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Holy carp Aqualad, three hours? Thank you.

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You guys continue to deliver! A 3 hour podcast, AWESOME!

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the superman and wonder woman kiss felt cliche

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Wow, really long. Don't think I'll be able to listen to it all tonight.

IMO, people overthink sex when it comes to superheroes like Superman or Wonder Woman. I just suspend my disbelief when it comes to Superman ejaculating or kissing.

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Can't wait too listen too this podcast. JL 12 was good issue.

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Almost didn't see the new podcast. The tag saying new didn't go up. Glad I stumbled here anyway and saw it.

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@JoseDRiveraTCR7 said:

IMO, people overthink sex when it comes to superheroes like Superman or Wonder Woman. I just suspend my disbelief when it comes to Superman ejaculating or kissing.

Lol, I guess those people haven't seen the porn parodies, were they have sex like normal people.

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I still cannot believe that you guys or anyone thought jeff loeb's Red Hulk was good.

lol. Well opinions are opinions, no harm.

Liara t-soni is a awesome female character. Loved her in Mass Effect 2 & 3. Sadly i cannot say the same for the Captain Marvel series. I just think its okay and i am not quite liking Carol.

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Green Day is awesome. Love their music. Saw them in concert a few years ago. I also saw Weezer open for the Foo Fighters.

You know, I never really thought about that, Superman's invulnerability like that before. I always just imagined that his cells were more indestructible than normal humans, but his skin still feels like skin and his lips still feel like lips. Because it would be the same thing if he shook hands, or bumped into someone on accident. So I think his skin is still soft but stronger on a cellular level.

I didn't read the issue, or look at the whole issue, so to be fair I am not sure about his art on this issue. But at first glance it didn't seem like a Spider-man story. Maybe I am just too use to seeing his art in darker harder edged stories. Wasn't saying his art is bad in any way, just that at a glance it didn't seem to fit Spider-Man.

Perhaps the new Green Lantern carries a gun because his ring looses power or is powerless to yellow again. So maybe he has a police styled belt with a gun and bullets in case. Maybe he is swat. or something.

Not to be all negative, but Kevin Smith directed the first episode of that show where the kid's parents sold their son's soul to the devil so now he must work for the devil. He only did one episode and after season one it quickly went down hill and was canceled fast. So just having Whedon direct or write the first episode doesn't mean it will last. It will if its really good though which I hope it will be.

I think the New 52's Superman is almost like an alternate reality Superman. His parent's died before he came to Metropolis, he was an angrier young man. He mentions to Wonder Woman how he kept his identity of Clark to be among humans but doesn't know if he ever connected. He sort of feels like he hasn't and it sort of seems like he hold everyone at arms length and doesn't let them in because he doesn't want them to get too close and hurt. So It would seem like the New 52's Superman isn't worried about being more human now, in my opinion. I do think that this is the best time to have Wonder Woman date Superman and that this will show why Superman and Wonder Woman aren't compatible as a couple and why he fits better with Lois, and maybe show how they both relate better to the other humans on Earth. Maybe a good chance to develop their characters more. What was nice about Ultimate Spider-Man or the Ultimate universe is that they could shake it up because it wouldn't interfere or damage or shake up the regular Marvel universe. They didn't kill off most all the real X-Men, or Peter Parker, they did it in an alternate What If world where they could get away with it. But to shake things up in the regular comics is iffy. Its like what you guys were saying last time about changing some things is OK but changing big things like that Tim Drake was never Robin, can be bad. I like the idea of Superman and Wonder Woman dating, for now, because I am sure it wont last. But I am more upset that they have changed him from this guy who is so human and friends with all these people to this guy who is so lonely and isolated. But Its still early in the New 52 I guess.

I am surprised that Corey would say just get the trades and question if we need the single issues. Because I talked about this with a comic store owner and he mentioned how both the comic companies and his store need them to survive, more so the comic companies. But he was saying that they wouldn't make enough money to sustain just putting out the trades. Not sure if its true, but he owns a comic store so, but I guess it could work with Corey's way too.

Who Let the Dogs Out refers to ugly women, as in look at all the ugly women in this club. I heard the singers explain this on a show when that song was popular.

Thanks for Answering my questions. What I meant by Hulk is that Red Hulk seems to be in the middle of everything going on at Marvel, while Green Hulk seems to be on the outskirts. So if they had just colored Red Hulk green and said it was Banner would that work better? And I was just curious about identities because SO MANY heroes lately seem to have no secret identity. Many have revealed their true identities to the public like Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, etc. And thanks for sort of talking about my questions.

Scarlet Witch's powers were growing, she brought Wonder Man back from the dead. And then it was revealed that she was born in some mystic situation where she was manipulated by some demon to be more magic for his evil reasons otherwise she would have been like her family an just manipulate energy. Then she caused M-Day and erased most mutant's powers, caused Avengers Disassembled too, killing several characters and doing things like bringing an army of Ultrons on them. Even if she was being manipulated by Dr. Doom (who if she was wouldn't that be the next arc? Going after Dr. Doom for causing all that?) she still had the powers to do it all, the powers weren't caused by him right?

