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Good to see James back.

"Omnibuses" is the proper plural. Most "-us" words from Latin are made plural by changing "us" to "i," but not all of them. Another word that people sometimes make this mistake with "virus" (proper plural: "viruses," not "viri").

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always the best.

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Agh, I've been looking forward to this forever!

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GRR! AGAIN. You guys read my questions for James last week and then put it aside and forgot it this week, again.

I don't care for them making the Marvel comics look like the Marvel movies, instead of the comics inspiring the movies. I don't care for the changes to Cap's costume or changing Hawkeye's costume. I liked their old ones. For one thing, it introduces the idea that if he doesn't have to wear the costumy costume why would he ever go back to that in the comics?

Not just the sex stuff, but they should show in X-Men how one character will date another, and everyone thinks they are the new IT couple (like the media does about celebrities dating) and then have then break up quickly. Showing that sometimes a character will realize they aren't compatible with another character.

But with Batman Inc, I don't know so I am asking, its different than just all the other Batman books because its about Batman starting an army of Batmen around the world right? So Its different than say one Batman book that is about Batman fighting this bad guy, and this other book that is pretty much the same but has Robin in it, right? So maybe that idea is something to continue...

I wouldn't buy her a comic. If he already knows she doesn't like them.

It has been a dream of mine for years to one day draw the Tick, or maybe some day Spider-Man. Or maybe Superman. And I wouldn't turn down Madman or the Fantastic Four. It would be a dream come true for me as a comic book artist to draw for some of my favorite comics. I have my own comic, but that started just as a way to develop my own style. I do dream of a day when Monkey Boy is so popular that people in comic stores complain about this future artist or writers take on the character. "He/she totally messed up the character."

I had talked about this with my comic artist friend. He was saying who gets the money when a movie is made like Superman. The TV show came up with the "faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive... " saying. And the radio show came up with Kryptonite. I don't think Superman originally had Ma and Pa Kent, I think he was an orphan right? So little by little the character was tweaked until he is who is is now. Same with Batman. Originally he was sort of a Shadow rip off, I am told. Holding guns and shooting, wearing his costume. Later they dropped the guns and killing, and then later during the karate craze he was made a martial artist expert. So originally Batman wasn't who is is now either.\

What actually happened? James was talking about Independence Day and then the explosion and then question #2.

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Earth 2 was very cool this week liked the new Al Pratt. Would love to see Hourman, Fate and Doctor Midnite.

I believe that the President Superman issue was a fill in for Rags Morales and the character was suppose to return in Multiversity and the villain was also suppose to be later in the main story.

Everyone in the room must have lit a doobie at some point some strange stuff came up.

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Always a joy to have James Robinson on the podcast. Every time he's on, the topic always turns to wild sex. So much detail about a Doombot vagina.

Hey, what about Boomer (Sharon Valerii) from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. I'd have no problem with her despite she's a Cylon.

It's not the fault of the readers that they assume all characters of opposite sex get involved. It's the writers who do that. Fans are allowed to have their own couplings. That doesn't mean any writers have to do it.

If you like the philosophical debate about what defines life, Sara. I think you'd like GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC anime.

I have to agree with James over Sara about the boy who wants to attract the girl. If she's so against comics. Buying a comic for a girl who doesn't like them would just find this creepy. Especially if you just leave it to be found.

It really took you two this long to know that the song was about Superman???

If you right a Superman story or a batman story. They don't always exist. Anything you make for Marvel or DC are subject to being wiped out from continuity at any time.

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The chains you use to secure Lobdell to his chair probably also works on James :)

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Love earth 2 now,had to regain my love for JSA gain to do so.Don't mean this in sneery way, agood way cause I got to read JSA again. Go sandman!

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For the love of God guys the e-mail with song lyrics was quoting a Crash Test Dummies song and not that lame Five for Fighting song. It's the first in a long time that I've been frustrated listening to you guys. I like the podcast a lot otherwise. Keep doing it at an even pace.

EDIT: It goes like this...

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YAY! My week is complete

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Inc. ends with issue 12. It's basically a maxi and the end of Morrison's work with the character.

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I didn't buy Black Kiss because I thought it was pointless to waste money on something I can get for free on Fakku.

