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Yay, new podcast.

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Weird Sara or every young mans dream?

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Great a new podcast! I am 5 podcasts behind!

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Great so glad its up.

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Do we need to start a kickstarter for a cough button?

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I think when Grant says everything is in continuity he means there is no definitive continuity and we make our own continuity. For instance, many fans ignore Spider-Man:Sins Past or that Peter hit MJ during the Clone Saga. For instance, for me, Magneto was still Xorn no matter what Marvel says. I just got the new New X-Men omnibus and when I reread Grant's run I won't be thinking, "That's not actually Magneto. That' Xorn's brother pretending to be Magneto pretending to be Xorn".

I thought Alpha was annoying. I was hoping someone would punch him.

When it comes to the continuity changes made in Before Watchmen, I would say just consider Before Watchmen as fan fiction and it becomes easier to swallow.

IDK how true this is, but Conor from iFanboy once posted that someone who works with Greg Land (who personally dislikes Land's work) said the when Land is on the book the sales increase.

Bendis wrote on twitter that Jean would meet Emma. He could be lying, though. IMO, Prof X is going to die.

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Man, I never get my questions answered 

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Rucka is leaving Punisher after War Zone to focus more on his material life Lazarus. There is an explanation in Joe Chill in Hell and Year Two that works fine Joe Chill was reminded of his son and couldn't kill Bruce.

Even before the New 52 editors at DC sounded bad.

Superman Wonder Woman sounds terrible knowing Geoff Johns he will screw it up no one thinks it is permanent but it sounds unnecessary.

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Babs seems to be bogarting the bong from everyone. Rule of thumb puff, puff, pass. Not puff cough puff cough, cough, cough, cough. J\K I hope you get better soon.

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Loved the podcast. Sorry to hear you're still under the weather, Sara. Hope you're getting enough rest on the weekend.

I'm always interested in things done my Humberto Ramos. The character they've introduced in SPIDER-MAN, not so much.

Comixology is a great site that I love having on my Kindle Fire. That way I can get all the backlog of Fred Perry's GOLD DIGGER. Antarctic Press is a smaller publisher that can't do back issues or trade paperbacks the way other larger ones can. It's a great way to help support a comic that I really love.

Having the Court of Owls be responsible for the Wayne's death would be an utter abomination.

I love that Corey intros the news using an audio cue of a telegraph when we're at an age where printed news media itself is nearly dead. Might as well make a dial-up modem sound. lol

I also didn't post a question for this week. I didn't feel I could come up with a good enough question or one that wasn't stupid enough to be worth the laugh. I kind of regret not asking one now that Tony is doing voices for people. I wonder how he'd voice my question. =D

Rowling has a pretty strong hold on the rights of HARRY POTTER. A comic would never happen, and I don't see how that would be interesting. You could never have anything as big or eventful as the original story.

If Marvel kills off Emma. They wont be seeing any of my money for a long damn time.

I have a really good HELLBOY paperback novel. It's HELLBOY: THE LOST ARMY. It has a few illustrations of Mignola in it.

Sara is making a lot of valid points about editorial altering and controlling books. I could only imagine how horrible it could be if an author got a bad review based on something they didn't write. It's one thing for editorial to tell creators you can't do A, B, or C with a character. It's another matter to back back and rewrite whole comics. Then for a writer to not even find that out until after it's been released.

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Good show guys. G-Man please stop trying to change your voice when you read viewer questions. Once was funny but it becomes annoying after a while.

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Can you guys tell us in advance if James or other comic creator are expected in podcasts?

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Harry Potter meets Tim Hunter!

And get Sara some warm drinks for that cough.

(Oh and let's hope they kill Scott so his younger version doesn't meet him)

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The best news of the week was Rob, I Can't Draw, Liefeld leaving DC. Now if he would just leave comics altogether. One can only dream. God him and the other wanna be "McFarlane's-Without-The-Talent" of the 90s destroyed mainstream comics in the 90s for anyone with eyes.

Personally, I am digging the new 52 but then I could careless about any of the Robin's and other things folks have complained about.

2nd best news Sups and Wonder Woman finding romance. Now if they only makes this stick and write some good stories.

Spiderman should have team ups ala Daredevil/Spidey, etc. but sidekicks, mentees, no.

Funny that DC doesn't want Batman to age, maybe I still have Miller's Dark Knight in my head but I always think of Batman as being between mid-30s and mid-40s.

