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It's PODCAST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.................... WOOHOO...................

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Tomorrow morning for me, too late to listen too, I'll something to look forward to when I get up :P

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Niiiiice intro audio

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Yeah new podcast!

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Totally spoil it guys, it makes the discussion more engaging IMO 

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I think for the sake of progression and discussion, it would make sense for you guys to spoil the comics.

I prefer you go in depth in relation to the comics I have read, but I will also want to avoid spoilers for those I haven't. So long as there is a disclaimer mentioning the upcoming spoilers, I will know to forward the episode a few minutes to avoid the spoilers.

You guys could always do a 'segment' with each comic -- something like "2minute spoilers" where you spend 2minutes letting all the awesome stuff off of your chest. Listeners will know to forward by a set amount of time, exactly.

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I don't think you should spoil it. Not only for listeners but also for you guys. You go out of your way to bring us this awesome podcast on top of all the other great content you put up each day, it is understandable that you can't read all the comics you want to within 48hrs of receiving them. You are doing an awesome job with this podcast as is.

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The Green Arrow issue of Justice League. Justice League does fight the Talons and help.

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Spoil it and keep the new theme.

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I don't think you should spoil it but dont tease so much. Decent podcast

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I think you should spoil the books, at least the big ones that everyone on the podcast has read. Maybe like one an episode, openly talking about Batman one week, and then AvX the next. I understand how some people don't want to be spoiled but following up every book with "I don't want to spoil anything" makes me go crazy lol.

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Albert Caldecott is not the same character seen in the Shade series. I think Shade is being much more emotionally affected than he lets on.

The Jessica Jones pilot was cancelled.

The original Sin City was filmed in only a matter of weeks while only using the comics and no screenplay Robert Rodriguez is capable of finishing it that quick. Though someone else is writing the screenplay not Frank Miller.

If Talia is mind controlling thousands and is also mind controlling government leaders then Batman has to stop it. Leviathan Strikes shows how dangerous the world is if Leviathan is unopposed.

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me to spoil the books

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Yeah, tip toeing around stuff does hinder the value of the conversation a little in my opinion. Spoil the parts you feel need to be discussed BUT! I think fair warning is something to be noted.

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I had to walk to another county to get my comics, when I was younger. Though, I lived near the border of my county, so, it wasn't very far.

Separating the story and the fighting is a trend that readers need to put a stop to right away. the AVENGERS vs. X-MEN is suppose to be a big hero against hero battle event, and they are making readers buy a separate book just to see more of the fights. This is one of the reasons I can't stand comic events anymore. They just rush through them. You can't let publishers think that is okay.

There was nothing wrong with the final ending of the AVENGERS. I loved that scene. It was funny.

Wow, I had no idea that Sara had been editing her own news videos. I think you've been doing quite well, Sara. Keep it up. I'm sure you'll get even better with practice. Best way to learn new systems is to play around with them.

I feel that it's highly likely that DC will revert their numbering. Just look at what they did with WONDER WOMAN. That was in it's 30s then suddenly 600 and continued that numbering. Did anyone see that coming?

I didn't see anything odd about Seline in the strip club, but for obvious reasons. Catwoman is often labeled as an antagonist. On wikipedia, Catwoman is listed among the antagonists for BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. When DC ONLINE was released, Catwoman was shown on the villains side.

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You guys mention you're using a new editing software, which one is it?

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I really like this 2Minute Spoiler idea. I dont want you to spoil thing for us OR each other But i really want you to be able to openly discuss things and something like this where we could jump ahead 2 minutes (or whatever) is a really good idea.

: Concerning the POINT ONE issues - I thought it was a jumping on point for New Story Arcs starting, not so much Origin stories.

Vanilla Sky - I really liked it - did you watch the original 'Abre los ojos' [Open Your Eyes] ?? I havent.

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thinking about the part about spoiling a comic: it depends on what is being spoiled. for example, i wasn't planning to follow avengers vs xmen until i heard about what cyclops does to captain america in issue 1 which interested me enough to get the issue just to the scene myself.

so in a way spoilers can be a good thing in that it can help to spark the interest for VERY FEW readers.

but of course there is the bad of spoilers, so for me it does depend on the spoiler... as well as the people hearing/reading the spoiler.

