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Congratulations, chaps, a real achievement! 
Anyhoo, glad to have the podcast back - it's not hit my iTunes connection yet, but it'll be there by morning. I missed the show, but such is life.

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These first jokes aren't funny.

The Infinite #6 was good. It's probably going to be the last good issue of Scott before he's killed or made into a permanent villain.

The Comedian comic was bad. I only got through ten pages before putting it down.

Sara, are you a bigger Talia fan than Selina fan? I assumed that you were a bigger Catwoman fan.

Grant's writing a woman character as crazy? Not surprised.

I think Rachel was in control of the Phoenix Force in Excalibur. I haven't read those issues in a while so I'm not sure.

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didn't they sort of explain in the Secret Avengers Mar-Vell storyline that the Pheonix sort of controls the minds of weak or susceptible minds on the planet its about to destroy. So it was sort of taking over Cyclops's mind I thought, making him act irrationally like it did with Minister Marvel.

In a documentary it said that because of the Wortham trials where comics were being called the ruination of society and the young, Batman was seen as gay and they had to change it. So Batman and Robin started hanging around more girls and that is where Batwoman came in and that is probably why Batman almost married her, to show he wasn't gay. That was also when Batman became an official badge carrying member of the GCPD.

I agree about the Talia thing. One of the great things about their relationship was that he and her were in love but also enemies. Sometimes I feel like they are making Batman way too dark and creepy lately. And I agree, I liked it better when Talia and Bruce had the same sort of make the world better thing. Commonalities.

Sounds like the Damian thing has become like the Venture Brothers. Their father, Dr. Venture, took his children for granted and acted more annoyed by them than showed them love because they were clones, so if anything bad happened he would just take out two more clones and then suddenly his children weren't dead. But because he could do that it led to him not caring enough about them. Now that there are no more clones and only them left, he cares so much more and shows them more affection. It sounds like that is what is going on with Talia. She doesn't hold Damien as close because he is just a clone. And maybe she sees him more as a tool she created rather than a son.

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The Sexual Assault in Comics Podcast

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I felt The Comedian's ties to the Kennedy's made sense, and thus his ties to the celebs of the time. Kennedy was tied to Monroe, obviously, so having Jackie be that transition keeps a very steady flow. And this still presents him as that killer. Azzarello made Blake a well rounded character, more-so than what he was before.

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God, I love Talia. So much.

Her drugging Bruce did rub me the wrong way too Sara, but that doesn't mean Bruce NEVER loved her. It's just like Scott Snyder's Mr. Freeze tweak. I don't think it changes things, but just adds a perspective. And Grant writes Talia as a more pronounced and aged character. He writes her as she is becoming her father, as he's shown. Not like Paul Dini's way of her being her own woman (the version of Talia which I love--like Dini's Arkham City Talia :D )

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That's a lot of two's.

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In Batman & Son he did mentioned that he was drugged. That was a thing. Morrison didn't change a thing...he just stuck to his own awkward idea. As G-Man pointed out he did forget the specifics of the original story. And he did indeed have the cowl on in the issue.

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This podcast solidifies my love for Corey.

I love that Rorschach voice. xD

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Sara remembers a lot of details about The Birth of the Demon, save for one: It's from the Elseworld imprint. Meaning that even ignoring DC's last several Crisis' reboots and relaunches, it was out of continuity since the day it was printed

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AAAANNNNDDDDD my question lays dormant...

Thats okay -- I'll continuously ask myself over and over again.

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The return of Sara!?

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Great podcast as always, but I felt left out today. I think you guys answered every question, except my three. The first one answered itself, though, but, anyway...

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For a while Rachel, Korvus (the final fantasy looking guy), and the Cuckoos all had fragments of the Phoenix inside them, until it suddenly left them all (like around the beginning of Utopia, around Dark Reign I think). And as far as I remember, none of them had to battle to keep the phoenix in check, because it was fragmented.

Also, Korvus took off with a band of Shi'ar mercenaries or whatever in X-Men Legacy when Rogue and her team went into space and get Havok and crew back to Earth.

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This is my favorite podcast just because it's 2 hours 22 minutes and 22 seconds :D

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Think it's a little exhausting that such a large part of the Podcast is dedicated to dissecting old Batman books (some 20 minutes again) while some if not most of the new releases have a mention in passing and nothing more.

