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Another 2hr+ podcast. Awesome.

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@cyberchop979 said:

Another 2hr+ podcast. Awesome.

I know right! I love listening to this. I look forward to it on my fridays!

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Thank the gods.

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@CitizenJP: Thank the New gods.

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@CitizenJP: @SavageDragon: You're welcome. ;)

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@CitizenJP: @SavageDragon: You're welcome. ;)



@CitizenJP: Thank the New gods.



Thank the gods.

All of them!!

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if you look what they did to Top and Turbine then maybe, they will just do the same to Wally, it'll be like ''Oh you want Wally?, Nop *PUFF* he's gone but we have a Dan West for you, we don't need another speedster for now''

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Yup, the Darth Maul 4 issue series takes place between Season 4 and 5 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  And yes, it's a good comic! :D

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love me some doop.

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@G-Man: The Flash #0made me think that this is exactly how the Flash movie would go. This issue is like the first half of the Flash movie.

My theory about Spider-Man #700 is that Peter and MJ will get back together, and I could see something happening with Aunt May, but I think the story will have them get back together and the reason he feels like he will have to go into hiding is that it will basically undo the events of One More Day and Brand New Day and One Moment in Time. I think they will get back together and that might make readers feel like what was the point. But I am afraid it is something more extreme like the death of MJ or Peter being fired from Horizon Labs. But I trust Dan Slott. Oh, maybe Horizon Labs, everyone there, finds out Peter is Spider-Man and they become his sort of team of scientists or like a brain trust.

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Edinburgh is pronounced Edin-borra

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delirious!!! g-man you just became a lot more cooler.

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Damian and Terry's relationship was briefly alluded to.

Damian Wayne Friend Of Terry McGinnis
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People, there is no DC Continuity.


They broke it by not planning ahead. If you want Wally, Donna, Cassandra, or Stephanie, don't buy the Nu52. DC will only change because of financial reasons at this point. Best you can hope for is another revamp or alternate Earth if sales are in a decline.

Regarding "elitism" in comics. Most of us comic readers follow a path where all is new and you read anything and everything you can. Good? Bad? Whatever. You just have an insatiable hunger for comics because it's all so new. At some point you get to the Sandmans, The Dark Knight returns, The Watchmens and you realize how great transcendent comics can be. After that, it's tough to go back to a weekly Scott Lobdell or Jeph Loeb book. Many still go on, continuing their complete run of Uncanny X-Men no matter how convoluted the story gets or how uninteresting the art is. But a lot trim down their pull list to the creative teams that are pushing the medium forward. Some even have a blackout period where they quit all together. God knows DC's new 52 is taunting many to do so. So yes, us older readers can come off snooty, but it's only because we've been there and our eyes have been opened to what is truly capable of the medium.

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All Star Superman does not retell Superman's origin. It defines it, like a math equation. Morrison explains no matter how you retell Superman's origin, these elements must be present. And because those elements are all we really need to know before the adventure begins, they occupy merely single page in the entire collection. Distilled, like a diamond in the palm of Superman's hand. Mr Lobdell, are you taking notes?

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I wouldn't quote me on this, I'd look into it for yourself to be sure, but I took a class about the business side of art and one of the things we talked about was that being an animator/illustrator I could claim many things on my taxes. Like magazines I buy or movies I see because I could use them in my art for inspiration or something. Things I couldn't claim included gas and food. Again, I am not sure so you shouldn't just take my word for it. But I think you could probably claim the comics you buy since they are part of your work. But i don't know.

I would have gone with the Kirby/Lee FF run. That was such an epic run, so many awesome things were introduced into comics back then. the FF, Skrulls, Dr. Doom, the Inhumans, the Silver Surfer, Galactus, the Watcher, just to name a few. Plus the awesome Kirby style and the Lee dialogue and the plots were so good. I have read up to FF #50. I would also, if I could choose, pick Ditko/Lee Spider-Man. I love those books and I go through them like candy. They are so great. But I had already reached the end of that, now I am onto the Romita/Lee run. THANK YOU Marvel Masterworks!

I liked the Aquaman after Brightest Day, where he had a gold collar.

I don't really find getting signatures that vital for me. I like getting things signed but not stuff like comics, more like things I will see all the time. Like posters or graphic novels or something. I love getting sketches or signatures that I can then frame and hang on my wall. I got a signature from James Robinson, or a poster from Rob Liefield signed, or a sketch from Ryan Ottley or an action figure box signed by Kevin Smith. All framed.

