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Great new podcast!! I am so far behind on these, I still have not listened to all the August ones.

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Aw. :(

P.S. Sara, Brazil isn't Hispanic, but is a Latin Country.

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/cry no James! He's my favorite recurring guest!

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darn you iTunes, update!

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You guys are KILLING me with your pronunciations.

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Fantastic podcast

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I enjoyed the podcast. I like them this long.

I don't think the issue with the cape. Having the cape being indestructible is kind of stupid. It's just an excuse to explain why artists don't do clothes damage.

Tony is getting more aggressive in his teasing of Sara. Not that I'm complaining.

Here's the thing about Green Lanterns. Supposedly, the rungs are drawn to whoever is the most worthy person on the planet. So, when someone from Earth is chosen by the ring after Hal Jordan, is that person then actually revealed to be the second most worthy person?

I completely disagree with the idea that Superman's problem is that he's too nice. Making a character darker and angst-ridden doesn't make them interesting. Batman is more interesting becasue he's vulnerable, and he actually has a goal.

I liked Sara's rap. It was creative and made me laugh.

Wouldn't it be incestuous if Hippolyta is the daughter of Ares then Diana is the daughter of Zeus? That would mean Zeus had a child with his grand-daughter?

Just becasue an Arab woman could be a Green Lantern, she's not necessarily could to be wearing Islamic garb. Though, where in the rules does it say that a Green Lantern must wear a skintight outfit? Don't they basically create their own outfits? She could just be in an outfit like Dust but green. Also, there are Islamic women who compete in the Olympics. They just wear head coverings.

Wow, Tony read my question making it sound so aggressive and confrontational. That tone wasn't intended. I can agree that Shadowcat is moving too fast, but Sara mentioned last week it was the age difference that bothered her. I just wanted to point out that age differences in comics doesn't make much difference when you have Wolverine being a couple hundred years older than most women he hooks up with.

I've actually been surprised how often manga questions have been coming up in the podcast these past few weeks. You have manga on the site, but no one is covering them at all. Originally, you had Anime Vice to cover manga, but now the site's aren't associated. Manga are comics. They are comics from Japan. In fact, on the Japanese Amazon website labels manga as コミック (Komikku). The only thing that separates them is the language they're written in. Aren't comics still comics when translated in other languages?

I think a Comic Vine shirt would look good in green. I have some complaints with the Big Live Show, but that's a separate issues that doesn't need going into here.

@FanofUltraman said:

P.S. Sara, Brazil isn't Hispanic, but is a Latin Country.

Do you really feel the need to tell someone of Brazilian origins what the country counts as? By the way, I thought people called Sara "Jasmine" in college.

I would like to add that Sara's name in Japanese would be pronounced the same way it is in Brazil.

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Said it before, I'll say it again. You need to change the rating system if you want less flack and a better approximation of your enjoyment of an issue. Think if there were grades in high school:

5/5 = 100 A+

4/5= 80 or a B-

3/5= 60 D-

Anything below is a failing grade. Did Sara mean for the deadpool issue to get a D-? I don't think so. IGN does a scale of 1-10 with tenths, CBR does 5 stars but at least offers half stars. You need to expand the range in with you are grading

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Good stuff as usual guys.

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Loved the podcast this week, listened to it while I was packing up to move to my new apartment. I'm loving the length of it, feel free to keep them a couple of hours long. Also, I'd love to get a Green Comicvine shirt, I'm not a fan of solid black or solid white shirts.

Talking about "family friendly" comics in the New 52, Static Shock felt like they were kinda trying to make it for younger teenagers, but that was terrible and is now cancelled.

Regarding Bruce Banner automatically transforming into the Hulk when shot, hurt, etc, there is some support for this theory. In Marvel's Ultimate universe, in Ultimates 2 Banner was executed by nuclear strike, but transformed into the Hulk just prior to being hit by the missile, even though he was heavily sedated and unconscious. Furthermore, in The Avengers movie, while not canon it is based off the Ultimates series somewhat, Banner talks about trying to shoot himself in the head but ending up spitting the bullet out as Hulk the second he pulled the trigger.

Speaking of The Amazing Spider-Man, as someone who's never read it, how can I get into it? What issue or volume or trade should I start with?

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Thanks for answering my questions guys!

Hopefully James can answer my questions next time, one of the answers I really wanted to hear.

