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As promised, the Sesame Street version of that Huey Lewis song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdcHzquaMh8

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Also,I may comment again being that I am just starting this podcast...

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Lol batman you jerk

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Hobo cats?!? Ah yeah it's gonna be a good night a work with this podcast to keep me company.

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Hey G-Man! Anyway to get the podcast music (intro and outro) in mp3 form? Love the music

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@cameron83 said:

Lol batman you jerk

And that's why we love him.

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@g_man@missj Would it upset you guys to find out that you are my white noise sometimes while i work on comic pages?

@missj As long as they are age appropriate I guess, you can donate your comics to children's hospitals I have heard. So that children stuck in hospitals can read old comics. I just don't know how or where or when or anything like that.

For anyone wondering why its taken so long for Ant Man to be made and why he wont be in the Avengers movie with Ultron as the bad guy, I think it has to do with Edgar Wright's friend who helped him make Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz getting cancer. He thought he owed it to his friend to make the last movie with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, about the end of the world I think, and so he put Ant Man aside for the moment and made the other film. His friend recovered and is fine I think, but that is why. And to me that is why I am fine with whatever changes they have to make. Although I still hope they work it so that Hank Pym is still involved and heavily connected to Ultron somehow.

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I will take your comics off your hands, Jen. I'm happy to give you my mailing address.

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Cat's are evil, FACT

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I can totes hear the monkey thing in Get Lucky.

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Jen you're right!

Tony's wrong....he's always wrong.

lol jk

lol Jen freaking out over Red Lanterns XD

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I have a lot of love for homeless cats. I buy extra cat food every week and feed all the strays on my block.

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Did Jen say she was getting close to becoming HODOR?

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Jen is so cool!

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The Tony Guerrero of "Woods Porn" fame is otherwise known as the Co-Host 3000 from movie review site Spill.com! In addition, I recall him saying on multiple podcasts that he loves comics, small world I guess!

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@ptsteelers: Alas, I will never be tall enough for anyone to think I'm a giant. I'll stick with being a hoarder.

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Sad news in case you guys didn't see my twitter feed. Hobo Cat died naturally last night/this morning. I last saw him around 12:30/1 am in the back. He was fine. Found him laying peacefully this morning. He was old. Sad day. He finally got to the point where he was comfortable and trusting with us. Had a vet's appt for Monday.

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@missj I don't know if I count as someone who you would donate some comics....

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@missj i am new reader (1 year) and i am missing heaps of single issues of the first year of the new 52 and because i live in Australia i will happy to be pay for postage (depends on how much)

the series i need are

aquaman #4-13

animal man #5,6,8-12

batman #4,6-11 and annual #1

batgirl #4-12

Flash #4-12 and annual #1

green lantern 4-10 and annual #1

justice league 10-12

nightwing 4-12

Red Lantern 4-12

Supergirl 8-12

Swamp Thing 4-6,8-11

Wonder Woman 5-11

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Events are why I trade wait.

That and Hardcovers look great on the shelf ;)

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Jen is Hodor. The truth is out.

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After listening to the last two weeks podcasts, I've realised Jen has become so key to this thing! Totally cool, relaxed, funny and knowledgeable......its just not the same when she's not on it!!!

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So the implication here is that @missj has a non professional relationship with someone on the creative team of Batman Beyond 2.0 and therefore cannot in good conscience review the book?

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the 1st 18 minutes was SUCH A DRAG!!! DC Dc DC, Oh JesusChrist If I Live LIFE!


Uncanny X-Force covers should have been on the best covers of the week twice already.


I got a crazy Idea. Buy two comics that have AWEsome covers and cut one of them off. BOOM! Done.


I post online and listen to the podcast or I listen to podcast when I'm about to go to bed and I miss a lot of subjects hahahaa. I usually rewind something that catches my attention.

Uncanny X-Force... rewind. XP


How about You "donate" to the comicvine users with a contest.


I dunno how many times I feel like... dam I should re-listen to this.


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I forgot who asked (sorry!) but LOST VEGAS (and MIND THE GAP) are on sale 8/14!

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I came for da cow, and for you awesome guys too :)

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Did Tony say he doesn't like pop culture references in comics... and then immediately come out in favor of Dazzler. A superhero created with a record company as a crosspromotion with a record company?