THAT is what the new Young Avengers should be about, they decide that Dr. Doom was responsible for everything that happened (since he took the credit) for M-Day and Disassembled and all that (sort of did) so they decided to go after him or something. I really want to see a Young Avengers. What happened with Scott Lang? What happened to Stature after the Crusade ended? Come on, lets find out.

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I agree with Sara, I think Before Watchmen minutemen is better then the original a little bit.

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3 Hours? Guys! You saved my night!

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Good episode guys. G-Man I think the whole 'hardness' of Supermans skin is one of those things you have to let go and just accept it as one of those things you have suspend in your brelif of reality of in order to enjoy comics.

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3 hours....3 hours of fun!!! My saturday is picking up.

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Did Sara just say a Before Watchmen series was better than a novel on Times top 100 OF ALL TIME?!

Credibility -> Window

If you want to say you enjoyed it more, fine. It certainly calls a lot of things into question but fine. But you cannot refute that the original was more creative, technically sharp and will ultimately impact the world way beyond these cash grabs.

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I agree that Kitty is probably too young for Iceman, but I feel like she's too young for Colossus too by that same logic. Their relationship always seemed a bit creepy to me, unless Colossus is a lot younger than I think he is. Even though the Giant Size X-Men were introduced significantly later, but it seemed to me like all those characters were already adults at that point whereas all the original X-Men were still teenagers when they were introduced. If anything Bobby Drake is probably still the youngest of the notable X-Men other than Rogue and Kitty.

For most purposes I use a 15 year timeline between 1960's Marvel and the 90's, and since the 90's maybe a couple years have past. This seems to put most characters at a believable age. But some characters like Kitty, seem to have been aged quicker than the rest of the universe. Since Whedon's run, Kitty has felt like she has been written to be around 30, wheras by the timeline I've created for myself, she shouldn't even be of legal drinking age yet.

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Superman and Wonder Woman's scene felt like bad fan fiction. It feels like the book went from mediocre to bad. It's also so bad DC is pimping the Hell out of a relationship that will not mean much and to the few casual readers remember Wonder Woman as just a love interest to Superman.

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Wow, this is Giant Bomb-cast length. The effort put into it is very appreciated. I now regret not asking a question for this week.

I'm indifferent with the Superman x Wonder Woman relationship. I think she's bigger than being Superman's girlfriend.

I also feel Tony is taking the "Man of Steel" issue far too literally. That just comes from the definition of bullets bounding off of him, and at the time that's what bullets would do. They'd bounce off of steel. It's an overly simplistic definition of the character based upon someone's outside observations. Remember that Iron Man's suit isn't actually made of iron.

The way I see it, Superman's invulnerability is based upon a more dense molecular structure. The bullets can't penetrate his skin. The whole force field ideal was just kind of stupid and someone's attempt to explain why his clothes never got ruined. That's just no one ever drawing clothing damage. I do agree that Lois should have felt something different when she kissed Clark.

The Iceman and Kitty Pryde relationship isn't weird becasue of the age gap. I remember that Warren was in a relationship with Husk, Cannoball's younger sister. It just doesn't make a lot of sense becasue of her relationship with Colossus.

I did a google search for Warbird cosplay, and I didn't see Vampirella costumes. I, on the other hand, have no problem looking at Vamiprella cosplay pictures. Well, good cosplay versions, and I'm aware that's subjective.

It appears Sara and I share the same concerns about Catwoman on the Justice League. She's so reckless and self interested. Not the kind of person you'd even want on a team. Though, as I told Tony on Twitter. It's no less weird than Deadpool on the secret version of the X-Force.

Whatever is going on with Cassandra Cain is a mystery to me. She's an incredibly cool female character that is strong, powerful, and kicks ass in her own right. She's popular enough. There has to be something behind this. People keep thinking that it's becasue they have some plan for her, but that comes up every year with no appearance. It would be idiotic to retcon her out of existence.

Jason Todd is a prime example of a publisher toning down what is interesting about a character as soon as they give them their own book. The same thing happened with Venom. Suddenly, he's shooting people in the foot instead of the head. Sure, Jason has issues, but Batman doesn't have issues?

Wolverine and Psylocke kiss???!! You know how they made that Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe story? At this point, Marvel might as well make a Wolverine Sleeps with the Marvel Universe story. They're well on their way, so far.

To speak to Corey's point on people being so dismissive of comics since there are such a wide variety from different publishers. He brings up many valid arguments that I agree with. It's the same issues with people on manga and anime. Manga are just comics that come from Japan. My issue with comics is mostly when publishers don't give creative teams the freedom they need, or the revolving door of deaths. I know it's insane to try and lump all comics together as the same thing. If you don't like one series. You have good chances of finding something you might enjoy. However, I often hear people doing that very same thing to manga and anime. They just complain about fan service or hentai, as if it's all the same thing. Or they use examples of series that ended ten or more years ago. Could you compare the comics of today to those from ten years ago? I have a wide enough experience in a variety of series to the point where you tell me what you like in a story. I can probably point you to a series.