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In my opinion, no one's reputation has been more hurt by editorial decisions than J.T. Krul. The vitriol most fans I know have against him based on the Arsenal/Green Arrow changes that coincided with Cry For Justice is unparallelled. His indy project Midfield is brilliant, and his work on the Fathom series made me a fan of that franchise. Blackest Night Titans and the issues of Titans focusing on Tempest was some of the best work with that team since Geoff Johns was writing. New 52 Captain Atom was an excellent new take on the character, and even the Green Arrow in Star City forest that people hate was very well written. His catalog should speak for itself, but I worry he'll always be remembered as the guy who cut off Roy Harper's arm.

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I love this site and the podcast but at times, I kind of wished you guys widened your palette a little more. Planetoid, Super Dinosaur, Invincible, and America's Got Powers are just one week's examples of why Image is quietly winning the war when it comes to creativity, more dynamic story telling. Funny that Liefeld quit DC because Image hasn't missed his talents. Kirkman has turned that company into a writing force to be reckoned with.

Another company quietly making noise is Darkhorse...

I just think too many podcasts dive into Marvel and DC...and there's not much more to say but the obvious. The big two will never stop making money and never stop repeating their mistakes. One year later, DC still can't make their book titles more interconnected (this is what also happens when you don't have events like Crisis). Marvel continues to forego continuity at a tepid pace with no fear of losing valued fans.

As for Firestorm, pretty much it's an arms race for the power of Firestorm and if you know a little about fusion and nuclear power there's some amusing bits about when these walking time bombs combine their powers.

Invincible Iron Man doesn't get enough love. Larocca has NEVER missed a deadline on this book despite it going bi-weekly. Pretty much Matt Fraction has saved the Mandarin for LAST. What I love about this story, it goes all the way back to Stark Dissembled. Gonna miss this creative team when its all over.

Oh Mr. Land, one of these days you'll learn slapping pretty pictures you used photos that you referenced won't make a lick of sense in progressing a story. It's just random poses that lack a visual language to it.

Shame because I think Kieron Gillan will make a GREAT writer on Iron Man.

Lastly, are you guys coming to NYCC this year? Would love to stop by and say, "hi." :)

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Poor Sara, it's a bugger when you're not well and people are ragging on you. At least she's not throwing  a sickie! 
Ta for answering my question, appreciate it. 
The WW/Superman stunt is predictable and the sooner DC moves on from it the better.

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@Dr. Detfink:Comicvine focuses more on the big two because most of their audience only cares about the big two. If more people wanted to talk and listen about Image then they would probably talk more about them.

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@JoseDRiveraTCR7: I don't buy that as the reason, Jose. Why? It sounds incredibly close minded. That's like if FOX and CNN say, "Well the reason why we only talk about America and not other countries is due to the fact more people only care about America. Or video games and movies made by only the 2 biggest markets.

I don't remember anyone burning up the site when CowboyVikingNinja was recommended by G-man. While I didn't like that particular book, I loved the fact that something alternative was talked about.

Not saying Comic vine should completely change their format but I don't think it'd hurt if there was 5 minutes dedicated to some of the titles raising eyebrows for people sick of throwing $3 and $4 (or $5 for DC with digital version) for titles that have become largely predictable. That's not a knock on these famed writers but this is no different than the 80s when Bryne, Claremont, Jim Shooter became formulaic by the late 80s.

Again, not a criticism but a suggestion...there are MANY great titles that in 5 yrs or less will be hired by Marvel or DC.

The Sixth Gun by Cullen Bunn was never discussed on this podcast and now, he's writer in Marvel. Or Remender's Fear Agent that was going on before he came on Punisher...Not only does it help introduce listeners to new books but more importantly writing styles.

I say this not as a "blind homer" who sees things through rose colored glasses but as a fan who cares enough to think about how a dynamic podcast can become even better.

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@Dr. Detfink:They used to write up reviews for indy books but stopped because not too many people were reading them. And they have talked about books like Saga, Walking Dead, etc., but at the end of the day mainstream superhero books are what most comic readers are interested in. This is coming from a guy who likes Image more than Marvel or DC.

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The thing about Alphas identity started with him using his powers to save the girl in front of his entire class. So Horizen offered him a job (to help him be a hero instead of a villain) and asked Peter to design his costume Peter didn't add a mask. But he should have.

What if they changed the Wayne's deaths the way Earth 1 did? having their death arranged by a high ranking government official of Gotham. That would still have them killed by the crime and corruption of Gotham.

HEH, my favorite characters are Spider-Man #1, and Madman, and the Tick. And my own character Monkey Boy of coarse. So what do they all have in common that I want to be like? I guess I want to be Spider-Man, minus all the death around him.

I understand that you want comics that haven't been flipped through, but at the same time if they seal up the comic like my local store does then you can't check it out and see if you want it or not. I have skipped out on comics that I later found out I would have liked and I have bought comics that it turned out I had no interest in and didn't read. So its sort of a thing like that. My local store though is a "Collector's store" so thats why. But my old store didn't put them in plastic bags for free, and the stuff on their shelfs would sometimes get bent or fold over on itself.

