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Cool. I can start listening as soon as I get home. Thanks for another podcast. WB Corey.

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Hoping the gang addresses my Pokemon question.

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The return of the mighty cory

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It's not quite hit my iTunes yet, so I'm off to bed and can enjoy tomorrow morning.

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I read a spoiler to find out what you were talking about with Mr. Freeze. And (while I haven't actually read it) I am not sure I like the changes to his character. What I always liked about him (and Two-Face for that matter) were that they were sort of ambiguous bad guys, sort of bad guys against their will sort of thing. Bad guys you could really sympathies with. Changing him from a bad guy who loves his wife trapped in cryogenic freezing into a man who killed his mother by freezing her after trying when he was a kid makes him so unsympathetic and unlikable. I haven't read it but I doubt I would end up liking it. This sort of takes him into creepy James Gordon Jr. and Joker territory. Making him some creepy psychopath. I never cared much for the Joker for that reason. But maybe I am wrong because I haven't read it. His original origin was written by Paul Dini for the cartoon and was then brought into the comics from there. I am just not sure I like the changes made to him.

I loved that Spider-Man annual. The personal Parker stuff was so good. And the ending was very touching. I think the one thing that might carry on from this comic is that Scraps nearly destroyed the world twice with his experiments... but I don't think anyone will remember. Hrm.

I had heard that a DC character was going to come out as gay and I was waiting to hear it be Wonder Woman or Batman or most likely Robin. But then when I heard it was Alan Scott I thought OK, but who is the gay character at DC? Didn't realize it was him. Maybe because its in an alternate reality or maybe because I was expecting it to be a bigger character, but him being Gay doesn't matter to me at all. I think the reason he was written to be gay because Obsidian was gay is because the New 52 wiped out Obsidian for now and that meant one less gay character. So Scott was made gay now to compinsate, plus I think his sexual orientation was never a major part of the character to begin with. Not like Daredevil who sleeps with lots of woman and reveals his identity or Batman who dates lots of women because he is a rich playboy.

So with the delay in Thor 2 now, could Kenneth Branagh come back to direct it? He just seemed so excited about Thor 2 and so willing to go deep into Thor's mythology. He even mentioned Bualder in an interview about Thor 1. It would be a shame if, now that they are delaying it so much, that he couldn't come back to direct it. Because I heard thats why he wasn't coming back, Marvel wanted Thor 2 done right away and he didn't have the time for it right then.

I could see Daniel Radcliffe as Frank Eisenstein/Madman. Him or Elijah Wood would work... off the top of my head without real research that is.

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Good to have Corey back.

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Ravagers just confuses me I cannot understand how a bunch of characters with no real recognition the only one Beast Boy looks completely different. The book is written and drawn by people mostly known from the nineties and the only character called Ravager is not the star.

It's good that DC is having a more diverse cast. But it almost seems like false advertisement some websites are just saying "Green Lantern is gay" if anyone is actually interested they might look at some comics or or cartoons and be disappointed that it is not the same guy or be confused if it is not clarified. Since it is such a drastic redefining of the character it is okay to make such a change. From what I read at a convention someone asked if there would be a formerly straight would be gay and DC did say one would be but that got out and everyone made it a bigger deal of it. Hopefully kids with Green Lantern shirts are not made fun of and gay kids can see one character is a brave and strong leader of heroes as something positive.

So glad Bane is chosen as the villain of The Dark Knight Rises Riddler would have been so predictable. Batman Beyond takes place in a universe similar to the DC Animated Universe.

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A podcast that starts without Sara's insight is a sad events. No offense to Tony and Corey. I hope the news editing went well.

The discussion of issues about ratings comes up an awful lot in the podcast. I think at least maybe even three just this year.

I don't know if the DC gay character reveal is much of a spoiler. There's a whole article on the front page of the site. I think DC is just trying to strike while the iron is hot. Much in the same way Marvel has been pushing the gay marriage.

I'm not too interested in Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC. The ARKHAM CITY Game of the Year Edition is one of the reasons why I'm never buying a BATMAN game new ever again. That is so frustrating.

Is the next IRON MAN movie really going to be another Iron Man vs. Iron Man-esque villain? That's getting old.

That new DC fighter looks really cool, but I'm just not that into fighting games. How is it people give DC crap about heroes fighting heroes in a fighting game?

Corey, you've apparently only been exposed to harem manga. Those are very niche. Comparing all manga to that would be like me saying UNCANNY X-FORCE and ARCHIE are the same kind of thing. There are a wide variety of manga out there. I could recommend so many different series. DEATH NOTE has a great end. Why would you want to avoid closer on a story you enjoy? DRAGON BALL Z is not the strongest story. The original DRAGON BALL is much stronger. The Z era was little more than a power fantasy.

Making Joe Quesada draw the Peter and Mary Jane wedding would be hilarious.

