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I agree with what you guys are saying about switching artists. Whenever I pick up a trade and it switches artists halfway through many time I put it down because I can't take it

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The X-men were more like Xavier sending out the X-Men in costumes to make them look like Superheroes, so the public would associate mutants with superheroes. Not soldiers, and they were not allowed to kill. Several times in those comics a bad guy would laugh "HA! I know that you are bluffing, you took an oath not to kill or harm others!" So Xavier made them take oaths not to use their powers to harm. I haven't read the issues you guys are talking about, Schism, but if she had to kill to defend herself then and there then I get it. But if she had an option of not killing I think then I wouldn't have killed. But i don't know what the situation was or who got killed. Also I thought the comics went and showed, in retcons I guess, that Xavier actually taught class there too. That it was sort of an experiment to create a safe school for mutants, and train a team of mutants to go out and protect and defend a world who fears and hates them. Not to act as soldiers. I mean it still seems odd that Xavier would send teenagers out there to do this, but he didn't train them as soldiers to kill.

I haven't read this comic, but I always thought Wolverine sees killing as a bad thing. He hates that he has killed or will have to kill again, but knows it has to be done. but it still has a heavy weight to it, something that he can't shake. Something he doesn't want another mutant to deal with. He maybe doesn't want this young girl to become like him, or X23 or his own son Daken. Or maybe he had hoped that the new generation of mutants wouldn't have to kill. Wolverine is the best there is at killing but he hates it I think, and maybe he feels like its a failure when he has to kill. At least I think. I haven't read that comic.

I do like the idea of Wolverine seeming more fatherly, going against his killer instinct to become a role model. And I also like Cyclops becoming this guy who, like Magneto, is willing to make serious compromises to reach his goals. Not saying that he wants to kill humans like Magneto, just that they are both "Ends Justifying the Means" type guys it seems. Is that what is happening to these characters?

Maybe Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler will be the new scrapper. He is from a universe where he was trained by Magneto, and everyone there is a scrapper right? So maybe he will be X-Force's new Wolverine.

Maybe X-Force is on Wolverine's side because, like Wolverine, Cyclops saw them as killers who he could use to kill. And they all know how it feels to kill and how it can effect you, and they don't want that for anyone either much less kids. Then again, I haven't read any X-Comics for a while.

I agree about Bruce Wayne's social life for this reason, any extra time he has would be devoted to his war on crime. he doesn't have a life outside of Batman, he doesn't go to the movies or have hobbies, and go out on dates. But if he did meet someone like Catwoman or Talia, and he was attracted to them it would be more than just sleeping together. So I don't see Batman as someone who would sleep around.

I am glad they moved Comic Con up a week because it usually falls right on my Birthday, and much like people who have their birthday on Christmas it would sort of feel like it was too much or something. Plus now if someone wants to get me a gift I don't have to worry about buying the same thing at comic con, it happened once.

I LOVE the Simpsons. I would love a Simpsons channel, and would also leave it on all day. I think Matt Groening should buy his own network like Opera and show nothing but the Simpsons. He should also buy back Futurama from Comedy Central and put that on his own network too. Then also launch a new show, something like Radioactive Man, an animated superhero action comedy. That would be wonderful. I am glad that the Simpsons wasn't ended like that, yet, but also sad that the actors can't get some of the profits like they wanted.

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@cobra88king8 said:

I agree with what you guys are saying about switching artists. Whenever I pick up a trade and it switches artists halfway through many time I put it down because I can't take it

It's even worse when the art isn't good.

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I always thought We3 is Morrison's most mainstream book. But Action really does seem more streamlined and quick paced for new fans. The 3.99 price tag is a little annoying but Joshua Hale Fialkov is going to do a John Henry Irons back up. Really happy with it and I am glad I have a good Superman book to read. Rags Morales last work was First Wave.

At some point there was a comic when different women started talking about Bruce Wayne and realized that none of them slept with him all of them then start to suspect that he is in the closet. But if Bruce is with one woman in Detective and with Catwoman in another than it sounds like it is just a editorial error. Love Batman but I can see why there should not be that many Bat books it worked so well when there were two Batmen and they split the books up between Bruce and Dick which is something they should have kept. It could also be an issue of just writers telling mediocre Bat stories that do not seem new or different.

I think Huntress and Penguin do not have the new 52 logo because then it would be the new 54. They are not part of the same initiative and are just mini's which DC is going to be doing with Shad and My Greatest Adventure and possibly Batman Leviathan.

Loved Animal Man and the tone of the book I like surrealism in superhero comics. Jeff Lemire somewhere did say that Animal Man and Swamp Thing would begin to crossover kinda bothers me since I do not read Swamp Thing.

Dan Didio also said somewhere that things that happened in the events did occur. It's annoying since Grant Morrison's Batman is still in progress and certain things in Final Crisis were important to his story and even the upcoming Multiversity so hopefully it doesn't disturb those stories too much. But at the same time aside from Bruce's disappearance it seems DC tried to remove all effects from the story immediately after it was finished.

Simpsons is going on two more seasons the actors reached an agreement. Still like watching the show and would rather the show end by their choice than a argument ending the show.

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@johnny_spam: But realistically, let's assume every single of the 'New 52' books was successful and didn't end up getting canceled. Would that mean they couldn't put out new titles? I take 'The New 52' as the name of the new universe. That's just my opinion.

