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@Dernman: Should be now.

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Fast service. Was it with a smile? :p
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G-Man and Corey are awesome!!

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Love these podcasts

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I am just starting the podcast now, but I had a off topic question. When they put Wonder Woman into her own movie, or tv show, or a JLA movie or tv show, do you guys think she should have a Greek accent, or a Roman accent (maybe even spoke Greek) or would you prefer she didn't?

I asked Ethan at Wonder Con this year, he said that his brother would tell a story and he would have to sort of interrogate him to get the details, like what does this character look like, what does he say next? When does this happen, how much does this happen? And they would make models of the characters together and stuff like that. I saw something on youtube that reminded me of Axe Cop too:

I love alternate reality Exiles, Mutant X books, I came up with one that would only use dead characters, mostly dead villains so that you could still use them but not have to bring them back from the dead. I would be interested in the book.

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Morrison said that he would take some time to focus on his own personal works more like Happy for Vertigo and maybe a few Vertigo things. I think he also meant that his long term books would come to an end like Action and Batman Inc but more contained stories like Multiversity and Wonder Woman would be told he even said he wanted to write a Flash story before. Action it's clear that some fill in issues are made to make up for tardiness on the artist I think someone else should have done art.

After Morrison I do not think I can read any of the Superman books none of the others interest me personally I think the editors has been the problem on the Superman books nothing but mishandling for years. The defense of there being no Kents is that Clark needs to stop questioning himself and find answers for himself without the infinite wisdom of his parents the Superman 2000 pitch by Morrison, Waid and Millar even mentions Jonathan Kent being too wise and his death triggered Clark's next stage in life. So far it looks like in Action at least Clark's landlady serves a simlar role without Clark being too reliant on her.

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Good podcast

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I have a question for you guys! Seem's like you take them a lot of different ways. What's the best way to send it to you? I do not have a twitter.

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Deadpools cancer should STILL be a thing, but hey. Screw continuity! But yeah, in all seriousness Norm was right about the how/whys of his healing factor and it was explicitly dealt with in the secret invasion issues. Not a fan of Way's DP but maybe he will address it.

Also Gibbons acknowledged the material that he and Moore did for the games. He was speaking on the Prequels, at least that's the way I took it.

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@hunter5024: Click the email link above or just send to podcast@comicvine.com. Just put PODCAST or something in the title. Also, there's the Questions thread here in the PODCAST forums.

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@JonesDeini: I am most definitely not Norm...we miss Norm, though, so I guess, in a way, we're ALL Norm. #Norm2012

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great podcast

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Wow, Sara was really chipper at the beginning of this one. Not that I'm complaining. I'd rather hear the lot of you feelings up and happy than down.

I just don't care about Superman, when you come down to it. I don't sympathize with him at all. He's a broken character that's practically a god, and the readers wont allow anyone to alter his power set. It's basically everyone's fault.

It sucks for that kid who had to deal with that issue in the library. I agree with Sara that it's hard enough to get people in general to read period, then to have this elitist librarian mock this person's reading choices. This person shouldn't have walked out, They should have demanded to talk to the manager.

If people didn't like the HARRY POTTER books. That's valid. I personally really loved them. Either way, no one can deny at how amazing it was that these novels not only got kids to want to read. They were excited to, and those were not small books.

Corey, I have been saying for a long time that DC only wanted to use the term revamp -- and other such euphemisms -- becasue they know that people hate the term reboot. There's a stigma that comes with that term.

Aren't the waves kind of a depressing idea with DC. It means a lot of titles will get canceled.

Humberto Ramos was one of the major reasons why I bought SPIDER-MAN: BIG TIME on Comixology. I'm waiting till they do a trade of SPIDER ISLAND. I really enjoy his work.


I messed up asking my own question. I forgot to mention that is there a costume you wouldn't want to wear for Halloween not based on the costume, but becasue you hated the character. This is why I shouldn't write my questions in the AM hours.

I love that James has been on the podcast so often that people start writing questions by default, assuming he'll be there.


No, I didn't read BATTLE SCARS, Corey. I mostly avoid events altogether. Learning that's suppose to be Nick Fury's son that just happened to also wear an eye patch on the same eye. That's just...........stupid.

