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Awesome! I've been refreshing my browser for the last fifteen. Now I can do dishes and enjoy it! Woohoo!

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Sweet new podcast!

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batman been around for ten years, everyone else for about 5. you can fit all the robins in the ten years time span

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How is it Tim being Red Robin only is a problem? It is such a small thing that makes no difference. And these type of bumps always happen at DC even pre new 52 writers were screwing up the continuity of the books. Agree with Supergirl it is hard to read her being rebellious again when it took so long for her to mature a reboot should be new stuff not older material.

Fatale is suppose to last quite a while Brubaker said it could go twenty issues. It was interesting to see Jo be a source of inspiration for a man and not something negative like the last two men in the series.

The DC Animated movies are secure.Unfortunately most of the DC animated stuff was pulled from Netflix.

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Yay, my question was answered! Thanks guys!

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Irving is unadulterated awesomeness. People don't often mention Road To Perdition, From Hell, American Splendor, or A History of Violence as comic book movies. I suppose that's because they don't see them as such due to them not being based in the superhero genre.

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Top 3 comic book movies starting with number 3:

* Scott Pilgrim

* Amazing Spider-Man

* Avengers

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Saras, word to the wise, you need lemsip. Don't know if you get that in the states, though.Just shows up my non-knowledge of Medicinal items in america...:(

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yay new podcast

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I share some of your concerns and criticisms of the current Wonder Woman, but I'm not too worried. I don't think the next writer will be able to continue what Azzarello is doing, and that person will go in another direction that could be more similar to what you expect.

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I know how Robot Chicken thinks about James Robinson's power ring idea.

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This is the way I take the 5 YEAR rule with Batman. 5 Years ago Batman met the rest of the justice league and became known by the world. Prior to that, he could have been being Batman in Gotham for ...10/20 years as a 'Myth' - That would explain how he was solo Batman, a LONG time with Dick, short time with Jason, and a decent time with Tim. You could even say that Tim drake was Five years ago. Also factors in Dicks time as Nightwing and as Batman with Damien.

As for Green Lantern - When John Stewart is about to be put to death, he makes a last request, we then see Kirtt's ring leaving the person it chose and fly off - Makes me think that john requested another Lantern from Earth - that its Kirtt's ring that will be in the Annual for the New GL of Earth!?

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I think Franklin Richards is 11 years old

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Another excellent podcast guys.

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Great episode. Thanks Corey now i have that Deadly Premonition whistle theme stuck in my head.

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Thanks for the podcast, and feel better soon, Sara.

I personally find the idea of the AVENGERS vs X-MEN fight comics rather offensive and a terrible trend. The whole premise of the story is to be a hero on hero battle, but they couldn't even find a place in the story for the actual fights the arc is built upon. Instead, they make the audience buy an entirely separate comic.

I've only heard of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, so I don't really get the reference. It's never really fallen on my radar. as far as books go.

I've taken manga out to read regularly. The size is often very convenient to put in my pants pockets. I've never experienced people giving me a hard time for reading them in public. I took a copy of AZUMANGA DAIOH to a dentist appointment, and my dentist's assistant, who was a woman in her fifties thought it was interesting.

The creator of RANMA 1/2 is also the highest selling female comic artist in the world. Back in February 2010 her various works had already sold 170 million copies.

The only time I can remember that the two of you have done a podcast without either James or Tony was back when DC leaked the death of Lois Lane in Earth 2, and you had already recorded that podcast that you couldn't use.

Also, you were thinking of Rock Lee, Sara. He recently got his own comedy spin-off anime series that is legally streamed on Crunchyroll and HULU. It's a real non-offensive, goofball comedy that deals with Lee and his teammates. I really enjoy it.

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@SaintOfKillers said:

Great episode. Thanks Corey now i have that Deadly Premonition whistle theme stuck in my head.


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Loved it. Lotsa questions answered + helped me decide on what to pick up :) thanks for this. You guys rock!

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The best comic podcast I listen to! Also the only one I listen to, but for good reason!

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Great podcast. Man Minnesota must not have many comic shops, there are none around me in the land of ten thousand lakes, cause I have to drive 60 miles one way to get my comics. And that's to Grand Forks North Dakota of all places. And the BBC's Sherlock is awesome. It's a must watch. Benedick Cumberbatch is the biggest prick and Martin Freeman (The Hobbit) is great as Watson. Watch it now, I command you.

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@dvorak: IGN Comics Assemble is good too

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LEOG is a good podcast

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@x_29:LEOG along with most things from spill.com are just OK, they're not bad just OK

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I don't know about top 3 favorite Superhero movies of all time, but the most influential in recent years are,

1. X-Men (because it was sort of the start of superhero movies being taken seriously and given a bigger budget),

2. Spider-Man (because it sort of didn't shy away from the big colorful comicness in their movie, didn't try to tone it down like X-Men did),

3. Nolan's Batman Begins (because it was the start of superhero movies being taken seriously and made dramatic),

4. Iron Man (maybe) (because it was the start of the massive Marvel universe in the movies and like Batman Begins it it set a tone for future comic book films that were more comic book than Nolan's Batman and the tone for the future Marvel films),

5. The Avengers (because it was all the movies merged into one, and was big a bright and very comic book like).

Then there is also Sin City which was a very artistic representation, showing comic films could be very stylized too. And you could go back to the old films and say those were important because it was the first time they used comics for a movie, but I am just looking at in recent years.

Yes, Donna Troy should be used, I have the perfect idea. In the old comics there was a story where it was revealed that Donna Troy was actually a Titan god (before the Greek Gods) sent to Earth to live as a human and learn to be a better god. But she gave it up I think to be mortal. Instead make her a mythology within Wonder Woman's world, a story Diana grew up with. She is a Titan God sent to Earth to live as a mortal like Thor. She is immortal and has god like powers like Thor and walks among mortals and fights along side them like Thor. She doesn't need to call herself Wonder Girl or whatever, just Donna Troy. She never hides her identity like how Thor sometimes doesn't switch to a civilian identity (depending on the storyline). And like Thor she could favor living on Earth with the humans and her human husband than living with the Titan gods.

I do get that they don't want 2 Flashes because it takes away from the impact of the one Flash, like how James Robinson was saying Red Arrow took away from Green Arrow. Like how during Crisis on Infinite Earths they did away with all the Superboy, Supergirl, Superman of Earth 2, Krypto, Super Monkey, etc, for the same reason. But I think there is room if they find a place for them somehow, like Donna not being a young version of Wonder Woman, but being a different type of character from a similar point of origin. And maybe she could be from Earth 2, in the way that James Robinson said that they are all magic based powers and there might be a young woman who sort of replaces the role Wonder Woman had.

I am surprised that Heroes comic was never made, the 1st season was all about a Heroes comic, with art by Tim Sale. They totally missed the boat with a Heroes comic that could have been written by Jeff Loeb and drawn by Tim Sale:

It would have been the easiest thing to even just do a graphic adaptation of the first season by those two.