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Whoa, I have never had a chance to be first on any comments.

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What happened with Storm being the one Wolverine respected more. Wolverine as a public leader?? No, I don't think so. Storm is more suited as a leader, she has been written as the one other leader that most other readers have respected. At least, that was the case until Halle Berry took the role. Ah,well...

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First rule about first comments: Don't talk about first comments
Second Rule: Stop making first comments
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Love the podcasts!!
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What just happened here? I was kind of half listening and then I swear I thought I heard Sara making an indecent proposal to Corey about swapping Comic Con tickets for the opportunity to sleep with his wife?

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Love the podcasts!!
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Babs is in a good mood ...lol.... nice

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Sure a dark Batman is fun as is him being in the shadows but not enough writers are good at it and write some Frank Miller wanna be Batman. 
Stupid "Is there a need for Superman?" comics why do writers always got there?
There is still more in The Dark Knight Rises teaser than The Dark Knight trailer. It's not like there was going to be any heavy footage since it is Nolan.
Comicvine seems to have some weird love for Netflix personally didn't like it.  

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I looked it up on comic vine there is 3 marvel characters named omega just plain and one DC. 

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Maybe the X-Men came in uniform because most of them look like normal humans out of costume and they wanted the UN meeting to know they weren't just some people of the street.  They could however come in suits and ties and their business dress clothing but Cyclops could have been wearing his visor and others could have had the parts of their costumes they needed on as well.

"Well, only one in two million people has what we call the evil gene. Hitler had it. Walt Disney had it. And Freddy Quimby has it."

"Milk was a bad choice!"
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no podcast next week :( noooo

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this episode needed more hulk balls

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As much as I give the standard Spider-man series crap because of Quesada. I've always held some respect for the Ultimate series because they take death seriously. Other than the whole Gwen Stacy returning. It feels like a much stronger story. It feels the way a Spider-man story should end. It's the least experience of the heroes of this world but it was his sacrifice that saved the leader of the Ultimates.
Having a bunch of people wanting to kill Wolverine? Isn't that already the basis of his own comic?
Oddly, as much as I grew up loving Star Wars and Star Trek. Some of my favorite Sci Fi series are easily Farscape and Battlstar Galactica.
I've never been to any convention. I really don't see much of the appeal. It makes more sense for people such as the Comic Vine staff. They are all so far away from me, that they are in no way practical for me. There is the price of the plane ticket, hotel costs, the price of admission to get in, then food. All just to see a bunch of people and buy things. All of that is money I could save to buy more comics/manga/anime/etc.  It's part of your job at Comic Vine and other comics websites to cover these events. I would like to go to one. Maybe if there was one that was closer or I knew people out there. Any news that comes out of these will be covered on websites such as this.
No Evil Dead remake with some new cast. No. The movie is a classic for a reason. It's fine if they want to make it and it's Bruce Campbell making it. I will just never see it.
Speaking of bad time slots for shows. When Futurama was originally on TV. It had a terrible time slot. In the East Coast, it was on at 7:30 PM, just before The Simpsons. More often when the new season started it was also football season. So a lot of those games would go long and you'd never get to see it or they would only show the last 5 minutes. It was horrible There were many episodes that I never got to see until they were on [adult swim].
I can sew, but I don't make clothes. I did make my own roman blinds for my bedroom.
I'm not sure how  feel about this new Spider-man trailer supposedly be that long. I'm just worried that this is going to be one of those cases where they show too much of the movie.

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 My Rage TV Cancellations are Get Real (Fox 1999 show staring Jessie Essenberg, Anne Hathaway, and a dozen other actors of varying fame), and Greg The Bunny (the show that made me a Seth Green fan).
 i still boils my blood that even after Jessie spent two years moving from C-list  to high B-list actor, and Anne has held steady fame since her movie career began RIGHT AFTER Get Real ended, and after BOTH of them stared in a spotlighted kids movie (Rio)... Fox is still sitting on those last couple episodes that were never aired. Ive seriously been sitting on this cliff hanger for over 10 years now...

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is Sara drunk?

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@tepper10:  First rule about first comments: Don't talk about first comments Second Rule: Stop making first comments Third Rule: Don't make long first comments cause somebody else will be first
Wait what, it's a rule to not make first comments but also not to make long comments because you won't be first? The first rule about first comments is you don't talk about fight club.
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I have to say, I'm definitely a Scott Snyder fanboy... Like Tony. 
And, can't stand anything Tony Daniel does. I, too, will not be reading 'Tec in September.

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Babs - "I prefer wonder woman without pants." 

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Journey Into Mystery is really really good! Gillen is awesome. (his Formspring is a great resource)  
I'd love if Wonder Woman was allowed to have multiple outfits. Quite a few characters could benefit from having a variety of looks. Minor changes in outfits that they were conscious about and so would we, the reader. I'm not sure I would trust any hero that would wear the same clothes I mean, like non stop forever... (well, except Galactus... he's aight) 

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Sounds like Superman is going to need a new job!

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Just a quick note about the DARK KNIGHT RISES trailer. If you WANT to find some points of interest, it's pretty easy (especially for a comics fan). Commissioner Gordon, in a hospital bed, is openly talking to BRUCE WAYNE about bringing back Batman, to which Bruce replies something to the extent of, "What if he can't return?"
Then we're shown Bane, who looks like a combination of Bane and the leader of the Mutant Gang from DARK KNIGHT RETURNS.
So what does this alone tell us? A: Bruce retired Batman between TDK and TDKR, which he did in DARK KNIGHT RETURNS (which shares the same initials as the last Nolan Batman film), B: Gordon clearly knows he was Batman and wants him back, which he did in DKR, C: It's a finale film, it's put the period at the end of Nolan's incarnation.
What do Nolan's past Batman films show us? BATMAN BEGINS was very influenced by BATMAN: YEAR ONE, and TDK was pretty influenced by THE KILLING JOKE (in terms of a muddy Joker origin, and attempting to prove all it takes is a push to become like him), so what Batman story could be serving as the skeletal structure/influence of this FINAL Batman film? Hmm...

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Twilight chat, totally SDCC related, hilarious

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Why does Wonder Woman keep taking off her panties? I am so lost?

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Why does Wonder Woman keep taking off her pants? I am so lost  0.o