of the right answer. Peter works for Spider-man building tech, Spider-Man takes pictures for Peter Parker, maybe they just CAN'T see the right answer, its blocked in some Jedi mind thing Strange is doing.

I am really hoping that the new Spider-Man after 700 is Ben Riely or something, and not Alpha, and not some new guy, I'm worried that I wont like it. I love Peter as Spider-Man. Its him that makes Spider-Man so great, so someone else as Spider-Man, and why not Peter, makes me worried. I am hoping that its because Peter and MJ decide to take a vacation or something and not that Peter is killed.

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@therafalee said:

Good to see Sara is back. 3h with 2 dudes, nobody deserve that.

False. Gay men love that

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Although the episode as a whole was great, I'm so tired of G-Man's pontifications about not knowing certain new developments of beloved characters, especially in the New 52. Its particularly becoming annoying when he can't get past plot-points that are obviously meant to be a mystery and/or future story arc. When did comic book continuity become uncompromising data that we must accumulate for the sake of accumulation? Not to say I'm not susceptible to this, as all fanboys and girls have the tendency, but let's have the writer actually unfold the details at his/her own time and pace. that's why I appreciate certain writers like Lobdell because he keeps people in suspense. I love ya, G-Man, but seriously, knock it off!

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I enjoyed the podcast this week, and I don't like Sara being berated. Sara's cool! Missed her in last week's podcast.

They are making Lois shallow in the fact she doesn't even seem bothered that the show she's in charge of is so vapid. She used to be a reporter of high ethics.

You can't bring back the dead without reason? Since when has that ever mattered to comics?

You can't compare the issue of Talia and Selina. Talia only has basic disagreements with her father, and she wants to impose her will onto the entire world. Selina is a criminal with a conscience. None of that explains why he could be in love with Talia.

I'm not accusing you of not liking other publishers. I'm saying put the community to work for you. Just becasue no one asked where the old feature went doesn't mean it can't be of use. I could say that you aren't covering any of Antarctic Press series or big manga releases. They aren't a separate thing. They are comics. You also can't say they aren't big enough to cover. When I go to the grocery store, I don't see comics on the news stand anymore. I see the latest volumes of NARUTO and OTAKU magazine.

I completely disagree that you can't have a series of villains. You just can't wimp out and water them down, as they did with Venom and Jason Todd. Look at the series BLACK LAGOON. This manga is filled with mainly villains. It's all about the degree of villainy.

In the world of the wiki database, there is no excuse to use extended history to not follow some series. There is an online database for pretty much everything.

I think a TRON Quorra costume would look cool. Though, I have a bit of a crush on Olivia Wilde =D I'm planning on just wearing a sweat shirt with my Green Lantern shirt over it. I'm just handing out candy to the kids.

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@therafalee: @ampm1789: @FoxxFireArt: You guys should be happy then. I won't be on next week. I could always just stop altogether. The few hours of pre- and post-prep I could use doing other things on the site.

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@FoxxFireArt: "Violins"? Really?

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OMFG, You guys referenced the Crow my FAVORITE movie(have it on my phone, laptop and have the dvd) XD Gahh I quote that line all the time especially since it has been pretty much raining all week here in NY. The crow tv show was ok in a campy way(I agree its bad but my friend and I like it in a show with potential kind of way) it was the first episode that was awful beyond defense, but im pretty crow dedicated so i could deal with the rest of the series, I have that series on DVD lol

Ok I'm fanboying XD I'm calm now

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@EnSabahNurX: Yes!


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@G-Man: This made my day ^_____^

Have that song on my iPod and Burn by The Cure

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@EnSabahNurX: Such a good soundtrack.

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A Quorra costume would be a perfect fit for Sara, but I specifically remember her bashing the movie when it came out...so maybe not.

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Rule 1 of Marvel Comics...Cap is always right...even when he's wrong.

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Yay awesome podcast as per usual, and guys Batman Incorporated is the best series going!!

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I've been on this site for years and never listened to the podcast. First time I do and I hear mention of myself. Tony, I held true to my word and bought all the back issues of I,Vampire. Can't wait to tear through 'em. Glad to hear you're buying the Invincible hardcovers. Best way to read that awesome series.

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Thank you, Babs! So glad to hear someone else talking about how awfully Lois has been portrayed in the New 52. I don't think its true to her characterization for the past 70 years.

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@feargalr said:

@therafalee said:

Good to see Sara is back. 3h with 2 dudes, nobody deserve that.

False. Gay men love that

i think they would if James was there :)

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Why would a gay man like it? Grow up.

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In Return of Bruce Wayne Bruce saw something that disturbed him when going through time so this issue reveals that Bruce saw the 666 future Damian lives through and created Batman Inc to stop it.

Chronicle's gimmick got in the way of the movie too much it's basically a less interesting Akira.

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Good Podcast guys. Reguarding what a company can do with their computers. In most companis they can moniter anything you do on any company computer right down to individual keystrokes and mouse clicks without your permission. Also most IT people will check with you when installing software on your workstation to make sure they you do not loose work, not because they need your premission but  as a common courtesy.
Also The Punisher is beneath Iron Man's attention. Iron Man is not a streel level hero.

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@dreamfall31 said:

A Quorra costume would be a perfect fit for Sara, but I specifically remember her bashing the movie when it came out...so maybe not.

I love the soundtrack to TRON. It was a really pretty movie, but I wasn't crazy about the script.

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Love having everyone back in the studio, its always great to hear how different everyones likes and dislikes are and im always glad of the tiny arguments/dicussions that come from that because when im sitting with my friends discussing comics and games we rarely agree. Just shows that nothing is rehearsed and its all genuine which believe me, is rare in todays podcasts.

