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Praise be to Jeebus!

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WOOOT after 8 1/2 hours of orientation for my new job i needed this!

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I know right!?

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Its a new picture but says its the old podcast. Is it just my computer?

In fact it says its from Sept 7, 2012. is anyone else having this problem?

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What order are the questions usually answered? Is it e-mail > twitter > forum?

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Great podcast.

In terms of rape in comics, I am getting tired when some writers think that the only way to make a female character stronger and more edgier is to include rape into her story. If you are going to include rape in a story, you have make it feel organic to the story. Do not have a rape scene just for the sake of being edgy or some bullcrap attempt at a female empowerment message. I am not saying that rape should never be used in comics. However, I do not want it to be used as a pattern to create an unnecessary darker world for their characters who may not need it. Identity Crisis is a perfect example of

rape in comics done REALLY wrong.

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I'm with G-Man, Foggy's being a jerk here. I get it, really I do. Over the years he's dealt with A LOT. But let's be real, NOBODY (other than Matt) ought to know how Matt's enemies screw with his personal life. Like really...he's seen this play out SO MANY TIMES FIRST HAND! He's lost the right to have the kind of reaction he's had. I just hope Waid makes him eat a lot of crow when all of Coyote's actions are brought to the light. I don't even want Matt to rip him a new one. I just want him to forgive him because that'll make foggy feel like a real tool.

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I think Cassandra Cain cameoed once in an alt. universe in JLU.

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The RSS for this week isn't showing up, the last one shown is from Sept. 7th. Can you guys load that? I'd love to listen to this weeks podcast.

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Maybe not a brother but Selina Kyle had a sister in Her Sister's Keeper she also did show up in Brubaker's run.

Azzarello does not hold superhero comics to a precious place that fans turned writers do it's both his strength and weakness on DC characters not surprised that he changes things in a superhero origin.

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Ugh. Can't download off iTunes or instacast. I've already left my house so I can't download from here the sync to my phone. Well hopefully it'll coast or something in a few hours.

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Thanks for the podcast! Don't let Tony's teasing get the better of you, Sara. I'm rooting for you!

I'm also surprised that BATMAN LIVE isn't a musical? You should see YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN if it comes to your local theaters. I loved that musical.

I love the RESIDENT EVIL game series. You're missing out if you never tried RE4. I also really liked RE5. I was pissed when it implied that Jill Valentine was dead, but luckily she wasn't really dead.

My problem with the CATWOMAN #0 issue isn't so much that it's a rehash of an old story. I'm upset becasue it diminishes her. I always felt that Catwoman was one of the sexiest women in DC. Not just becasue she's in a skin tight outfit, or my affinity for dark-haired women. She's strong, confident, and she made herself who she is. It was my admiration of her that attracted me. This new Selina is a kleptomaniac who didn't create herself. She didn't build herself up. Seline doesn't need super powers, and I think you make her weaker for it. They're saying that Selina just can't be that good, but it's a super power.

I'm worried about the life of the CATWOMAN series. This kind of writing got VOODOO canceled, but maybe being canceled then restarted later could allow a better origin. Seeing the Russian origin they're trying. I'm thinking they're going to make her a Romanov descendent.

The topic of rape is very touchy, and one of the biggest issues is that it's used far too often in the plot of women characters in comics. As if that's the only trial women have in life. I remember that being added to Black Cat and not being pleased. Even now, the issue looks to be coming up in the next TOMB RAIDER game. All the talk is surrounded by this scene that has a guy trying to rape her That's even something I'm concerned about.

Yes, DC has a lot more titles with women leads than Marvel ever has, but it was DC that promised that they were aiming for more diversity in not just the characters but the readership in their reboot. There was even the issue of so few women creators on DC payroll. When I look at how they've built up so many of the male characters or kept them the same. It feels more like the women have had more taken away from them in this reboot.

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Why u no on iTunes ??????

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:o this is probably the last podcast I'll hear ever...... bad things have happend in my life, goodbye comivine crew. If things work out well though I'll be listening next week.

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Why u no on iTunes ??????

That's what I was thinking. It doesn't show up in Instacast, so I was wondering if there were no podcast-goodness this week.

