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Great stuff guys. Been looking for a good podcast. Oddly not enough people are talking about the 3d covers and/or Agents of Shield

Comic book memes

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New idea for a drinking game: Listen to the comicvine podcasts and take a drink someone mentions man of steel, brian butch, or a question is posed towards someone who isnt there.

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@protoflash: naw too dangerous afraid to die of alcohol poisoning lol

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@g_man@undeadpool Just to point out, the reason why it was called Earth-2 by Morrison is actually explained in the issue and on the back of the cover. The cover implies the book's main actors are the CSA and that the JLA are the 'bad guys'. In the book it is explained that Earth-2 is what Luthor calls our DCU, which makes sense that he would consider his own world as Earth-1.

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Ha. Yup, I'm listening!

Edit: Thanks for telling me about the good fight in the comic I don't follow.


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Doest this have spoilers for jokers daughter? ? If so, at what time does it start?

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Side note, Villains month actually made me less interested in Forever Evil so...and those 3d covers went right in the box.

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@lifeboy: we pretty much start with Joker's daughter. If you're looking to avoid them, I'm not sure the exact time we stop (I'm away from my computer).

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@g_man: ok thanks! On to the podcast!

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Woo! A little love for one of my favorite books of the week, Trial of the Punisher!

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I didn't feel ssad at Grifters death Scanner51. I was astonished, because when I watched that scene in slow motion, you can see grifter shoot each one of the amazons in the head who were shooting him with arrows, up until he is shot in the head with an arrow. It was just amazing!

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I had heard this 4th week was weird with 3D allotments too. Thankfully, I did get the single 3D I wanted this week but I know quite a few people with pull-lists at my store didn't get the ones they wanted 3D at all.

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I like the Flying Lotus and Bonobo name drops at the end. Love them. :)

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Went to Pittsburgh Comic Con today. Tons of copies of Joker's daughter for sale. Lowest price was $50-$60 for the 3D and I saw the 2D for $10 at one booth. I saw someone spend $60 for this.

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My shop in Australia (that is where i live) has the prices $4.25 for a $2.99 comic and $5.75 for a $3.99 (cheaper if you have a pull list) and that is the price i am getting these 3D covers at.

These are the prices for every comic they have (except back issues)

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Think I'll go back to the shop and grab the Parasite Villains Month book. I flipped through it and it looked good.

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I love your podcasts. I was heart broken that there wasn't one last week, I was forced to explore and search for different podcasts.... that didn't turn out so well. Some comic podcasts out there are horrifying.

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Great podcast!

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actually it was explained (Red Skull). His original mind was copied (from WW2) to another body or something like that.

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I. Jen brings an interesting dynamic to the podcast but lets not kid ourselves Undeadpool is the star here. Joking, but I do love Undeadpool here.

II. Why can't Jen have a ComicBook Yard Sale. I go to yard sales just to see if they want to get rid of comics. I'm sure a official Comicbook Yard Sale will be a hit.

III. Does Jen live in LA? I live in East LA. If she lives in LA I will gladly drive to her house and take good care of her comics if she really wants to get rid of them.

IV. Is Jen against giving those comics to a Comicbook store.


V. The Xorn explanation that Wanda created him makes the most sense. She was Bat$#!% crazy.

VI. No one noticed Ghost Rider has been missing until now?

VII. MajesticCasual is a User that made a playlists not a band and I love Majestic Casual. His or Her choices are AWEsome.


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I am definitely over the villains stuff. I haven't been impressed with most of them and if it wasn't for the fact I don't want my collections to be short those titles I wouldn't have gotten any of them. If anyone ever complained about a Marvel '.1' issue then they should be railing on DC's, straight out of the 90s, villains cash grab.

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Yes good to hear what your thoughts are on the Villain's Month gimmick :)

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Update, in case anyone was wondering about my comics from a few podcasts ago: they've been taken care of! I have now moved, and have a much more compact collection. Thanks to all who sent in suggestions/offered to take them off my hands :)

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This podcast is so great. I don't have preference for whether or not a guest Skypes in as long as Tony and Corey are involved. I can never keep track of everything I want to comment on but I want you guys to know that I find it very entertaining every week an episode happens. I always crack up when Tony does his over the top Superman/ Ultraman voice. "I'll just push the moon." Good stuff. And Corey should remember that Doomsday was also under a red sun so he would only have slightly more strength than the average Kryptonian. I think of him as having as much strength as Killer Croc or Bane have compared to regular humans. Seeing him overpowered by soldiers in that book doesn't seem like a huge stretch in comic logic. Thanks guys and keep up the great work.

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Slingers: the least popular idea that for some reason everyone still remembers.

I liked the characters, but they never really gave a satisfying explanation for why they are a team and why they are all using discarded Spider-Man identities. (Ultimately, it was just Marvel not wanting to discard fairly decent character designs because an arc is over.) Maybe if they were introduced separately into different books rather than trying to be a team together with a completely incomprehensible title.

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Corey said: "I'd like to see [Marvel] stop re-numbering their books."