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Posted by Archfiend20xx

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... ZERO. Doo da doo da doo da doo da doo da doo da doo...

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Posted by TheMantisShrimp

You can never have too much horror business, great music choice.

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@g_man By my count 27 books from the first wave of The New 52 are still around 10 of them are Bat Family books.

This does not include books that have been canceled yet are still ongoing like Teen Titans and The Dark Knight Returns.

Another fun fact all DC's Young Justice Line is dead and now I am sad and bitter.

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@g_man and all up 36 books have been canceled or have come to end.

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@timelord, there are rumors that an ongoing book titled "Young Justice" will be released in the spring and star Aqualad along with other teen heroes. I can't remember where I read it but the same source predicted a bunch of the newest DC announcements such as Justice League United and Aquaman and the Others.

Posted by timelord

@themantisshrimp: Yeah I heard that otherwise it would be kind of stupid to cancel Teen Titans as it is always sells in 30K range.

Posted by G-Man
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@g_man: I think you mean ALL - NEW NEW52 (Only sometimes) TEEN TITANS NOW!!!

Posted by iceslick

@g_man: You sure you don't mean "ALL-NEW TEEN TITANS.NOW!"? lol

Posted by Wardishy

@g_man: maybe ALL-NEW 52 TEEN TITANS.NOW #0.1?

Posted by Undeadpool

Seriously, guys, I love ice cream SO MUCH!

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I appreciate the work you do in setting up the solicites. I can tell you reformat them because they look better than the publishers.

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Meet the Jeopardy contestants. Jen is the first one.

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And the problem with sorting books by their adjectives, for a seller, is that while it may work great for those that know what they are looking for, if a new reader comes in looking for that X-Men book they want, but that is all they know about it, it really needs to be with all the other X-Men books, Uncanny or not. Just my onion ;-)

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Posted by ptsteelers

@g_man: Tony my man, many people have. Many people have :-)

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

Why is Corey a new villain every week?

Posted by k4tzm4n

Corey, I love you, but if you don't at least like THOR: GOD OF THUNDER, I have to subtract at least 5 points from my love for you.

Staff Online
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Tony must have butchered students' names back in your teaching days.

"Bongiovi" is (Italian, and) pronounced just like "Bon Jovi" is. Just spelled more phonetically so it was easier for people.

Posted by G-Man

@liveforever: I said it phonetically so they'd know it was spelled differently since this is an audio thing.

Posted by LiveForever

@g_man said:

@liveforever: I said it phonetically so they'd know it was spelled differently since this is an audio thing.

Fair enough, I probably misunderstood.

"Constan-TIE-ne" remains as exhibit A, then. =)

Great podcast otherwise.

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Hank Pym is my favourite character.

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

@loki9876 said:

Hank Pym is my favourite character.

He's one of my favorites too. I hope they won't totally butcher him as a character in the film.

Posted by bunkerbuster05

Seriously, guys, I love ice cream SO MUCH!

Payday and its sequel are heist games. Not the best, but pretty fun multiplayer!

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You guys are so cool. I wish i was your friend.

Rick Jones is a great character though.

Posted by iceslick

@undeadpool: @bunkerbuster05: Yeah Corey if you're looking for Heist game, you should Payday The Heist 1 or 2. It's really fun to play with your friends to shoot and steal stuff.


Posted by G-Man

@liveforever: I know it's supposed to be TINE in the comics:

But I know someone with the last name. The whole family says TEEN.

Posted by darrell1225

No more bad music and singing please. I will definitely miss Kyle Higgins on Nightwing.

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Hoodie 4 Life!

In Reno, Jeopardy airs at 7 PM every night. It must get way better ratings here than where you guys live.

Posted by G-Man

@scarletbatman: Turns out it also airs at 7 in the San Francisco area. I guess it airs twice a day.

Posted by wade_wilson22
Posted by bloggerboy

Corey, have you checked out the PAYDAY games? Not much planning but a lot of good heisting with nice objectives.

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