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Tony for the love of Norman Osborne CHANGE THE COMIC VINE RATING SYSTEM! You're limiting yourself to 5 flavors which I can only assume are:

1: The worst

2: Mediocre

3. Average

4: Really Good

5: The Best Comic

Of COURSE you're going to have people arguing the ratings, you're painting with 5 brushes, people are going to compare and contrast and get angry. IGN essentially goes out of a 100 point system (using decimals). It allows you to explain that X comic was good, but not as good as Y but nothing near Z. You'll still get people arguing, but I bet you get a lot less. Or.... no ratings at all. I'll wait for your mind to reboot. What if it's just a review, where you illustrate through prose how effective the 22 page sequential art story was for a mass audience? This would force the viewer to think and process the comic at an academic level .

Foxxfireart, some of us need a breather from Sara. We need these weeks. Also, its very easy to criticize Injustice: Why are the nigh invulnerable modern mylthological legends of the DCU WEARING ARMOR?? Case closed.

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@Pixel_Kaiser said:

Hoping the gang addresses my Pokemon question.they did but apparently G man never played pokemon shame on him I like bulbasaur

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Thankyou for answering my questions!

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thanks Cory Christopher Walken

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Bulbasaur's the easy path. But I always went with Charmander and just OD' him up by battling wild pokemon before I battled Brock. It's a hard path but totally worth it when you can start wrecking whole crews with fireblast, fire punch,& fly.

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Hope you're reading this, Tony. I'm just wondering if you were kidding about feeling bad that you 'only' gave Batman Annual a 4 rating, and actually expressed regret to writer Scott Snyder about the fact. I know you said you avoid reviewing other Batman books because they don't compare well to Scott's, but surely you don't wish to give a creator the impression that a 5-star rating is his default? Maybe you should have other reviewers do Batman for awhile? I know James Robinson was giving Sara playful grief recently about the non-5-star review she gave Earth 2 #1, but I'm pretty sure he respects her for not letting friendship dictate her views. I'm not saying that's what's happening with you and Scott, but I do think you shouldn't feel bad about not loving every aspect of a comic. It's all just opinion, no animals will be harmed etc.

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Great podcast.

The theme of Iron Man 2 is: Even a super genius like Tony Stark has to learn his limits. It mixes broad brush strokes from Murder in Monaco, Super Army, War Machine, Armor Wars, & Demon in the Bottle. The best Iron Man stories aren't about Tony but his support group of friends. As they grow, so does Tony out of being a man-child. So in this movie, you see Pepper Potts, Rhodey grow into where they should be...covering Tony's flank as more than just minions to boss around.

I am really liking James Robinson being at the top of his game. Both Shade and Earth-2 are brilliant reads. It'll be interesting to see who is the second gay character. Justice Society badly needed a relaunch...even more so than Justice League.

On the topic of Batman Annual #1, sympathy for the devil is a matter of perspective. I really liked this change. While Dini did some great story-telling...this enhances the fact, at some point in life there is NO turning back.

And yea, no one is impervious to a so-so arc. Even Geoff Johns has been "meh" since Blackest Night especially in this new arc where Hal apparently forgot EVERY THING about being a GL.

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@dangermart: The reason I felt bad is I really really dug the story. I saw others enjoyed the art. And, as I said, it's not bad at all. Just something didn't work for me. I liked the story and would've loved to give it a 5.

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@ArtisticNeedham: The issue becomes moot after a certain amount of time. It's easy to sympathize with him at first, but once the body count starts hitting triple digits, it gets a little difficult to think a villain's heart is in the right place.

@Sammo21: Thanks!

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@G-Man I think. Fastblender has the right idea - no ratings, just beautifully chosen words.

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Wattch out possible spoilers in this post. I can't hide them with a spoiler block. it just deletes the post.

@Undeadpool: Right, not excusing his murders or claiming he is a good guy, but I mean when a villain's motivations come from a place the reader can sympathize with, like Freeze or Magneto, then its easier to see what makes them tick and where they are coming from or something. It reminds me, but again I haven't actually read the Freeze story, of how the Ultimate comics tried to change Magneto's origin from being a survivor of the Holocaust to being the son of two scientists. It changed his motivations. To me this would make Mr. Freeze unsympathetic like the Joker of ZAZZ. And again I haven't read it and I am probably wrong. Maybe it changes his motivations but is still well written and maybe somehow you still sympathize with him. I can't see how right now, maybe if I read it.

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Hi,Just wanted to send a quick email to say how much I enjoy listening to your podcast and I've become addicted to listening to it while I work:) I have started my own MacGyver podcast with a friend at http://macgyverpodcast.podomatic.com and iTunes and I've learned a lot by listening to you. Always well informed and professional. I also like that you don't spoil stories for us who are a few weeks behind:) There is a planned MacGyver comic coming out in the next few months. It has me worried since previous Movie/TV adaptions like Stargate SG-1 and Highlander were...lacking to say the least. It was as though the writer had no idea about the character/mytholigy they were writing and there were only 10 pages of story. The last exceptional TV comic I remember reading and loving was Quantum Leap and Indiana Jones. Well, keep up the great work and let me know what you think of our podcast:) Mac Jackson Singer/Songwriter of "Harmony Constant"

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Well chuffed my email was read out, less so that Tony read my location as my name. It's probably not clear since I wrote the email in a hurry before I left in the morning. Still brilliant podcast as ever though :)

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Corey - since when is James Robinson Austrailian?