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YAY the old outro!! :D

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Sara, Bruce loved silver st. cloud, catwoman, and Julie Madison

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Just listening to the podcast now not finished yet. A MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR plothole of AVX is the fact that Rachel hosted the entire Phoenix Force for about ten years. Chris Claremont retconned the "snowglobe" incident in Excalibur. Rachel was hosting the entire Phoenix Force before she came to 616, she just wasn't aware that it was inside her dormant. In fact it was mentioned numerous times that she was hosting the entire Phoenix Force in Excalibur and other books. She hosted the whole Phoenix Force until she went into the Askani timeline and then she lost it. She's only recently had a fragment of it recently. Korvus and his sword were connected to the Phoenix because an ancestor of his hosted the Phoenix. That sword was around and active during Jean Grey's time as Phoenix too. It's hundreds of years old.

With this in mind, I'm wondering why Cyclops, Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Fist, Squirrel Girl or whoever else has been training Hope to host the Phoenix when Rachel was clearly the best candidate not just as a host but as a tutor. I don't expect new readers to be aware of all this history but the characters should always behave as if they know their own history.

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Genuinely made an awkward turtle during the Justice League 0 discussion at the end. :P

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I haven't read AvX, all that stuff with the Return of the Phoenix but maybe thay are adding a new element to the story, where not only does the Phoenix destroy planets but it controls the minds of the people on the planet and gets them to stay so it can kill them too, or something.

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Blackest Night is established to have happened in the New 52, Hal Jordan referred to it in last month's issue of Green Lantern (Green Lantern #9):

The specifics of how it happened in the new universe is anyone's guess, though.

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@jinxuandi: Yeah, I was just playing on how who knows what really happened and how in depth.

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I don't think OMIT changed Mephisto, more so the whole point of Mephisto erasing everything was neither Peter or Mary Jane would remember that Mephisto was even involved, so he created the Dr. Strange event in place of him.

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Love the podcasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@G-Man There has been an interview with Scott Lobdell about Superman, it's not big on specifics - which is fair enough - but Bryan Young got him http://www.bigshinyrobot.com/reviews/archives/41356

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Is Alpha the thing that Dan Slott was saying will make fans angry? Because I an relieved to find out its not something like he gets fired from Horizon Labs. The back story you mentioned about Alpha sounds good too. Makes sense that something of Peter's might malfunction like experiments tend to do in comics, and then Peter would feel responsible. Sounds fun.

One More Day/Brand New Day was said to make him younger, take Peter back to Spider-Man getting in the way of his normal life rather than a career superhero, to give him back a circle of friends because his friends had become Aunt May and MJ only, to give him back a good group of BG characters like the Daily Bugle Staff (now the Horizon Labs staff). So for the most part Harry is gone again, Aunt May is married and gone, but other than that he has a great group of BG characters, him and MJ have a nice relationship I think, and he has what could be a great life as Peter if he didn't have to be Spider-man. But other things they used BND and OMD to bring back are gone again.

speaking of waiting for scenes in Spider-Man, when the original Spider-Man movie came out I got the Art of Spider-Man movie book. And in it they show pictures of characters hanging by wires and such, so now whenver I see those scenes I can't help but see the wires.

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Last week was a Sara only podcast and it wasn't recorded? This makes me very sad.

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I'm far later than usual listing to the CV podcast.

I feel that the making readers buy a separate comic to see the battles in what is suppose to be a hero on hero story arc is disgusting. Readers shouldn't support that, becasue they will think it's okay to do that all the time.

I'm glad someone finally walked the line of why the Comedian is not a likeable character, Tony. He's a sociopathic rapist. Sexual violence is much more guttural and personal. I don't even like that in movies. I enjoyed the movie THE CROW but I really can't watch that movie becasue of that rape scene.

Sara, feel free to speak your mind when you feel it. Agree or disagree, I respect your opinion, and I always enjoy hearing it.

I haven't been watching any of those SPIDER-MAN trailers either. I just know that they have been putting out so many clips. It just seems like they are worried about something. I just now don't feel like going to the theaters anymore. I'd rather wait for home release.

Happy Fourth of July!!