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Yeah new podcast! Can't wait to listen!

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Love these Podcasts! 

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Thanks for hitting my questions right off the bat! It's great listening in once again.

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You ask "Why does a characters sexuality matter?" To which I reply, if it doesn't matter, then why change it?

Edit: Just to be clear, I am not opposed to gay characters in comics. I would just rather have new characters developed or characters who have not had their relationships defined used to expand this area in comics.

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great, great, great. Love James Robinson

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Aww man, you guys forgot my questions from a few weeks ago (like 2 or 3). You guys said they were for James (which they pretty much were) and put them aside. But you didn't ask them. Good podcast, non the less (am I using that right?) just kept waiting for my questions.

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What, four stars is a really good review. It's 8 out of 10. Though, James is making some solid arguments. It does seem fair to penalize him for something that may happen and not something that's actually there. I haven't read that issue - and I don't really mean to. So, there's a good chance that there is more to that rating. I have faith that Sara is a fair judge.

I had a funny story about the Alan Scott changes. I was talking to my mother, and she told me that my grandmother had read in the paper about DC making a character gay. Seems she was all offended at the idea and said no one would want to buy that. She doesn't even read comics. I joked that I never knew my grandmother was such an Alan Scott fan.

I can seriously understand the concerns that reader has about why they should get attached to a character when they can just be rebooted at the drop of a hat. That person just has to realize that it sort of comes with comics in general. It's impossible to expect a character to remain constant when you have several writers handling a single series.

I have to disagree about readers not wanting to read a story where the focus is on women. I feel that they want a story that doesn't devolve into the regular trappings. The manga series BLACK LAGOON may have a male main character, but the series is filled with amazing kick ass women. Most are even feared by most in the series, and this is not some shonen harem either. This is a mature seinen series. One character is Balalaika, a former member of the Soviet Army and now the head of the Russian Mafia in South Asia. No one wants to piss her off, or wants to be caught after pissing her off. Roberta, a former South American terrorist who wants to find redemption for the evils she caused in life.

SOUL EATER, while containing a lot of the classic shonen trappings, is an awesome series that has a female main character who's smart and can kick ass.

In comics, I also love the GOLD DIGGER comic by Fred Perry. That has a large female cast and has been running steady for well over 138 issues (plus the 50 issue first volume series) and growing. How many of the female lead series of Marvel or DC can say they've done that continuously? I have no shame reading any of these. Didn't BATGIRL do well while Cassandra Cain was the lead?

The Reboot/Relaunch is nothing more than semantics. DC just wanted to avoid the stigma that comes with using the term reboot.

The history aspect is one of the reasons it takes me so long to finish any of the ASSASSIN'S CREED games. When you get near some historical landmark, it always prompts you to hit the Select button to learn more about that spot. I always tend to hit it and read the information.

Well, at least Sara, for as much as she rails against manga, she actually pronounces the name NARUTO correctly. Though, I doubt she'd take any satisfaction in that. I've actually never heard of MAI, THE PSYCHIC GIRL.

Oh, my question didn't make the cut. Oh well, it's my fault for not getting it in sooner. I get my questions answered enough.

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James & Babs buddy cop movie...must happen!!!!

I think Frazer was superb on his ROBW issue, but that may just be me liking his art in general. I also LOVED his Batman and Robin stuff, it's actually what brought me back to the book.

I think James hit the nail on the head about enjoying the storytelling that's going on

Shade vs Supes would be an interesting lil' Donny Brooke

I'd read the hell out of a Robinson penned Inhumans

Tony, it's okay. We all love/hate Byrne lol.

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what was the email adress again i have a question?

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Hellblazer love!

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Hey new user to this site, was just wondering where to post questions for the up coming podcasts and is there a way to listen to the podcast live as it happening?

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At about 1:18:19 the issue you are talking about is Fear Itself: The Home Front issue 5. It had the Blue Marvel retrieving a sub and then fighting a sea monster. Also, the Speedball story in this series was fantastic.

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I know my question was one of the more difficult ones to answer. I'm not sure if I will give DC another chance but regardless of whether or not I do I still appreciate you responding to it. Thanks.

