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*Sigh* Dnt care about earth 2 but at least its Robinson

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I understand Sara's grade for Earth 2 issue 3. She can only judge the issue by what she has read so far up to that issue, and sort of just judge the issue by itself. She can't go forward and guess what could happen, So from that issue it seems like Alan Scott's boyfriend dies and he quickly becomes Green Lantern and maybe to her his death wasn't focused on enough in that issue. Maybe it will be more, but perhaps judging that issue alone she didn't feel it was given enough time... but I am not her so I don't know what she was thinking while scoring it.

Oh, you guys just talked about this, I wrote while I was listening.

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Yes another podcast!

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My local library has a small graphic novel section, but one they have is Maus (spelling?).

Steve Martin actually put all his Tweets into a book.

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I hope Sam comes back. I find their relationship to be adorable.

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I was dancing for that last two minutes of music. With glow sticks of course.

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@doordoor123: Exxxxxxtended outrooooooo

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Loving the podcast as usual, got to laugh at the wacky tangents you lot end up on :P any way as I'm in the UK listened and laughed my way through your podcast, loving Earth 2 and can't wait to hear from San Diego. It's now 4am should sleep - thats commitment guys :)

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Finally a podcast that addresses kock rings. About effing time.

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AW MAN! you guys didn't ask my questions for James again, I asked them like 5 weeks ago and he wasn't there and you were going to ask them later I thought. Still an interesting podcast.

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Sarah sounds like she's either stuttering or about to cry. (At the beginning, at least.)

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Wow. Tony, did someone slip you some Spanish Fly before this episode? I mean, when you're out-sleezing James Robinson on the podcast, that's pretty bad! Just ribbing you, James. Mostly.

The episodes with James as a guest are my favorites. I like hearing his comments on the current books. I do have to say that I had the same feelings as Sara about Alan Scott's nonchalant attitude towards the death of Sam. Even if more will be revealed, I kept hoping that his lack of emotion about the event was being caused by the Green. James sometimes seems to forget that many readers want a good issue in out hands as we are reading it, not something that will add up to a good collected trade several months from now when all of the "hidden" agendas and plot lines can finally come to light.

Again, I am glad James stopped in again. Earth-2 is my second favorite book in the New DCU after Wonder Woman, and it is light years ahead of Justice League in just 3 issues. He-Man... didn't work for me. It seems like it needs a few more issues to get moving, and that's just not what I want from a first issue. I'm old-school, I guess. Again, probably more appropriate in trade form, but I like finishing a comic and feeling like, well, something happened. Something great. Something to make me want more. This is especially true for a #1 issue. I got that in Earth-2 #1, not so much in He-Man (or Justice League, for that matter). What James is doing almost makes me wish that Earth-2 was the main DCU. You know what? For me, it kind of is.

Thanks for another great Podcast. This one was ... very, very special. Four and a half stars!

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Were you guys partaking in something before James arrived? It sounded like James was thrown off guard with Tony not playing the straight man, today.

COMPLETELY disagreed with your opinions about Batman Year One being better than Watchmen. This is the same Year One that had Batman chopping down trees with one punch and Catwoman developing incredible martial arts skills by being a whore? That Year One? I'll disagree and Time Magazine disagreed with you, too.

I'm also shocked James didn't launch into another anti-John Byrne rant filled with falsehoods when you mentioned the artist not once, but twice. I'm not attacking James; I like when he's on the show, but Byrne's name usually sends him into some default setting. Maybe Tony correcting him on the Big Barda/Superman porn movie corrected the glitch.

I can't say this was my favorite show (far from it), but it did entertain.

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When James comes in, the first thing he always does is pick on Sara. I know it's all friendly ribbing, and it makes for an entertaining podcast. It's funny how silent Tony and Corey get during that banter. It was sad to hear she had to leave.

Not that I believe Sara doesn't bring up some completely valid points. It just seems sort of unfair to really hold James responsible for comics at large for using death as plot points that aren't impactful. Yes, death in the major publishers holds almost no real depth, but isn't that more an issue of comics and editors in general?

Yes, often you'll see characters be built up to die, but that's part of drama in story telling. The death needs to be impactful to the protagonist, so you need to build the relationship between them. The real problem is in that these sort of characters are overwhelmingly female and they are forgotten soon afterward.

James always seems to like taking the podcast toward group sex.

My football coach referred to cursing as the last resort of the uneducated mind. Not that he didn't curse. He was against doing it for the sake of cursing. I don't feel Batman should curse. Cursing is more the expression of anger. It's impulsive. Batman is so emotionally repressed and controlled. It doesn't makes sense for him to blurt out a curse word.

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I say Bring it.

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Is there anything James won't say?

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This is the first time I heard a podcast.

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I'm happy James recognizes the backlash that Donna's swearing resulted in. I get that he wanted to spice her up, but considering how Donna never swore in just about all of her printed career, it just seemed as unlike her to do so (even now) as it would be for Superman to do it. Personally I think he should have gone the other direction, let her try and be overly jovial to try and distract herself from the Blackest Night events. Added I didn't exactly get why she first decided to take Jade to Titans Tower but then suddenly (seemingly) blowing her time with the team off as nothing.

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I wish all of comicvine podcast were like this, fun and explicit

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Thanks for a hugely enjoyable show, which would've been great even if you hadn't addressed my Night Force query. As regards Jay's 'Trust you?' line, I also took it as a non-sequitur at first, and wrote a ranty paragraph in a review, before realising that this is James Robinson, Smart Fella, scripting. And lo and behold, go back a few pages and there's Hawkgirl asking Jay to trust her. Maybe the editors moved the lines further apart than they initially were, who knows? Hearing James talk costume design decisions was fascinating. Of all the new looks, the one that comes closest to breaking my own heart is Alan's - he looks like just another Green Lantern now. And in answer to a question that came up: 'Hasn't everyone?'

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I am glad to hear about the future characters like an asian super hero, a Helena Kosmatos type character, more international super heroes, Jade, Obsidian, etc. altho also sad that we are encountering the same problem that existed in the pre-coie multiverse, wherein, you might have some cool characters which are hard to use on the main earth bec. these cool characters are in another dimension.

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I absoloutely love that end theme!

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I love the opening speech and music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Agree with Sara, about the watered downed deaths .

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I would LOVE to see Batwoman as a LGBT supporter/faceperson for dc. I would also love to see her punch those people who hold the "GOD HATES GAYS" signs. might be controversial but i would love it soooooooo much