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Yay Podcast!

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@G-Man: To me the new 52 was the initiative of the Past September releases. DC is going to release new ongoing series at some point and not just minis, But books that are mini series I do not think would be under the new 52 label. I also think that it will be a brand like Heroic Age or Brightest Day and after a few months or when the books move on to different stories will remove the new 52 logo.

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That is all. Thank you.

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Joker is possibly addressed in Detective. The page right before the "big twist" in Detective #2. Look at who is standing with Dollmaker.

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I love the podcasts so much!!
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@johnny_spam: about bruce wayne in the new 52, isn't he in gotham city with the newest robin (damian), in the Batman & Robin series? maybe I just didn't notice when I read the new bat books which ones had dick vs. bruce. I think Batman and Detective Comics are Dick, but Batman & Robin and The Dark Knight are Bruce, with Dark Knight covering older events that aren't as reliant on the continuity of the other bat titles. I have no idea how accurate this is, does anyone know for sure?

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The New 52 refers to the new fifty-two books that DC released to launch their line-wide refresh. Penguin and Huntress were released post the new launch, thus aren't part of the New 52. If you want my honest opinion, keeping with the New 52 print at all on the covers of the books is silly because they should be treated as "new" anymore, but the current status quo.

I love you, Tony, but once again you're thinking about this too hard.

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@HubrisRanger: I think about the things that others don't think about (and often don't want to think about).

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Dude's Club!!! All about Starfire!

Schism isn't as good as I hoped, but I'm glad that Wolverine took them back home, but I side with Cyclops all the way.

Just a week till Arkham City.

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So I've been reading the Kirby/Lee X-Men recently and currently and up to around 35. I have previously read Uncanny 100ish to the Phalanx Covenant with a couple choice story arcs from the last 15 years. The thing to remember about comics and the X-Men in particular is they will rewrite the characters and history. Whatever is newest is most true as long as its popular with the audience. Beast originally started out with a personality like the thing until in the third or so issue he made a declarative statement as to how no one should get him confused with the Thing as he has such a large vocabulary. Point being is Kirby/X-Men, hell probably even Claremont X-Men are not a reliable source for who the characters are in Schism. The reason people find themselves so attached to a particular X-Men character entirely has to do with how often their personality and pasts have shifted and which one the person read.

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I can relate with you on feeling sick, Sara. I'm in the same boat right now. Hope you feel better by now.

In Schism, it sounds as if you're looking for a thematic consistency in the the art, Tony. I had a slightly similar issue with X-Men Blinded by the Light. The first two pages were Chris Bachalo, the rest was drawn by Humberto Ramos, but the last part is suddenly by someone completely different. The art is so wildly different that it's kind of off putting.

The X-Men were soldiers in the beginning. They trained in the "Danger Room". Not the "Let's All Get Along Peacefully Room".

The whole idea of Bruce Wayne's secret identity being a playboy who's irresponsible seems fitting. If you secret identity has the same morals and ideals of your superhero persona. That's a bad secret identity.

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Good cast. The thing that 'appears' that you guys were discussing is really there or not is just Lex. Superman is sitting behind a two way mirror, but he can still see people through the glass. X-ray vision.

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just spoil the books. i hate having you guys dance around taling about books. i want to hear your real thoughts on the books i've read, and when you dance around books i haven't read i become uninterested. if people don't want it to be spoiled they should wait a week, or maybe you guys could talk about last week instead of the current week. either way don't be afraid to spoil books. if i cared i would have read it, and if i am not, the spoilers may make a book interesting for me to check out in the future.

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Sweet new podcast design

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I just had an idea, maybe Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler will be X-Force's new Wolverine type (like I mentioned before, because he comes from a kill or be killed dimension) and will using his powers to BAMF his enemies into solid object. Grabbing a guy and bamfing him into a wall or the cement ground. Nightcrawler used to say all the time that he had to be careful or he might teleport himself into a solid mass and die.

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No podcast this week?

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It's NY Comicon this weekend.

Tested also had no podcast this week though, not sure why not.

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@FalcomAdol said:

It's NY Comicon this weekend.

Tested also had no podcast this week though, not sure why not.

i thought that they were not going to the NY comic con.

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@FalcomAdol: tested has octoberkast

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@howlettgrowl: Yeah, they mentioned a few times the past two podcasts I thought, that they weren't going. I was just worried that with the new set up that maybe I lost the ability to listen to it, similar to how I seem to have lost the ability to load pictures. Its no problem, just curious.

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I thought that Babs was not going.

Alex from screened is definitely going, he mentioned it.

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@ArtisticNeedham said:

@howlettgrowl: Yeah, they mentioned a few times the past two podcasts I thought, that they weren't going. I was just worried that with the new set up that maybe I lost the ability to listen to it, similar to how I seem to have lost the ability to load pictures. Its no problem, just curious.

thanks for the heads up!!!

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New podcast page looks cool but it's a shame there is no new podcast this week.

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love the new page... will we be seeing a late cast this week?

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Now loving your podcast with the iPhone 4s and subscribing w/iTunes ~ thanks for the great listen!

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I am subscribed to this podcast via Zune, yet there is no mention of it from the Podcast page (not a big deal, just mentioning it)...

BTW - it doesn't matter what manner of media I listen to it from, love it!