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Corey, the explody deadpool skrulls happened way back during deadpool's run during secret invasion

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Waid is NOT doing a spectacular job on Daredevil 

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

Waid is NOT doing a spectacular job on Daredevil

Waid is doing great on Daredevil and has an Eisner to prove it.

Superman Family Adventures > Batman Family Adventures.

I think Agent X was Deadpool. I've read her talk about how she loved writing Deadpool, so I assume so.

I liked JMS' Spider-Man run. Some of the superhero aspect of the run, like the spider totem storyline wasn't good, but I really liked how he wrote Peter's personal life and his relationship with MJ and Aunt May. I would say he wrote Peter and MJ better than anybody.

The definitive Spider-Man run for me would either be USM or Stan Lee's run.

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Iron man had a helmet on his helmet. Was that an X rated version?

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Avengers has a wider appeal, its more super heroic with bright costumes and action. Look how many people died in Dark Knight Rises versus how many died in Avengers. Batman is a much more gritty, down to earth, and to young kids too scary probably. But when Dark Knight came out with the Joker some brought their little kids. During the movie a kid shouted, very innocently, that guy is two face. But I also think that the sales have to do with the Shooting that happened. When I went to the theater it was like a ghost town. The eateries around it that were normally full with people and teenagers was empty. So I think that has a big effect.

To me, the problem that Superman has is that people don't know how to write him. He is so powerful that they have a hard time making him relatable. He is already an alien so you can't relate to that, and he has massive powers. Its hard to write him fighting bad guys because he is so powerful. But I think he is a good character. He has good morals, or did before New 52 (I don't know what he is like now). I think he is best written when his human side shows more, he cares for every living person on the planet (he is like Spider-Man in that way). He feels a great sense of responsibility for Earth and all living on it, even the bad guys. He feels every death. Plus he is a guy with, what some would say, are corny beliefs and morals that are looked down on by some of society.

Also Superman was created when you didn't need more to the character than they were good and had powers. He was the 1st superhero. They were sort of shallow characters back then and all sort of bland and the same, but now things are different and so is Superman but I too think that most people just judge him based on that old shallow bland version without reading anything. He is a great character, like a Peter Parker from another planet.

On a similar note, on the Daily Show, Mark Walburg (spelling?) said that he never watched Family Guy because he thought it was a cartoon and therefore was just a kids show. Then when he actually watched it with his kids (because of the movie TED) it was the one where they are locked in the Bank Vault. With both cartoons and comics, they aren't always for kids now a days.

What Superman is now missing is to have a support system. Comics work best, maybe, when the hero has a support system, Peter had MJ and Aunt May who knew and now he has MJ. Superman had Ma and Pa and Lois, and now has no one. Batman has Alfred, Dick, Barbara, Gordon, etc. If the superhero is truely alone its less intersting I think.

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If Marvel is so obsessed with 'new readers,' they should just publish nothing but #1s, every month for every series.

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Thanks for talking about my question guys. I really appreciate it, take care.

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Thanks for answering my question about what you got at the Convention. It was cool to see you guys a few times, even if they were brief. And thanks for the sticker.

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Have writers not figured out that the heart of Superman, what makes him work, isn't his punching? Sure if you want to make a story about A Dude fighting Another Dude then he's hard to write. And I guess those stories are easy to write. But seriously people, it's not the POINT that he can't get hurt by being shot by bullets.

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oh g-man. you and your metal brahs. you crack me up.

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Sara is my favorite. Kind of got a crush on her :P

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I don't see why people have a problem with Superman. Picture Achilles, the indestructble, righteous hero, with a couple of very specific weaknesses. So when someone shows up with a piece of kryptonite (in whatever form or color it has), or red sun radiation, or magic, myself as a reader, is drawn in because it's thinking how's the indestructble righteous hero gonna get himself out of this. That and the fact that Superman's biggest weakness isn't kryptonite, it's that he cares for people. Endanger someone, and Superman has to save them. It's almost obsessive compulsive. Then the villain can either get away, or hit Supes with an underhanded attack. I just feel like it's that times have changed. Sure, there's still a ton of people that still love Superman. But when Superman was the most popular hero, the mainstream world liked that type of hero. The mainstream modern world these days seems to prefer characters like Batman and Wolverine over Superman and Captain America. Not that there's anything wrong with Batman or Wolverine, but it just shows how times have changed.