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I do like these long podcasts guys. Keep up the great work :)

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I'm such an idiot. I knew there was a comic with a diabetic. Joe the Barbarin by Grant Morroson and Sean Murphy. I even did a spotlight on the hardcover. Duh.

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Well I sure feel dumb for asking a question this week. I guess I should have figured I would get the patented "it depends" answer but I just thought the Trinity would appreciate a question that isn't: "Who's your favorite blah-blah character?' or 'What do you think about blah-blah-blah New 52/ Marvel Now?" Guess I'll have to get a little more creative next time. As much as I gripe I am still thoroughly enjoying the podcast. I actually had no idea that Clancy Brown was Mr. Krabs but now it seems like the most obvious thing in the world. I hope Mr. Robinson can make it next week during the hectic BLLSL stuff. Until then thanks and keep up the great work.

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Non superhero comics.. duuuddeeess The Manhattan Projects, the best Image series right now IMO

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Proper Arabic IS "Ra" as in the Sun God, G-Man. And that's the enunciation that Oneil/Adams intended.

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@FoxxFireArt: At lease mine was to the point and not some rant about all things wrong with the podcast. You might as well make a separate podcast deconstructing this podcast.

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I didn't say Brazil is a Hispanic country. I would know, I was born there after all.

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There's nothing that says I can't give my thoughts on the discussion at hand. It's not a rant. I really enjoy their discussions.

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I have only started listening to this podcast the last 3 weeks but I must say that I am really digging the feel of the shows and the overall length. I have been listening to the episodes in parts, usually in the car to and from work, then a little bit at night before bed. Keep up the good work guys, you have a great mix of opinions which makes for some great listening.

Anybody notice that Corey has a nervous laugh after he makes a point? I love that.

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Whoever the gentleman was that had the theory on how Superman's impervious skin worked was genius.

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@Fastblender: You don't understand how the 5 star rating system works if you really think that a 5/5 translates to a 100 or a 4/5 to an 80.

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Just to pop in and say that Ares has in fact been in Azarello's Wonder Woman. He's the old man in a white suit, often ankle-deep in blood.

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Superman was so widely accepted, I think, because he was so new and during that time period there was a lot of corruption and Superman burst on the scene and fought that. He attacked abusive husbands, crooked landlords, and politicians. He would grab a guy out of a helicopter and throw him the length of two football fields (to his death) and not bat an eye. He was much more aggressive. But he also represented what most powerless people felt at that time, they wanted to stop the bad guys like that. He was also so new a different, there was nothing to compare it to. It wasn't like someone could say back then that they liked Spider-Man better because he had feet of clay. And as Clark Kent he was sort of the everyman, appealing to kids because they could feel like inside them was greatness too. It was only Superman back then. Later they came up with Batman, who was sort of the opposite of Superman. He was human, had no powers, and in his day to day life he wasn't an average guy, he was a rich guy. Then the Wortham trials came, Superman was seen as too reckless and able to do whatever he wanted without repercussions for him. So Superman was changed to work more with the police. And to act more like a moral compass for everyone. Lois was seen, like Wonder Woman, to be bad examples for girls so she was made love sick over Superman. I think comics, after the Wortham trials, were written more for children and less for adults. Horror was dropped and I think the stories became simpler for kids (or am I wrong). It wasn't until Stan Lee and his comics that characters were given more human characters with feet of clay and emotions and problems. I think that might be why its hard to write Superman. For so very long, the beginning of comics in the 30s till the 60s/70s Superman was sort of written as this very moral character with very little character and no flaws. And its hard to get around that now that its sort of ingrained or something. I agree the best stories are where they show that Superman's greatest power and his greatest weakness are his emotions. He cares for every man, woman, child, and animal, on alive. He is like Spider-Man (with the Great Power and Great Responsibility) to the extreme. He has so much power that he feels so much responsibility. I think there is a small part of it where some people don't even bother with Superman because they have known him since his creation as this perfect man who has no physical weaknesses and never makes a mistake, and never gets angry. And they see him as this big boyscout in a real world where so much bad stuff can happen, and this fictional character (seen as perfect) just doesn't fit in the real imperfect world.