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Man I hate it when G-Man misreads the words that aren't spelled in American-English (yes I know he does it on purpose) 

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This podcast hasn't uploaded to iTunes yet, is something wrong?

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Any word on when this will appear on iTunes?

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Man I hate it when G-Man misreads the words that aren't spelled in American-English (yes I know he does it on purpose)

You mean the words in real english?

Barbara Gordon as a Green Lantern would have been awesome. It would have been a progression of the character as opposed to what we got.

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Hey Guys, I don't know if this is a comic vine issue or a larger itunes issue, but I thought I would let you know that the latest podcast is not showing up on itunes yet.

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The podcast not showing up on iTunes seems to be technical issue. I'll try contacting our Top Men but there's nothing I can do from here. It can be downloaded directly above. I know that may not help some and I apologize.

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@G-Man said:

The podcast not showing up on iTunes seems to be technical issue. I'll try contacting our Top Men but there's nothing I can do from here. It can be downloaded directly above. I know that may not help some and I apologize.

It's not showing up in Zune either. It's not listed under the RSS feed, which is what Zune and iTunes use to keep track of new episodes.

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@G-Man: How do you download it directly above? MP3? Or RSS? Because the RSS doesn't work either. It only shows from Sept. 7.

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@ArtisticNeedham: Right click on "Download MP3" and select "save as"

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@comic_shaun: Hope things work out, dude, and that you're back here next week!

Don't let it get you down...

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Finally got started on the podcast, thanks G-Man. I have to agree. Foggy is sort of being a jerk, not taking into account all the stuff superheroes go through. He knows Matt is DD, so he should realize. I mean the Avengers fight clones, aliens, whatever. Can't he imagine that Matt might be getting messed with by someone, even someone like the Kingpin? Its not beyond the Kingpin to do things this drastic. I know that Foggy doesn't know everything the readers know, but doesn't he realize that sometimes the enemies are real psychos like Bullseye or Kingpin or Norman Osborne? And sometimes they attack those closest to you and try to make you look like the villain or crazy.

Can you guys, or someone, go into detail why Nightwing issue 0 means certain characters never existed? How did they do that? Also what big changes did they put into his origin? Maybe I will have to buy it.

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Finally got to hear the podcast last night. Very entertaining as usual guys. Tony and Sara's giving each other a hard time never fails to make me laugh. Cory remains a staple of the show bring his more layman perspective to comics. Also Jem references. This is the 2nd podcast in a row that Cory and Sara elude to Aries not being in previous Wonder Woman issues. If I'm not mistaken he is seen in the book talking with Apollo and later on Strife. He's depicted as an elderly man with empty eyes and legs that are perpetually soaked in blood. Each god refer to him by the name "War" which I assume is a nickname for Aries or rather what his name translates to in the divine god language.

Your Catwoman conversation was very enlightening. Ever since they announced that Catwoman would be in the new JLA I figured they were trying to make Selina compete against the popularity of the Black Widow in the Avengers movie and comics. Between Dark Knight Rising and Injustice: Gods Among Us she's gaining momentum in mainstream media and it would be easier to adapt her into a Justice League movie should that ever happen. Both characters are sexy woman in black cat suits, experts at hand-to-hand combat, and masters of infiltration and subterfuge. Just give Selina a high caliber sniper rifle and she is the spitting image of the Black Widow. I remember hearing Sara mention that Catwoman might be of Russian descent?! Dude...

Really digging the site so keep up the great work.

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Podcast is up on itunes as I write this.

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Podcast is up on itunes as I write this.



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Yo Tony, You referring to Johnny RYALL? Beasties !!!!

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Magic + history comic http://www.comicvine.com/the-secret-history/49-26991/

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I was in Forbidden Planet in Dublin before... Literally the worst customer service ever, great selection of products (though they were on the expensive side) but the staff was incredible rude. The book that I went into buy (Starman Omnibus V1) was there, but I just decided to leave and go to another smaller store about 20 minutes away, which somehow managed to be cheaper AND have staff who weren't rude.

Also as far as I know the other irish guys who wrote into the podcast were responding to my question/story a few weeks back thanks! But I live in Cork and not Dublin :/