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It's Friday! Let's do this while I write my week-ending reports at work.

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I was at Target last weekend and snagged a box of Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy. It totally made my day.

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Tony Guerro: I wonder if DC editorial has a plan...

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88 is the year I was born Tony.

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@slickymike88: I thought so. Way to make me feel old. That means I've been reading comics for longer than you've been alive! Yikes.

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What're frute brutes and yummy mummies, longbow hunter?

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@g_man, @undeadpool: Man, this is why I'm dying to be on the podcast. I have so much I can relate on the conversation you guys were having. I was wondering if you guys ever watched Supernatural? I'm thinking since the ratings been so good to last 9 seasons and still going (I love that show by the way), I think it somehow upped the interest of a lot Supernatural shows. Also, you guys weren't definitely bugging DC Universe Vs He-Man MOU and Batman: Black & White #2 weren't that good. They just seems okay and didn't explain too much on what was actually going on. I also been pretty confused with the villain Relic. When they meant he was part of the old universe do they mean pre-new 52?

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I could sort of tell who the Dogs of War were going to be in Earth 2, but not what they ended up doing. Didn't know they would kill who they killed. I think what will determine where Earth 2 goes without James is the reason he left. If he left because they told him they refused to let he tell the story he wanted, take it where he wanted it to go, then I doubt they will let the next writer finish that story. But if he left for reasons not related to Earth 2, maybe they will let his current arc play out and then let the new writer take it where he wants.

@g_man Years ago the 1st issue of Invincible was changed into an Animatic, taking the panels and animating them slightly with voice actors pitching in. It aired on MTV2. I asked Ryan Ottley if they had plans to push it further or anything and he said not that he heard. So I looks like there was at one point, but I don't know. I'd love an adult swim Invincible cartoon series.

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What're frute brutes and yummy mummies, longbow hunter?

They're two of the lesser known General Mills monster cereals. I was going to post a pic here but the site's not letting me.

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Better late than never; I got the Fruit Brute, Mummy, and Boo Berry. I live in the Midwest. Sorry bout you guys Tony, your daughter, and Corey

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Greg Ruchka's problem wit DC and Marvel is that he doesn't feel the care about the stories and characters. Therefore the treatment of the creators (at least the writers is bad. He misses the "Exclusive war" there was a few years back. That was why he left punisher. The reason he left Batwoman was more or less the same.

When it comes to Daredevil all of his Frank Miller stories (except a story with purple man) are collected in trades the best being Born Again (in the podcast referred to as reborn). Dennis O'Neil took over with some ok stories after this Frank Miller came back and did the Born Again story act. Ann Nocenti took over which is a underrated run. D.G. Chinchester has done some ok stories (Fall from Grace) as well as a follow up story to Born Again"Fall of the Kingpin". After this came are more light toned Daredevil that should be a bit like Mark Waid's current run. Kevin Smith did do the relaunch in the end of the 90's however it isn't really a relaunch and to get the full understand of it, it is best to have read Born Again before reading this story (it is concluded in Daredevil Yellow and no it is not really a origin book). Between Kevin Smith and Bendis first 4 issue story was David Mack with the story Part of a Hole which also got a five issue follow up story Echo: Vision Quest which made a five issue break for Bendis' run. Bendis was on the regular Daredevil book from May 2001 to february 2006 with to breaks in between making his run longer year vice than issue released make his run seem longer. Bendis even started with Daredevil with a miniseries however that is best forgotten as it is not that good.