I think Cyborg should get his own title in DC's New 52. I feel like he isn't being used to his full potential in the JL comic. I would like to see the comic focus on Vic Stone, outsdie of the JL team. What is he like? What does he like to do on his free time? Is he able to shower with his robot parts? Does he life at Star Labs? This is where I got the idea: On Comicvine.comCaptain13 wrote a thread called Why It Would Be A GREAT Idea To Give Cyborg an Ongoing Series and said:

With the restructuring of the DC timeline by the events in Flashpoint, there have been numerous changes made to the DC Universe--including the addition of Cyborg to the origin of the Justice League. His inclusion as a founding member has added a wealth of story-telling possibilities to the DCU. Experiments Cyborg was created byMarv Wolfman and George Pérez, and he debuted in DC Comics Presents #26. In every interpretation of his origin story, Victor Stone has been a character blessed with immense potential and cursed by great tragedy. Victor’s parents experimented on him when he was a young child so that they could find ways to enhance human potential. Their experiments were successful, but Victor did not want to follow the path that they set out for him. Instead, he pursued his own dreams of achieving athletic greatness. In the DCnU, we see Victor on the way to attaining success before his entire world is torn apart by Darkseid’s invasion of Earth. Caught in a blast of Boom Tube energy, Victor slowly begins to die until his father saves him with an experimental procedure involving extraterrestrial technology. Despite being faced with shattered dreams and a new reality, Victor becomes a shining example of perseverance through adversity. He rises from the wreckage of tragedy to be reborn as Cyborg—a hero for those in need. So Why is Cyborg Such An Interesting Character? Cyborg’s story is one of post-humanism, heroism, and love. After his accident, Cyborg grew distant from humanity. Half of him yearns to walk among normal humans and to be accepted by them, while the other half of him knows that he is no longer one of them. Half of him yearns to reconnect with his estranged father Silas Stone, but the other half of him knows the Silas is more interested in his mechanics than his humanity. This leaves Victor with low level depression, which he masks by going through life as a workaholic. He’s a hero who’s always online—and that’s not always a good thing. Cyborg’s journey revolves around him once again finding love—for his father, for Sarah Charles, and for himself. Why Is He A Prime Candidate For An Ongoing Series? Cyborg has a fascinating supporting cast. We’ve seen glimpse of them in the new DCU. His father works in the Red Room, where scientists study alien technology that has been recovered from around the world. Silas Stone works with Sarah Charles (a rising star in Star Labs), T.O. Morrow(creator of Tomorrow Woman), Anthony Ivo (creator of Amazo), and William Magnus (creator of theMetal Men). His cast also includes Mr. Orr (founder of the Phantom Limbs) and Darkseid (the conqueror who changed Victor’s life forever). There are also several Cyborg-related questions that haven’t been answered yet. Why did Victor’s parents feel the need to experiment on him? What happened to Victor’s mother in the DCnU? What connection does Victor have to Darkseid? Who is Darkseid’s daughter? What happened to Ivo? Can Morrow be trusted? Finally, with no Oracle in the DCnU, someone needs to fill the role of chief information broker.

I agree with what was said on the podcast and what was said by him here. My thoughts on what the series should be like are quoted here:

Love your ideas. I agree. Cyborg deserves his own title. He feels a little unused in the JLA comic. I would love to see AMAZO, and his creation, to have a real tie to Cyborg. Almost similar to Black Adam and Captain Marvel or Hal and Sinestro. Maybe AMAZO could become his great arch enemy, and there could even be moments where to two foes actually commiserate like Hal and Sinestro do. AMAZO could even be presented as more of a thinker here than in the old DCU and maybe see Cyborg as a brother who should work with him. And I also want to see the Metal Men's creation, and many of the mechanical/cybernetic/robotic creations of the DCU to have ties to Cyborg, like Red Tornado. I would also love to see them go more into his character, what does he do when he isn't with the League. does he wear normal clothing ever? Does he eat, shower? Live a normal life? Have friends outside of the league? If he is always on, does that mean he works with the cops all the time? Does he work as a city's superhero?

I love the supporting cast written about here, especially the idea that Ivo, and T.O. Marrow. Got me thinking how their creations could be heavily connected to Cyborg. And I love the idea that AMAZO could see him as a brother and they fight and talk and AMAZO tries to convince him to join his fight and Cyborg tries to convince him to join his. And I love the idea that Cyborg's comic would be all about life, and what qualifies as life in the New 52. This is a fun thread!