Thank you SO MUCH for thinking my question was fantastic Corey. I am sure they have at some point but Ras al Ghul and Vandal Savage would be a fun team up to see, especially if they did it now. Thank you guys for asking my question.

I agree with Sara. I cannot watch that genre of movies, horror or slasher. I don't care for them, the blood and the meaningless deaths.

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@G-Man: Supergirl showed up in superboy #0 too, third page among all the kryptonians running away from the clones.

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I'm back with a vengence people. Everything went well and I'll be listening evey week. Thanks for the comment"cervantes" no one ever comments or speaks to me on this site. Thanks for the podcast comicvine crew.

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Think you forget that X-23 only has metal coated claws, she escaped before they could graft it to the rest of her skeleton (which they couldn't do before she stopped growing). So the added weight from the metal will be not as huge as it should be on Wolverine.

But yes Danvers appears to be cheating on the weight (but she can fly after all).

But then again, the old Wonder Woman was listed at 6'0 (1.8m) and still only weighs 59kg...so it appears it's not only Marvel that does it. But if the Azzarello/Chiang's WW still holds to this remains to be seen as she looks very big. Or it might be just Zola ofc:

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Thanks for the podcast. I like them long.

I'm surprised DC didn't go into the New 52 without a better plan for the general time line. I think it had to do with the age issue. They didn't want the heroes to be too old. I guess ten years would have been too long for what they wanted. The way they've treated Cassandra is just shameful.

Doesn't Bruce's public persona have a reputation of a playboy? Is that the kind of environment you'd be putting a kid into? No one is suppose to know about the other side.

Comic elitism also exists on Comic Vine, sadly. I wrote a blog a while back involving manga, and several CV users were hostile to it and said it belongs on Anime Vice only. As if the topic shouldn't even be brought up here. I just don't understand that tribalism. I love manga and comics. Probably becasue they're both comics. Even if there is a comic I don't like. I don't think it shouldn't be published. I just don't buy it. I may be hard on comics at times, but it's becasue I have faith they could be better. I believe that editors and publishers are holding back creative teams.

The problem I see with movies or games turned comics is that they never really stand out from the original. The art tries too hard to look like the original content. I think more adaptations should lean toward the design style of STAR WARS: CLONE WARS. That series has it's own flavor in visuals. I don't know if any of you have seen the MASS EFFECT GALAXY (ISO game). That has very stylized designs of the characters, but recognizable. I really liked what I saw of the art, and I would certainly be interested in a comic with such a unique look.

If you watch Gene Wilder movies. YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN needs to be in that list. I watch that every Christmas while decorating the tree. It's easily one of the best comedies ever made. (I also saw the musical version last year)

Thank you very much for the shout out in the podcast. Glad you liked my blogs. It's always nice to know one is appreciated by a lady. =) I would have said you were a White Lantern since you don't like zombies movies.

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Great episode as always guys. First of all I'm gonna call out Tony for giving false information about the podcast email. In this episode he states that the link on this page directs us to the podcast questions inbox but instead it appears to link to one of Tony's older accounts on the site. For all I know he reads questions from that account as well but it just serves to make this more confusing. I think I'll stick to the forum so as to remain as anonymous as possible. Expect a mediocre question for next week's episode. The only books I read this week were Justice League Dark, All-Star Western, and Deadpool which are all really good. Looking forward to more great coverage next week guys. Keep up the great work.

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I like beyonder as an Inhuman mutant or mutant Inhuman

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So will James Robinson be back in October? What happened to our questions? D:

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I'm gonna leave this site forever

lol I'm just joking. But Punisher was one of the best this week :)

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I love you guys. For real. There are few 2 hr podcasts that can keep me engaged, but yours is one of those. Keep it up.

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Great Podcast

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Hi Tony, Sara and Corey, fun podcast as ever. Just a wee point of information: Frazer Irving's forename rhymes with 'laser' - it's not an alternate spelling of 'Frasier'. Here's your chance to be the first US podcast to get it right :)

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@MadeinBangladesh: We actually didn't get it this week. Diamond didn't ship it out to some stores on the West Coast. I gotta wait until next week. :(

@Mezmero: Either way, the podcast emails to go to my inbox. So email either puts them in the same place.

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@comic_shaun said:

Thanks for the comment"cervantes" no one ever comments or speaks to me on this site.

Ha, I know how you feel - I'm not sure what it is with these boards, every time I make a comment, it's ruddy crickets!

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To the Scottish guy, you should by you're comics from the eBay shop A Place in Space, they are cheap and fast delivery. You guys also forgot images Saga, my fav comic. Poyo rules.

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new podcast on my birthday woohoo!

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