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@turoksonofstone: Do You know what happened to the weekly news? 
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Don't know where the comic vine news went - saving to get through this year? Everyone's gotta cut back, maybe...
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Did not get to see X Men First Class when I was so hyped for it.
Of all the The Dark Knight Rises rumors I've heard my favorite was the origin of Bane with him being a child who survives the League of Shadows burning down a village with Bane being a child standing on fire without any pain.
I understand why so many people became so passionate at DC's announcements. It is very shocking move but as Ron Richards pointed out (who was a great guest) the number of people buying DC books is shrinking. It goes without saying good comics should always be a priority but DC would obviously pull something big because they are that desperate and do not have as much to lose. You can only hope some good comics come out of it and if some do then it did it's job.

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Just listened to two hours, but I was only interested in the first hour. Comicvine podcast is the best comic podcast out there though.

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I heard Ghost Rider started when they were designing a villain for a Marvel hero, like Daredevil, and they drew a guy with a flaming skull and a motorcycle, and they said this is too good of a design to waste on a bad guy.
Her is my argument against having a pull list or reordering.  I don't want to go in to the comic store and have to buy a comic that after flipping through I have decided I didn't want.  But If I preordered it I have to.  It would be unfair of me to ask them to order this book and then change my mind.  But thats the beauty of not having a pull list, I can go if and buy whatever I want.  I still go in and spend money every week, but I don't always have to get Hulks, but I don't always have to avoid Hulks either.  It can depend on what I think of the comic that week.  Suddenly I dropped Avengers Academy, suddenly I started getting Invincible.  One day I might not get Invincible.  It's up to me.
I don't care if the new readers or people who are thinking of getting a comic don't want Superman and Lois to be married, that they want a single Superman.  I don't care.  I want them together, married.  I wasn't reading much Superman, but I got into Superman after Lois already new he was Clark.  It didn't bother me that I missed him keeping that secret.  I like them together, and I hope they don't just erase all that to appeal to fans who want Superman single.

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Ron from iFanboy, Cool
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The team I would see Daredevil fitting in better than New Avengers is Secret Avengers. I mean Black Widow is on that team.
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I love all of Ron Richards' made up, on the spot metaphors, like "arranging the chairs on the deck of the titanic" haha

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It's so cool of you guys to invite Ron Richards. Richards!!!!!! Ifanboy was right, Richard's is a great name to yell out.

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I'm playing my newly downloaded Little Big Planet as I listen to the Comic Vine Podcast. Sorry to hear Sara's not involved in the podcast. I was looking forward to hearing her thoughts on the DC Revamp. I've read Matt and Tony's articles. Hope she's well.
That new Harley reminds me of the Batman: Arkham City outfit. I agree the outfit needs work. I actually kind of like the hair.
I think everyone was super angry in the 90's because writersg were mimicking Spawn.
I love the Sherlock Holmes novels. The real, unaltered versions.
The trouble with this reboot/revamp is similar to what happened with Spider-man OMD/BND. You might get some new readers because of this, but you are also risking pissing people off enough that the people who are buying stop. It's a gamble. Are you going to get more new readers than you lose long term readers?
That is short sighted that just because people go to the movies that are highly, highly unlikely to actually go to the comics. They are willing to give maybe two hours, but not months of comics. 
Comics may be safe, but so are children's books. Safe is boring. I never find myself really wondering what will happen next or how something could effect the future. There may be a few comics that mange that in the short term, but I go in knowing that it really holds no long term value. That's very unappealing to me.
Quesada screwed the book's history only because he didn't want them to be married. I do agree with Corey that the story would of been better to remove all that convoluted crap and made it about the characters relationships, just leave out Dr. Strange conveniently rewriting the world's minds. It doesn't matter if they make all these changes to the character after that. There's no reason for me to invest any money or time in something they will just undo once more. To support Quesada's vision after that would be like approving of what he did to get there.
I am not touching X-Men First Class with a ten foot pole. Calling it the "best comic movie of the year" is kind of a pointless statement. It's like saying "#1 Comedy of the Year" and it's January 1st with no other comedy's out. There's not a lot of competition. Captain America is still coming. I hated how they portray Emma and Mystique. The fact there could be more irritates me to no end. It just means two more movies of a poor portrayal of one of my favorite X-Men characters. Marvel also has a terrible habit of manipulating the comics to match movies. They did that to Mystique for a while.  One of the various reasons I'm against XM:FC is because it reminds me too much of what they did in Ultimate X-men, which I hated.
I wish Marvel Studios would get the rights back. I'd like to see what they would do. I'm willing to accept things that Nolan wants to try with Batman. he's earned plenty of good will with his previous works.

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it would be nice to slowly introduce new comic books  characters for MARVEL or DC then to keep recycling the same characters over again; or if they added some new  villains ...Its like how may times must superman fight lex or spider-man fighting doc Oct...it's getting old ...most of the stories are great and epic, but the more i read them i start to lose interest 

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I do miss the classic spider-man though....... 60's version
DC might be on the right track with the reload

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Ron from iFanboy, Cool
This is may first time hearing this guy. 
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Oh wow, Ron. I should have read the info first. I was listening to the podcast and was thinking "Who the f*** on comicvine sounds like Ron Richards?"

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I'm glad someone finally commented on the bullshit idea that movies are "great" for introducing people to the source.
Also, I love that someone brought up jumping in, and how all our first issues were in the hundreds. People are lazy and they're getting catered to.
-The Mast

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I swear I wish you guys would learn to use the sound...you're the ONLY whiskey media podcast that has to be turned way up, so everything else on the computer is ear-piercing, in order to hear everyone.
only ones.

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@norusdog said:
I swear I wish you guys would learn to use the sound...you're the ONLY whiskey media podcast that has to be turned way up, so everything else on the computer is ear-piercing, in order to hear everyone.  only ones.
This a thousand times, this.
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comicvine + ron richards in like wolverine showing up in gotham city

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I love all of Ron Richards' made up, on the spot metaphors, like "arranging the chairs on the deck of the titanic" haha

That's definitely not his, it's an old saying. 
Actually that was a bit of an issue with Ron's guest commentary... if you're exclusive to ComicVine it's all good, but if you frequent iFanboy's content as well, he was just repeating a lot of his iFanboy content.  I'm not saying he has to improvise entirely new opinions or phrases on the spot (that would be stressful for a guest), but there could have been a little more give and take- engaging the Comic Vine staff and their opinions in a discussion- rather than a rote repetition of his published opinions. 
That said, I'm all for cross overs, especially if they help to cross promote.  Ron definitely pitched his site and parent company, hopefully, Comic Vine can get a shout out to Whiskey Media on iFanboy.
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@Cervantes:  Thanks
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I hate that Deathstroke wasn't discussed. I thoroughly loved that issue. Jimmy P did a fantastic job. 
Also enjoyed Ron. Loved what he said about still collecting comics. YES! There are those of us that still do that.
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@keith71_98: The Deathstroke was out of the office...I actually just read it tonight.

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Interested to hear your thoughts. I was impressed. It was a fun story that I felt gave the entire world of Flashpoint a broader scope. Some of the characters we see were so oddly out of place that I couldn't help but like it. Fun book.