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Posted by spider-man 2996

Yeah new podcast!

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: I was confused about that thing too, but when I reared the issue I thought it was the net that Harper mentioned to Bruce. Your interpretation works too though. Kind of hard to tell based on the art.

Antman's Scott Lang

Posted by G-Man

@JonesDeini: It wasn't my interpretation. I asked Scott. So it's confirmed now.

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Stan Lee said, when he created Reed, that Reed uses 10 words where he could just use 1. He over explains everything. To contrast Ben who uses 1 word when he should use more.

Maybe Alan Davis is doing what Jack Kirby did in Jimmy Olsen, and he is doing the story he wants to do and pushing his ideas and characters since he is signed on to them. I loved that he did that in FF and in Daredevil and will be doing that in the Wolverine. So that when the stories are collected they will all be by the same guy and fit together but just have different titles. And maybe he had a deal with Marvel that they would allow him to do this. And perhaps Marvel will push them as a team now.

Sara having Tony's books and not bringing them back has become like a running gag. Like how Kenneth the Page on 30 Rock is hinted at actually being over 100 years old.

Posted by johnny_spam

Del Toro on The Demon would be an amazing film. Max Lord showed up in OMAC as a Jack Kirby-style villain.

Posted by bunkerbuster05

Space Punisher is pretty cool, if not a little silly. I like the approach to all the characters, especially the Hulk.

Posted by x_29

I thought Space punisher was lame.

Posted by NightRunner

Great Pod Cast I think Captain is a apart of the Illuminati now he took over blackbolt's gem

Posted by Ironhawk22

I skipped out on Jeph Loeb's Ultimate X(So maybe it happened there), but I don't ever recall Ultimate Colossus dying. Another amazing podcast!

Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

I get why people have problems with Claremont's writing, it made it difficult for me to read his work too sometimes, but I still think people should try to work through it. His run made the X-Men.

Posted by G-Man

@JoseDRiveraTCR7: I don't really get it either. It makes me cringe a little and my heart cry when people complain or say they don't get it. But everyone's entitled to their opinions. I'd much rather have those X-Men stories over the current ones. They just felt bigger despite being more self-contained.

Posted by nappystr8

The entirety of AVX has been a fiasco, but no one has been more ruined by it than the Black Panther. You take the most sophisticated country in the Marvel universe (which against the common American stereotype happens to be in Africa) and turn it into another 3rd world charity case or New Orleans analogy: FAIL. And then they take the biggest most important marriage in Marvel continuity (as stated by the company itself), which merges nations, team, and species and end it in a single panel: FAIL.

I still have hope for the character though, the revelation Hickman made in Fantastic Four has me very interested to see where T'Challa will go from there. Hopefully BP will have a new series come out of Marvel NOW, and hopefully it will have interesting stories again, not just using him as an ethnic replacement for Daredevil.

Posted by NightFang

I can't wait to see what Joker does to Jason and the others.

Posted by comic_shaun

Can't wait for the 2nd part of the Lobdell interview on Monday.

Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

@G-Man:I completely agree that the stories were better and bigger. I was recently re-reading my Uncanny X-Men omnibus and it's still so good. I wonder why Marvel hasn't released the second volume.

Posted by americanpzycho

Batman 666 is a one-shot?

Posted by petes12

pffft james, new captain america costume is such a huge improvement. old one was pretty lame to be honest.

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Why is mutants being on the Avengers a big new deal? I mean Beast, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Wolverine, Namor, etc. They already did this, is it just that now they are making it more of a public thing?

@Babs I think your advice about the comic book as a gift would work if she liked comics.

Thanks for reading my questions. Wish you guys knew of a place for my shirts.

Posted by Rainooo

Oops, podcast completely slipped my mind this week. Can't wait to listen!

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Duck face is the actual name for that pose? I've wondered about the psychology of why people do that. Though, I find it's mostly women do do it.

We have race and cultural issues in comics, but normally not that direct. It's normally more veiled. The mutants in Marvel are an example of that. They're hated for being born differently. It just feels more brutal when you use real world cultural wars. What are comics suppose to do? Pretend like these issues don't happen and it's a great world for everyone in it and no one blindly hates others?

I don't agree with a lot of things with Quesada, but I do on the idea of crossing the 616 with the Ultimate universe.

You can't really compare the deaths of Wolverine and Spider-man. Yeah Wolverine is popular, but if you ask the average person on the street to tell you the origin and story of Wolverine. They are either going to go blank in the face or tell you the story of WOLVERINE ORIGINS. Everyone knows the story of Spider-man.

In defense of that commenter, you can never really tell he kind of man some women will be into. I have a friend who's lovely, fit, smart, and someone I could really be into. She just has terrible taste in men. So many have problems with the law, cheated on her, or are outright idiots. When I was helping her move to a new house, her boyfriend at the time sat on his ass watching TV as she and I carried boxes of clothes and such inside. Then, I got to listen to her complain about why she couldn't find a nice guy. The immutable law of the universe, women tend to date jack asses. The more attractive the women, the larger quotient of douche bag they find and date.

If Superboy is a clone of Superman. I think genetically that makes him closer to a brother.

I learn from the podcast that you should never let Sara borrow anything.

The Sabretooth that Wolverine killed was a clone..............? I could add a joke, but that's such a sad case of writing. They didn't even try. You know that sound Sideshow Bob makes when he's frustrated. I made that sound after hearing that.

I liked Carlie Cooper when Humberto Ramos was drawing her. She's cute but not a supermodel body. Some artists can only just draw one body type. That's the way they learned and never branched out.

Posted by DDangelico

Is it just me or does Corey really like to sing?

Posted by dangermart

Hi Tony, I love ClanDestine too. I can see why you may wonder, but they weren't Marvel UK characters, their US series was their debut.

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Posted by ComicAddict2814

Does anyone else cringe everytime Corey gasps excessively? I listen weekly using my earpiece at work and it almost made me fall out of my chair and hide under my desk for looking for cover. Just saying.... ;) Love the podcast and all of your reviews. Keep it coming. You guys are great!

Posted by crazyflashfan11

@NightFang said:

I can't wait to see what Joker does to Jason and the others.

Me too.