I think Cyborg should get his own series, about about his life outside of the Justice League. What does he do on his days off? I agree with the idea mentioned here, that since he was a focused athlete who was dedicating his life to sports, and now that he is a cyborg and not exactly human anymore, he might switch his focus to being a superhero. I would have him have his own city, like how Nightwing has Bludhaven. I would give Cyborg a city that reflex who he is as a character. I would also have him be heavily connected to other robotic creations in the DCU, like T.O. Marrow's Red Tornado, Dr. Magnus' the Metal Men, and especially Ivo's AMAZO. I would portray AMAZO as Cyborg's arch foe, like Hal's Sinestro or Captain Marvel's Black Adam. AMAZO would see Cyborg as his brother, someone who AMAZO wants on his side. Cyborg would be a man who sees himself becoming less human and more robotic, and AMAZO would see himself as a robot becoming too human. Someone on the thread suggested a sort of recerse sociopath, he feels too much and can't handle it. I would love to see scenes where Cyborg and AMAZO don't just fight, but like Hal and Sinestro talk as if they are old friends who had a falling out. Red Tornado could start out as a sort of part time side kick of sorts. I mean that in the way Barny Fife was Any Taylor's sidekick, not the way Robin is Batman's. Tornado could pop up now and then, but never should take the focus off of Cyborg. Same with the Metal Men, once they are created Cyborg could team up with them in some adventure, but never would loose the focus to them in his own comic. Like it is mentioned earlier in the quotes, other reoccuring characters would be Silas Stone works with Sarah Charles (a rising star in Star Labs), T.O. Morrow(creator of Tomorrow Woman), Anthony Ivo (creator of Amazo), and William Magnus (creator of theMetal Men). His cast also includes Mr. Orr (founder of the Phantom Limbs). One angle the comic could take is life and artificial life, what constitutes life and what doesn't. In the JLA comics Cyborg sees his own ghost suggesting that he is actually dead. So they could explore that as well. I would also love to see him at some point team up with his old Titans buddies like Nightwing and Starfire.So my take is Cyborg should get his own series, and it should focus on him in his day to day life and the entire robot community of the New 52. His arch enemy would be AMAZO, and his buddy would be Red Tornado. He has a strained relationship with his father. And some of his enemies/friends come from his father's job at the Red Room.

AND Vic decides he could do more, while still working with the Justice League Vic starts (on his spare time) the Teen Titans. A team for young superheroes and sidekicks who want to be trained and become better. On the team could be all the members right now, Superboy, Red Robin, Kid Flash, etc. So Vic is now on two teams, it keeps him busy and his mind off of his feelings of not being human anymore, and keeps him from seeing his father as much.

As far as the past X-Men meeting the future X-Men, I am looking forward to young Jean meeting old Cyclops, how will she react to what he crush has become? How will Scott react to his love (in her past hopeful self) seeing what he is now? How will Scott react to his past optimistic self? This could very well set Scott on a different path. Even if you hadn't done the stuff Scott has done meeting your younger self, and your young self's crush, is something that would really effect you.

maybe he meets the past versions and then looks in the mirror so to speak and thinks, man I need to make some changes. And maybe he dumps Emma, kicks himself out as leader of the X-Men and sort of tries to work his way up again.

G-Man They don't have the Bullpen anymore, I think I heard. Because most artists now work from home.

When Superman finally ends up with Lois people wont be saying why doesn't he get with Wonder Woman, because this will show why not.

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Cool podcast. Thumbs up!

Cory's right Sara, need to cut back on those cigarettes. They have nicorette lozenges if that will help with the cough

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this site is so gratifying to all my geeky needs

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Not sure if constructive criticism is encouraged, but the podcast has some issues. You could kind of tell this podcast is just part of the job, and not everybody really wanted to be there. A lot of topics like new comics were on a list to bring up, and nobody really had anything to say on many of them.

Also the "no spoilers" rule kind of kills discussion, especially when you tiptoe around one as your main point, but then don't say it so... you kind of don't say anything. Other podcasts give a spoiler warning, and then do discuss the stuff, so people who don't want to hear can fast forward a few minutes.

I've listened from time to time, some episodes hit better than this one, but yeah, overall maybe the podcast could use an overhaul. Plus, I do agree that it'd be nice to have more time on non Marvel/DC books. Especially since at 2 hours, this is one of the longer podcasts.

It was cool that you talked about Judge Dredd for a minute, thanks to the reader mail. Maybe more reader mail is the key. Also the news can be funny with the banter, you ended strong with the Spidey/Supes/WW stuff. I guess, the more bantery, the more more people have to say, the better it is. Which is why the reviews portion of the show is weak.