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Hey Guys, just wanted to say AWESOME job at SDCC, all your videos and write-ups were great! Very glad to have another 2hr podcast to listen to.

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Comic-Book Dream Team (4)

Hulk: Strongest there is/ Deus ex Machina

Scarlet Witch: Chaos magic/ arguably the most powerful magic user in the marvel universe.

Batman: Gadgets/ Melee combat/ intellect

Green Lantern: Cosmic powers

Oh and thank you guys for answering my question:)

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They mentioned in Avenging Spider-Man that this story takes place after Captain Marvel, and in Secret Avengers (took place before Captain Marvel) she doesn't get a new costume. So it starts in Secret Avengers, then Captain Marvel, and then Avenging Spider-man, and none mention where he costume came from.

My movie costume ideas

I posted a blog on this site about how I think the movie could, and maybe should, go for Captain Marvel:


I can't be sure, but I thought I saw a guy get his fake toy guns out of the coat check baggage storage area, and another guy was talking to security about his toy staff, so I think at Comic Con they are super strict about toy weapons that look real. And not allowing them around the con.

When I saw the Dark Knight in theaters a little kid shouted out, when Harvey Dent was on screen, he is Two-Face. It was sort of cute.

Lets see, Dream Team of DC and Marvel:

Hulk, Batman, Reed Richards, Wondeer Woman

Or how about

Hulk, Superman, Captain Marvel, Silver Surfer, or Beast and Wonder Man and Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. or Wonder Woman, Wonder Man, Sentinel (Alan Scott), and a Sentinel robot. But favorites: Spider-Man, Madman, Booster Gold, the Tick.

my comics bucket list: I want to draw the Tick comic. I want to draw Spider-Man. I want to draw the Avengers. I want to draw Madman, etc.

Joss Whedon wrote a draft of the 1st X-Men movie, and credited with the line "You know what happens to a toad struck by lightning, same that that happens to everything else." But he also directed Avengers, so...

Those questions were from a while ago, when James was going to be on the show. But I didn't get them asked, later they were asked but he wasn't there. So later when he was going to be there again I re-sent them in, but I wasn't one of the ones that go in again. Thanks though for asking them/looking at them. I'll try some non James questions later.

It was great seeing you guys at the Comic Con on Thursday and Firday, sorry I missed you guys Saturday.

Did you guys get any cool swag from Comic Con this year?

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When is comes to the tragedy in Colorado. The thing that I really hate are all the media pundits who start using tragedy to support their own personal causes. The blood wasn't even dried on the ground and people half way across the nation were already claiming to know the killer's motive, pointing to either violent games or Islamic extremism. That's one of the many reasons why after events such as this I don't watch the news for about a week. That way all the hyperbole is has lessened and the police have had time to investigate the real motive.

Can't say I really care much about Fantomex's death. Though, I did enjoy hearing Sara's pronunciation of "Ho' ".

I'm starting to think that Wonder Woman's solo title is slowly becoming the X-FACTOR of DC Comics. It's part of the universe but also separate, and that works to it's advantage.

I can't see Vader as a victim after he murdered all those children. If he can commit genocide on that scale and still acts as if he's doing what's right. You've lost all sympathy. A non-canon comic story will never change that.

The next BATMAN ARKHAM game being set in the Silver Age is not good news to me. You're going to lose all the cool features that I really enjoy for that game. I don't mind some silly gimmicks for side stuff, but not the actual games.

It's generous to call Madonna's sexual fantasy photo album a book. Not that I have issues with someone wanting to express their sexuality, and it was intended for adults only. If you don't like something like that, then don't buy it. I just can't see that as being described as literature. More recently, Madonna tried writing a children's book about morals, and she criticizes Lady Gaga.

I certainly enjoyed Sara's Lara Croft cosplay challenge video. I wouldn't call it a swerve Corey. It's called being a woman. They had every right to change their mind on a moments notice. Despite what anyone internet trolls say, I felt her Lara cosplay was lovely and a fitting choice. I still can't believe they didn't take some pictures.

I'm with you, Corey, on both the Thomas Jane PUNISHER movie and the first HELLBOY being abetter story.

I'll eventually do both of those 4koma ideas, but I wanted you guys to select which one first. I will almost always follow the suggestion of the lady first.

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hey uuu sorry for the stupid question. whos the bad guy from black night rises?

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Will we be getting a spoiler filled video/podcast of Dark Knight Rises at some point?

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Yeah,more banter and info,this gets better every week ,you guys are AWESOME.and it was heart breaking to hear about the dark knight movie incident...

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Please bring Norm back for a TDKR podcast.

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does anyone have the green arrow issue # that they were talking about with Ollie shouting clark?

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Sara's team of Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, Power Girl, and Wonder Woman is pretty awesome

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I live in the UK so i didnt think id be quite as hurt by the incident in Colorado but everytime i see anything on the news i find myself getting a little choked up. Perhaps partially because i actually know and have visited people there and have good friends not 5 mins from where it all happend, perhaps partially because as Sara and Corey pointed out, these where our people, the true fans out there waiting to see and enjoy a great movie and had everything taken away from them. Its hard to be indifferent to something so tragic, i hope i never get used to hearing about such things.

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@kagato: I wish I could 'Like' your comment.

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So no in depth discussion of Walking Dead 100 nor Batman 11, the two biggest books from 2 weeks ago because Sara hasn't read it (nor Ms. Marvel #1 nor AvsX #8), but full spoils on Uncanny X-Force because Fantomex made Sara "sad"? If the spoils are out, it'd be worth at least discussing the technical aspects of the writing or the art such as 'was the spoiler earned through the prior setup?' Also, the lack of female led titles is fairly simple. Mainstream comics are primarily Superhero books and the superhero is grounded in the adolescent male power fantasy. However there are female adolescent readers out there, but there sensibilities lean towards Buffy, Hunger Games, and other young reader novels. There are writers such as Brian Q. Miller that make it work, but we all saw how far that trail was allowed to go. But a word of advice, if you want there to be more female lead superhero titles, it'd be best to not start off the discussion on the females choice in costume and hairstyle and make sure the one female panelist reads the book for her unique perspective.

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Thanks for a great show. The beginning was understandably sombre; my heart goes out to everyone affected by the atrocity. And I hope one of you guys, Tony and Corey, gave Sara a hug. Talking of Corey, he's right, you know Tony - DC Universe Presents did indeed wrap up the Savage story this past week ... did you perhaps see a preview issue a couple of weeks back, causing the misunderstanding? Anyway, it was excellent, great work from James Robertson, Bernard Chang and co. I cannot understand why little kids are allowed into midnight screenings of anything, no matter what the certificate. It's bonkers. I've only been to a couple of films in the US, but the behaviour of audiences is very different to those of your UK cousins - people are soooooo disrespectful of the people around them, those who actually wish to immerse themselves in the work on screen. I have to admit, though, the running commentary provided for The Wicker Man remake as a very loud woman explained it to her kids - who were in a supermarket trolley - was a hoot. Apropos of nothing, that was in San Francisco.