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Ah, so bittersweet.

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Early podcast AND James = :D :D :D

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Isn't Danny Dyer the new Doctor Who?

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( 7 ^_^)7

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@g_man The Robert Lindsay show is called Spy

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Rowan Atkinson wasn't very goofy in Blackadder (one of the greatest comedies of all time.)

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I hope James writes Wildcat's appearance in Earth 2 before he leaves.

And Tony is more beautiful than Sara.

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it's possible to have a female doctor (referring to doctor who) the doctor referred to the corsair as male and female.

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Always great to have James on the podcast.

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yay murderbats

I want Doctor Donna for the female Doctor

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thanks for playing sarah. great song.

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@g_man For the second week in a row, the controversy about JLA 4 has been misinterpreted on this show. The issue is graphic violence only towards one of the few female members of this team only to anger the more popular, male hero.

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Haha~ I love how Sara talks to him. Like, "Why the heck are you thanking me?"

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It's nice to see James stop back in. Will be listening to this the next few days, back and forth to work. Thanks again guys. I know it's gonna be another great podcast.

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James to Tony: Why are you that guy?

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This should of been the thumbnail.

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@trevel8182: Lol! Which book is this from?

I love the fluid nature of this podcast but I suspect they're all like this. I should listen to these more.

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My my I'll be curious to hear about this especially in light of James Robinson's departure from DC.

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My reaction to the end of BIOSCHOCK: INFINITE

I'm pleased to hear James is back on the podcast. I feel sort of silly about the question I submitted months ago asking his thoughts on comics with twists.I understand that he kind of had some 'things' going on.

I wasn't talking about quick twists. I was talking about something that leads you along for a good long while, then pulls the rug out from under you. That's what BIOSHOCK tends to do.

I'm also glad Tony just cut out the others. I'm sure there are more questions backed up.

I was born and raised in Kentucky, as was much of my family. My heritage is half German and Scottish. I make plenty of German jokes.

I don't mind things when they go off topic for a bit. That happens alllll the time on the Giant Bomb cast. I just don't watch a lot of trailers for movies that I want to see. I didn't watch nearly any trailers for MAN OF STEEL or IRON MAN 3. I also didn't want any on STAR TREK.



ONE PIECE (weekly)

A lot of the weekly manga series will have staff, but it's never very clear what the staff is responsible for or how many there are. Especially if you are a large series, such as ONE PIECE or NARUTO. Weekly manga are responsible for nearly 18 to 20 pages a week. Eiichiro Oda does the main story writing and art. His staff mainly does inking (maybe on this), adding in the grey scale for shading and depth, someone on typesetting, and I think some proofreading before it goes to the editor.

Editors in manga can have a lot of influence. Though, it more often seems like collaboration instead of demanding. They are mainly responsible for keeping things on time. I believe it's one editor per series. Back in the earlier years of ONE PIECE, Oda wanted to do all these little side stories in Loguetown, but his editor pushed him to hurry things to the Grand Line, where the real story was to begin. More famously, Akira Toriyama, the creator of DRAGON BALL, wanted Piccolo to be possessed in the Buu Saga. However, his editor convinced him that the fans really wanted to see Goku and Vegeta fight again. Toriyama liked that idea more and made it Vegeta.

Oda also does TONS of promotional art for Shueisha (ONE PIECE publisher) for merchandise, and he executive produced two of the more recent ONE PIECE movies -- OP: STRONG WORLD and OP: Z. He's been drawing this one series weekly since 1997. Longest break the series has had was a one month break a few years ago.


Ken Akamatsu, creator of NEGIMA, uses a lot of computer models for creating background settings. I believe one of the people on the staff is responsible for creating those computer environments for Akamatsu to then draw the characters in.

Regardless of the size of a staff, the series doesn't go anywhere without the creator. Just these past two weeks, Oda got sick enough to be hospitalized (wasn't too serious). The series went on an unscheduled break for two weeks right away. It starts back up next week. That makes it pretty apparent that manga chapters aren't drawn months in advance.

Monthly series are a bit different, It more depends on the teams or creators. For instance, HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD is published in a monthly magazine, but I think it's published bi-monthly now. That has Daisuke Sato as the writer, and Shoji Sato as the artist. Shoji Sato also writes and draws his own series, TRIAGE X. at almost the same time he's working on HOTD. Shoji will also occassionally do covers for MONTHLY DRAGON AGE (the magazine that publishes both). I don't believe that Shoji Sato has a staff. If so, it's pretty small.

There are still a lot of people who work solo on manga. If you're a newbie or pitching a story. A creator could be working on every aspect to pitch the manga as a one-shot. If accepted for serialization, a creator may often be able to hire staff to speed things along.

I hope this helps clear some things up.

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@fastestblender: Dude, I'm just going based on the comments I've seen fly by. And maybe I'm just an equal opportunity reader but I see the graphic violence there the same as it was for Ted Kord. Plus the fact that she's simply not dead, as I mentioned in this episode.

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@g_man (haven't heard all of the podcast yet, assuming you talked about the Doctor Who.) How about Patrick Stewart as the next Doctor? Even if its for a short season or a few episodes? Semi joking and mostly serious.