I don't really know how much of the Whiskey Media staff felt about it privately, but publicly (as on the Happy Hour or TNT) anime and manga was not just diminished but openly mocked. I know the whole "Anime is for Jerks" was a meme involving Jeff, but that doesn't explain why it was said by other members of the staff..... frequently. What was the Anime Vice community suppose to see that as? Users on AV actually thought that the Anime Vice community was openly hated by the actual staff of Whiskey Media. You can't doubt this is how they felt. I can point you to the forum post where this issue sort of blew up a few months back. I often had to defend the Whiskey staff, becasue I had faith in most that they didn't hate that community. However, I sadly had little evidence to point to. No new writing staff was ever hired after the previous ones were gone (not even some freelancers as Screened did), and the the weekly live show was never promoed on the AV front page. I know they never had a segment for the show with no in house staff, but it would have been a nice gesture to at least let those paid members know they were invited to join in. It made me really sad and angry, becasue I know many of the users on AV are good people who wanted to be a part of the larger Whiskey Media family. Yet they always felt mocked and segregated.

People just can't complain about others being broadly judgmental when they are doing it as well about some other form of media. That's my vent on the subject.

Posted by G-Man

@FoxxFireArt: I like anime and manga. I don't have time for it as much as comics, obviously. But I did add a ton of content prior to the launch and also wrote several news pieces even. Heck, I even interviewed the voice of Speed Racer. There are different sorts of anime that sometimes gets weird looks by some but you could say the same about comics.

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@Fastblender said:

Did Sara just say a Before Watchmen series was better than a novel on Times top 100 OF ALL TIME?!

Credibility -> Window

If you want to say you enjoyed it more, fine. It certainly calls a lot of things into question but fine. But you cannot refute that the original was more creative, technically sharp and will ultimately impact the world way beyond these cash grabs.

Credibility -> Window? Why? Because I had the guts to say I enjoy Cooke's interpretation of the Minutemen characters in his book more than I enjoyed their appearance in the original Watchmen? I'm sorry you think that merits a "Credibility -> Window" comment, but at least I'm honest about my opinions.

Posted by FoxxFireArt


I completely agree about comics. For every one that does something stupid, you can find ten with a great story. They get an unfair rap (such as with what happened to that one person in the library). However, it wasn't the Comic Vine community that was the butt of so many jokes on the live shows, and they were always made to feel welcome in the larger Whiskey Family,

I wasn't implying that you were taking part in that. When I saw that idiotic "anime is for jerks" meme being repeated when you were talking about those Marvel anime. I could see that your expression wasn't all that happy with it. I know you're a nice guy who would like people to just get along. I would frequently defend You, Ethan, and Daniel to the rather unhappy AV community who thought that saying was official policy.

It's just for so long when there was no staff around to represent them. I don't know what happened with Gia and John, nor do I want to pry into private matters; but many on AV were confused why no one was brought in to replace them. Even while Screened was calling out for freelancers to add to content. It made those users think that they weren't cared about. Eventually, Tom was brought on, and he's been able to do some good work. Even after the sites split, it took nearly a month until anything was told to those users.

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AHHHHH!!! I wish James Robinson was there for the opening conversation about being 'hard'

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Awesome podcast. Can't wait to hear them weekly.

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Oh darn, I'm behind this week so everyone will have left this particularly party. Still ... @G-Man I don't get your continuing bemusement at the Daredevil, FF and Wolverine Annuals highlighting the Clan Destine - why does a story have to have a wider significance? What's wrong with entertaining chapters in the lives of our heroes? Yes, something from the annuals may be picked up down the line, but for now I'm just thrilled to see the family back for a visit. Or are you coming at it from the point of view of 'how come Marvel are giving us something so decidedly non-commercial?' Anyway, here's Alan Davis explaining how come the Clan Destine are back (I'm sure I posted this t'other week!): http://www.newsarama.com/comics/alan-davis-clandestine-annuals.html I totally agree with you about the level of punishment Batman can take these days, Tony, with Scott Snyder's 'Batman in the Owls' labyrinth ' being a prime example. I've not read any of the Before Watchmen stuff, but plan to catch Minutemen and Silk Spectre in trade. Good on you, Sara, for sticking by your opinion. I enjoyed Watchmen when it came out, but it's certainly not something to be worshipped as untouchable. And lastly, thanks for the lengthy late summer show.

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I heart you so much for off handedly mentioning that you enjoyed Ultimate Spidey/Kitty Pryde. One of my favorite alternate universe pairings, though I might be biased against status quo since I also enjoy Spidey/Chat.

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@AlwaysBeClothing said:

I heart you so much for off handedly mentioning that you enjoyed Ultimate Spidey/Kitty Pryde. One of my favorite alternate universe pairings, though I might be biased against status quo since I also enjoy Spidey/Chat.

Agreed. I've always disliked alternate dimensions where the characters wind up BASICALLY the same, situation/relationship wise.