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To add to your point about guys not buying female role comics... Sucks. I want that Spider-woman series back. Way too short lived. Was awesome.... thats all.

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Aww... you guys didn't get to my questions. :(

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@Blizaga101: There's a link/button up above the comments that says, "send us email." You can send to podcast@comicvine.com. OR, there's also a thread in the PODCAST forums.


@Redberry: I tried getting to all the questions and keeping the show moving but we ran out of time. That's the problem with sharing our fancy podcast studio.

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@Redberry - Mine neither! Comic Vine Gang, how about limiting us to one question each, to avoid some posters getting two or three queries addressed, and some none? I was lucky enough to get a question answered last time. And I did ask a couple this time but I'd happily take the second one back! And thanks to James for clarifying the Apokorats business, I was presumptuous in my review elsewhere, but it's now corrected. Anyway, fun podcast, ta muchly.

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Meh! Boring podcast this week. I fell asleep through most of it. Sorry, Tony, Sara, Corey and James.

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Did no one else spot that he let it slip that he's going to have a Fury on Earth 2? Presumably the last Amazon? If it's not Zealot then Helena Kosmatos or Lyta Trevor would make the most sense. Preferably Lyta, if Bruce was old enough to have Helena than Diana was old enough to have Lyta. Although I'm not sure if that would be allowed with Steve Trevor being on Earth Prime.

Posted by dangermart

@SolthesunGod: I think it's less a case of no one noticing what James said, as having heard him say as much last time he was on. I don't recall if he used the name 'Fury', but he made it clear a Diana legacy character was coming.

Thanks for posting those pics - fun times!

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So......i'm gonna point to the elephant in the room. Is there some kinda tension between sara and james? I listen weekly fellas. She's quite poised when he's about(a little more than normal, i mean :-)). And yea......winding up with the younger lady who likes books. Sublime.

Anyway, Keep it up fellas. I love the podcast and comicvine.

Off topic, I know marvel is pushing all kinda boundaries with their social commentary approach to titles and subject matter. I think thats cool. I'm with that. Gay marriages and all. My question is this....do you think the reading masses are ready for a lusty one night stand of sticky wrong sex between Ultim8 spiderman and ultim8 spiderwoman? Its all kinda taboo wrongness that you wouldnt want anyone to see you reading but.........you would just have to read it. Think about it. Ground broken.

Anyway guys, cheers. You rock. And James, if you're ever about in Cambridge pop into the Punter Pub. Dinner's on me.

Shameless plug :)


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Another great podcast with the Comic Vine crew & Mr. James Robinson. I am really loving Earth-2 because James finally has the freedom he was never given on JSA or Justice League. The characters are a lot more dynamic. There's a mission statement to these heroes. I also can't believe no one asked James about the two Mister Terrific characters? (neither of which have a evil Mr. Spock 'stache). It's nothing short of fun, exciting, and one of the most refreshing titles.

Also must give a lot of love to Nicola Scott. Wished we could get her on the podcast as well. Her work is AMAZING. She was brilliant on Teen Titans and continues strong work as a female artist. As my Warren Buffet tip for comic collecing, um there are NOT enough female artists working in the industry. The rarer autographs and works, the more value. She's a talent bar none.

Looking forward to the third issue of Earth-2...

Posted by kagato

Thanks for answering my question! Great podcast as usual, always enjoy when the whole (unofficial) gang is together

Posted by Ganthetsward20

A characters sexuality matters to a reader when its thrown in their faces. Straight or otherwise. When a writer adds a love interest into the story it is probably important in some way. I dont care for seeing gay characters because i have no interest in it. But I dont think we cant have them as heroes we just have to make sure its handled in a way where the main thing about that character is not that they are gay or lesbian. When I think of Batwoman I dont think of her as being lesbian I think about how intelligent she is and how she is just freaking awesome. If i were to tell someone to read her book I would let them know that she is also a lesbian but tell them its not going to be the most forefront thing of the book. I am not worried to much about Alan Scott being gay because I trust James Robinson's writing. But if another writer would to get a hold of him I may be concerned.