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There used to be a lot more Star Wars fans here. When I first came here (before I even had an account), I recall a lot of Star Wars-type battles. I think a lot of the Star Wars readers aren't really comic book people and this is "comic book site."

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The James episodes are always the best. I was worried that the end of Earth 2 might mean the end of James on the podcast, glad that isn't the case.

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I love the conversation with Sara/Tony/James and "Lima Bean" (or something like that)

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@doordoor123: It's strange considering the success of the Dark Horse STAR WARS comics...

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Fun podcast as usual. Thanks! I look forward to learning about James' future projects.

The show needs more Sara, though. I know it's hard to guage the dynamic of a conversation when you're not in the room. Maybe some planned subject areas where she leads the discussion with James?

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Yes, Misfits is on Hulu -- a free service. So, there's no reason not to give it an honest shot and watch at least 2 episodes!

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I consider the Star Wars universe more interesting right now than either the DC or Marvel universe. Things like the X-Wings, Star Destroyers, pod racing, bounty hunters, light sabers, etc. enrich and add a unique extra dimension to immerse you in the story.

Don't misunderstand, I enjoy superhero comics and there's some great stories out there. However, I find there's too many cookie cutter superhero stories being produced. On a slightly different but related tangent...

In the past few years a disturbing trend to oversaturate the market with characters has become routine. That leads to diluted talent, less interesting stories and less consumer enthusiasm. The entertainment industry in general is extremely risk adverse and would rather throw out sequels and clones of existing intellectual properties than develop new ones. Yes, comics just like Hollywood is in business to make money. Does that mean we need another Batman or X-men spinoff title? It sure would be nice to infuse some fresh, creative titles into the mix. Maybe even market them so that they have a fighting chance to gain a following....just a thought.

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It was kind of a relief to have just Tony & Sara on the podcast. Corey is fine, but laughing at his own comments and gasping in mock surprise as many as 20 times an episode gets a bit old. Corey always has something to add to the podcast, but I'd love it if he dialed it back a bit.

P.S. -- I started watching the British show, MISFITS, after hearing you and James talk about it, and I'm already hooked. I think you'll like it, Tony. Be warned that it wouldn't be appropriate for your daughter, though, as there's language and limited nudity.

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@g_man: Yeah, honestly, I think I've seen maybe one Star Wars comic book in my lifetime because they fly off the racks so fast.

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I agreed with James' comments regarding the Extremis soldiers in Iron Man 3 and second Tony's endorsement of Daredevil: End of Days series. Although I don't consider myself a Daredevil fan, I was pulled in by the story and have decided to give Daredevil: Dark Nights a shot also.

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Great podcast with James. Perhaps somehow I missed it, but I didn't hear anyone ask James why he left Earth 2 and DC, as a whole. Understandably he may have either wanted to wait to answer questions on this topic until after his final issues are published or just not at all but I am shocked that it was not asked. Am I missing something?

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@g_man: Can you pass this on to James. The name of the show he's talking about with Robert Lindsey, about the everyman who gets a superspy job is called "Spy" and it is on Hulu for watching.

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@christopherflinchbaugh You didn't miss anything. This is the one public appearance James has made since his exit from DC and no one bothered to ask why, even if just to year him say he'd rather not talk about it. However Bleeding Cool has a rumor. Also, if you make a list of the talent that has abruptly left the company along with this scathing write up by Paul Jenkins, I think you can draw your own conclusions...

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Good to hear James back, and I'm fine with him not being asked: 'Why, WHYYYYY.' If he wanted to raise the question, HE could have done, but James is there as a guest, not an interviewee, and you don't make guests uncomfortable.

@g_man I'm sure I've suggested this previously, but here goes again - rather than dump old questions, how about limiting posters to one per show? You regularly ask several from the same (lovely, intelligent, but still ...) guys, meaning the unasked list just gets longer and longer. (I wish the call-out system worked on iPad!)

James was suggesting cutting the Black Mass talk, I could go for that as video games aren't my area of interest. But then again, plenty of non-comics stuff you raise entertains the heck out of me, so carry on, I suppose!

I agree with James about Sylvester McCoy being a bad Doctor pick, at least initially, due to his familiarity from kids' show Vision On (CRACKERJACK!). James may be interested to know that the mad professor with the lawnmower from Vision On taught me filmmaking at uni - or not!

I realise it's tough to get the same dynamic with Sara across the continent, but I'm just glad she's there at all.

I think the reason Where's Waldo Is Wally in the UK is simply that Waldo isn't a recognised name over here; it's one of those names that only seem to exist in the US, like Clay or Brick or Rocky or Biff or Corey. Mind, has anyone in the US ever come across a Waldo outside of The Great Waldo Pepper or Waldo Kitty?

Anyway, thanks for cheering up my Monday, gang!

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Oh, I forgot to say, I think James is thinking of Ray Palmer as the Silver Age JLA-er who was Jewish, not Barry Allen. Not that the fact, or indeed, anyone's beliefs, came up more than once in a blue moon back then.