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I jumped back on RED LANTERNS for the Third Army tie in :P  
As you can tell by my review, I wasn't exactly a fan.

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Good vibes, good vibes, good vibes.

I can't reconcile the Talia in flashbacks in the New 52 with the Talia in present day Batman Inc. Looks like at some point she snapped and became too hardcore? Hope that gets cleared soon on Batman Inc.

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Thank you for the inspiration Sara!

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Bummer, you didn't answer my question.

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Wow what fluid went into G-Man's cornflakes that morning? Picking fights on air, threatening to quit all together? I've made the point here numerous ways, continuity is not a high priority for either of the big two currently and DC made up that 5 years just to get continuity fiends off their backs. We're merely suggesting focusing on if a good story was told rather than a flow chart of Robins.

Oppositely, it sounded like Sara was near comatose by the time Q+A rolled around.

Corey, you have to know your corporate overlords:


Toy Biz was calling the shots in between bankruptcy and Disney

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I had heard that Brandon Lee loved the Crow because it was the first movie he had been asked to do that wasn't him doing martial arts. It wasn't in any way connected to his fighting skills or his father.

I thought I heard that Alan Moore wanted Watchmen to the the nail in the coffin of superhero comics. That he hated them and wanted Watchmen to effectively kill the genre. So that makes me not want to read it. Also I tried reading the book, 1st issue, twice and it was so dark and depressing that I couldn't read any more or it. But that is just me there. Not saying its a good or bad book. But hearing he wanted superhero comics to die makes me question anything he has written since I love superhero comics.

Thats why I asked that question for James Robinson (all the many times that you guys kept forgetting to ask him) if comic artists want other people to know what they look like. Do they prefer the anonymity? Or would they want everyone to know what they look like and not just their name connected to their work? Would they like that they would get asked for an autograph while walking down the street? I started this thread to show what artists and writers look like in another forum, but I thought maybe they wouldn't want to have people know who they are or what they look like.

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The burden of carrying the Captain America identity is a fitting metaphor for the pressures of taking on a long-running superhero character, as an incoming writer hopes to stay true to the legacy of a character while taking the book in a new direction. Over the course of his run, Brubaker has drawn inspiration from every era of Captain America comics, and his final story takes a look at Cap’s history to say goodbye. Brubaker’s original Captain America artist, Steve Epting, joins him for his finale, and there couldn’t be a better artist to illustrate the reverent, retrospective script. In a great visual touch, an early splash page is an homage to a similar image in their very first issue, with Captain America leaping into action against a quartet of criminals on a train. Epting was an essential part of this book’s early success, and his realistic pencils made him the perfect fit for Brubaker’s gritty but cinematic superhero story. In this final issue, Epting’s talent for adding weight to classic images is on display as Steve recounts the history of the Captain America name, showing images from classic Cap stories rendered through Epting’s smooth, detailed linework.

Steve says the hardest thing about being Captain America is understanding that the mission is too big and will never end, but it has for William. Rogers may as well be talking to Brubaker, who, like William, has served his time and done his best; now it’s time to let incoming writer Rick Remender share the burden with Steve. Unlike Journey Into Mystery and FF, Captain America’s conclusion has an extra sense of finality to it, which likely stems from Brubaker’s forthcoming departure from superhero comics once his Winter Soldier run concludes with #14. Every superhero comic comes with its own baggage, but as editors at DC and Marvel take more control over the stories, there’s even more pressure added to writing a franchise title. There will always be writers willing to take on the mission of creating stories for these characters, but for now, Brubaker won’t be one of them.

There was a lot more going on in Captain America 19 than the podcast let on

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Hey Everybody Stop Hating on G-Man [ He, Sara and Cory Do an Fine Job with this Podcast ]

and G-Man Don`t Quit your the Heart and Soul of this Podcast [ I Be Leave in Tony Guerrero ]

Now Can Every Body Just Hug and Be Best Comic Vine Friends .

[ and I Approve this Message ]

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Sara's back, fun thimes ahead. G-man's not on next week. Where will the hillarity be, where? Where? Wheeeerrrrrrrre?!!! :(

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Great podcast, and G-man thanks for the updates. I use this podcast as an outlet on what I am going to buy. But what is better I vampire or American vampire?

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@KingSolomon: Oh crap. Even though they're both vampires, they're pretty different. Different types of vampire stories. I love 'em both. I, Vampire is 'newer' so less issues to catch up on. AV has more history to it and three trades are available. I'm afraid I can't give a clear answer.

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Not saying anything about Rob Liefield one way or the other, but I went to this comic seminar and the guy there (a comic artist) said that there are three things that will get you hired and jobs. Time, Quality of your world, and personality. You might be slow but your work is great and you are easy to work with. Or you might be a jerk but your work is good and your fast. Or you are a jerk and but you work is good and you are fast. But I think they said that you need two out of the three to stay working.

Batman was also a Green Lantern for a short few panels. But like the Sinestro Corp he rejected it, too tempting he said.

Amanda Waller would be great, Alfred is a perfect Green Lantern what with all his training and how awesome he is just being himself and not a vigilante or superhero. Jimmy Olsen went up against the New Gods stuff in the Fourth World stories when Kirby was in charge. I think he could do it. Lois Lane. Pa Kent would be a fun choice, one of the parents who made Superman such a hero. Nightwing became a Green Lantern in an alternate reality story. I think thats a pretty good start.

I was going to put together this elaborate Spider-Man costume, with my civilian Peter parker clothing ripping off revealing the Spider costume underneath, but never got around to getting the spider-costume. So I too have no costume this year, not really.

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Love this site...and all the information about comics... COOL!

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She is so annoying. These guys are funny, and she is being a total killjoy.