Also, First X-Men was trash. Jesus, so pointless.

I loved Hawkeye. I was not expecting much, but it blew me away. I've wrote this before, but I did not like anything I read from Fraction before I read this book. Maybe this will change my opinion on him slightly.

I love Korean cinema. My sisters love watching their TV shows, too.

Legend of Korra, which I love, has steampunk elements. I think the problem with Steampunk is when people think of sci-fi and cool technology, they think of the future, not of the past and/or of stream fueled machines. This makes it too old fashion and unrealistic.

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I LOVE the Penis Discussion!

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I haven't seen Blade Runner :(

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40 minutes in and three books have been... mentioned. Time to head back to the audio version of Supergods

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Screw this mission, I'd rather screw you! - Sara Lima

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Sara, you're awesome and bring a lot of great insights to the site, but you are kind of terrible at relationship advice. Trying to convince a girl who doesn't like comic books to actively read one is not going to win Andrew any brownie points. If he were to give it anonymously, she would probably know exactly who it was from, and find the secrecy to be stalker behavior.

Andrew, if you are reading these comments, if she did specifically say that she would not go on a date with you because you read comics, there are really only two reasons why. First, she is a highly judgmental person, in which case you are better off without her. Second, she has no attraction for you and thought it would be less hurtful to use that as an excuse. Either way there is probably nothing you can do to change her mind outside of changing your whole lifestyle to fit the kind of guy she is interested in. I don't recommend that option, if you are happy with who you are, your chosen girlfriend should be too.

I know she seems like the only one right now, but there are plenty of other interesting and attractive girls out there. Try broadening your horizons. Look around you, there is most likely at least one girl you know right now who shows a lot of interest in you that you either haven't noticed or have disregarded in the same way this girl is disregarding you.

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Seems that Tony needs to do an article about L.M.D.s

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That was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

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I wonder will it be a earth 2 talon that is dick grayson

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: Very interesting Podcast, I've been listening since your first Comic Vine News video with the "Zombies Attack" angle, and the "Comic Catch-Ups" - it's good to mix things up. I like that you all have different perspectives on what you review, and I agree with only reviewing books of quality, since it wastes space and time to say that the new one-shot "Son of Manatee" is horribly stupid.

Why of all things did the discussion about Siskel and Ebert's horrible Independence Day review get "scratched"? Two thumbs down on that was so out of touch...


Does James ever want to change the tone of a book he's writing, but doesn't feel he can, or permission isn't given? Like, working on Justice League or another book, does he ever want to do a caper story, or a Secret Warriors-style spy story in a "cape comic"?

Does James ever (understand if you can't give details) put his or loved ones' personal experieces in his work and then have to avoid getting upset if it gets criticized, ignored, liked more than one of his other stories, or misinterpreted?

Would James consider using a British town he knows well and create his own superhero or vigilante that patrols it, and publish independently?

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@G-Man, totally agree with James that you should change up who reviews what, at least once, as an experiment - I said the same thing here just a couple of months back. Did no good, but still ... Really, it would freshen things up a tad, for the readers and reviewers.

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@Cervantes: There was a tech hiccup. I luckily looked at the monitor and noticed it stopped recording. Thankfully we only lost a couple minutes...and all those secrets.

@dangermart: The thing is, I kinda already mix up what I review. I used to always review GREEN LANTERN and had Mat review it once. I usually let Sara and Mat choose first. The only thing I always review is BATMAN. Then I try to review as much of everything else as possible. But I only have one book to swap out. So it's not really fair to me, is it?

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They had to mention Hawkeye? It's just rubbing it in that my store sold out and I couldn't get one :( guess I'll just stick with the new captain marvel series instead.

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@G-Man I am beastly, kiddo! ;)

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Hi this is Andrew .thanks for the help man but as you said i may need to look around .

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@MrArrogant said:

They had to mention Hawkeye? It's just rubbing it in that my store sold out and I couldn't get one :( guess I'll just stick with the new captain marvel series instead.

My store was sold out too. I was really looking forward to this series. People need to not underestimate Hawkeye is they moral of the story I guess.

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Hi this is Andrew .thanks for the help man but as you said i may need to look around .

I wish you luck!