Also, in terms of Batman v. Superman, Superman is first an alien with incredibly unrealistic powers. Batman is a human who, if you really trained, could maybe one day become. Batman also allows readers to get the justice they want rather than Superman who has to be more restrained with his actions. Batman can grab a guy and throw him down a flight of stairs breaking his leg in the process but I don't think Superman can do that. Maybe because he is so powerful he doesn't have to get that deep into things. Also its not exactly within Superman's character to get that aggressive either. Again, in our real world things can be really sad, upsetting, and violent, and Batman can fit into that sort of and go after such evils. Maybe that has something to do with it. There might also be the fact that when you set something up that is so evil the reader wants to feel the bad guy gets whats coming to him and maybe Batman does that more than Superman because he gets more aggressive or something. And maybe, because of his lack of powers, Batman acts in a way we could if it was us in that situation. Instead of Superman who can fly, has super strength, bullet proof skin, etc. I don't know. Just some thoughts.

I may just be rambling but those are some of my thoughts about Superman.

Maybe in the 700th issue of Spider-Man Dan Slott is going to have Peter and MJ officially get back together. And the reason people will be mad is because Marvel made a huge deal about breaking them up to only now bring them back together.

Not exactly about the sounding like your race thing, but my family came from Ireland around my great grandparents generation. I was born here and have never been there ever, and my brother likes to point out when I slip into an Irish accent on accident. Its strange because I have never been there, I was born in America and so were my parents. Hrm.

Back during the Death of Superman they had summits where they would all get together to plan stuff. And I heard that the whole industry does similar stuff to that. They map out that OK, Wolverine must be married to Lady Viper by October of this year, whatever else happens that must happen by that time. I think they do that with all the stuff, like Spider-Man becomes an Avengers in that month and so after that he should be seen in the other Avengers comics, etc. So I imagine that they still do that. They probably just are worried that people would get mad, like you guys said, if they knew all the details about the reboots. But wouldn't that make a great book, the blueprints for the New 52, waves 1-whatever and all that happened before the New 52 and all that (now) didn't. A big encyclopedia about the whole thing would be AWESOME

I LOVED 52. It was such an epic undertaking by DC. No Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, or Green Lantern. Only B,C,and D, level characters. Booster Gold, Steel, the Metal Men, Batwoman and Question. Plus in the back of each issue (in the book) they show some behind the scenes stuff like character designs, page layouts, and why they did what they did each issue. Plus they put an issue out every week for 52 weeks, and it spanned the entire DC universe and had some climactic changes to characters. I loved the effort and the comic was good, I don't see why some people are down on it.

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I love Corey's laugh. He always sounds like hes having a great time

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Did I already miss the BIG LIVE LIVE SHOW LIVE? And If I didn't will it be youtube accessible? Because if its not I can't watch. But if I can't maybe I should just get to work on my art.

PS, I don't wear black shirts so I guess I can't wear yours. sorry.

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Loved Sara's rap, i had no idea it even existed before Tony started playing it on the podcast ^_^

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Superman was created by nerds to be an insperation. While many characters were created for money (not that Superman wasn't) there was more of an underlying desire by Jerry and Joe to be like this god who wasn't ever pushed around.

Also, where is the new podcast?

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Good ep, fun, and nice to see more Image/indie books covered. And of course, Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose getting a shoutout is always nice to see.

Ha though I will say, while I haven't seen and have no opinion on the "Sara looks angry in GiantBomb vids" thing... her saying "maybe they don't talk to girls" about those commenters. Yeah... that's a weird thing to say.

Posted by Speckins

Hi Tony, Sara, Corey, I hope the below responce helps the person who lives in Ireland. I used to live in Ireland, both Northen Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Both capitals have a good comic book stores, Forbidden Planet. In Belfast it is in city centre and in Dublin it is in the Temple Bar area right next to the Liffey River. When I live there 3 years ago Dublin used to have a great but very small comic con. One year both Jim Lee and Mark Millar were there and only a couple hundred of attendees. I sat at the bar for 10 minutes with Mark Millar talking about Scotland and Jim Lee was sketching for free! I don't think it still happens. If you take votes I would vote to provide all information and spoil any plots. If a listener doesn't want to hear about a issue they can play the podcast later until they can read the issue they are worried about. I can't read a lot of comics so I appreciate learning about what is going on in other books. Please spoil! Keep up the great work! Speckins

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just listened to my first comicvine podcast i love it i went right to itunes and subscribed

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@FanofUltraman: Brazilians are Hispanic 
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@Jonny_Anonymous: No, the term "Hispanic" only applies to lands which were once under the dominion of Spain. Brazil was colonized by Portugal.

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@FanofUltraman: Actually Hispanic is someone who is connected to Hispania which is comprised of Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar.  
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@Jonny_Anonymous: Separate definition.