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I don't listen to these podcasts until im up to date with all my comics, so I would say it would be better if you spoil it. It'd make the discussion a bit more engaging instead of having to tip toe around it and have half a conversation...ya know? ;P

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Love the new intro music !!!

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OMG, I completely agree with Spider-Man be annoyed at Spider-Man taking off his mask. I was going to complain, but I thought I was being nitpicky.

I'm usually against events. They aren't my thing. I skipped Fear Itself and Siege, and Civil War and Secret Invasion happened before I started reading comics. For some reason though, I'm picking up AvX.I think the reason why I'm reading this event is because I feel I need to be in the loop. I'm a huge X-Men fan and I feel this is going to have a drastic affect on them, even though the changes made from events are often reverted within 6-12 months. I think a lot of people feel the way I do and that's why they still buy the book even though they complain about what happens.

Also, I think one reason why people like events (and why I dislike them) is because of the gimmick. People want to see a bunch of heroes together fighting either against hero or against themselves. It's the same thing with the Avengers and Justice League. The whole point of these two teams is to bring together the big heroes in their respective universes, and when these main heroes aren't on the team (take James Robinson's run) people will stop reading because the book is serving the gimmick.

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but I'm a vegetarian...

I didn't know I couldn't eat marshmallows...

I hope I've been eating vege ones.

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Agree with G-Man, seriously....leave the major teams histories alone. Their iconic for a reason, and don't need fudging with.

@Babs I totally agree with your issue with Batman Inc. (I have many more of my own) but hey, Bruce is all about reflecting U.S. foreign policy apparently...

@GMan As far as Nightrunner goes, Bruce went to Paris he and Dick sort of jumped dude, told him he wasn't fit to do what they do and then gave him the option of stepping down or joining Inc./being trained and equipped by them. Schyeah something about that just made me feel icky about Bats and this whole Inc. thing.

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I only go to the comic store either two times a month, or once a month. So I like listening to the podcast knowing that, !.) there isn't spoilers and 2.) I can see what you guys liked or did not like so if theres a comic that sounds good and one that I want I can call my LCS. I dont want spoilers because then I will have to wait till I read my comics, like with IGN's Assemble some times they spoil so I have to wait till I read my books.

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Please include spoilers.

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Boo to the new opening jingle. I really like the original one! Please bring it back! Thanks!

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Personally, I don't mind spoilers. I appreciate, however, that y'all are considerate to those that do. I truly enjoy the podcast (an the new intro muaic) and I don't believe the podcast would be greatly enhanced by the inclusion of spoilers.

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First off i prefer the old intro but maybe I've heard it so many times. Spoil the comics you guys have all read, this makes the convos better and i personally listen to this after i have read my stuff. Also it doesn't mean i have to go searching around the interweb for what the big shocking endings and reveals are in the comics i don't pick up. By the way i like how you have shortened the time you spend talking about the comics of the week.

Thanks for answering my questions! :) Sara, i don't mind you not liking the Bat Inc concept because i know you'll pick the book up because of the gorgeous, spectacular art :D

Love The Podcast!

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I don't mind spoilers either, sometimes it would be fun to hear the spoilers to find out what you guys think of certain things that happened in that issue, like if something major happened and you have strong opinions about it. I would love to hear about that.

The previous question about the Avengers was from a week ago or so, and the last questions from me were for James Robinson but I also wanted to hear what you all thought too.

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You guys could include time indexes in the podcast comments just saying something like spoiler for Batman #10 at 7:54 til 9:02 or something, that way you can still spoil it, but also anyone that doesn't want it spoiled can skip past it. Also yaaayyyy podcast time!

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I would rather you spoil the books

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I think the reason why Batman hasn't been so JL involve in his own series is because every attack The Court made was personal from the start. From the assassination attempt of Bruce Wayne during the day, the Court squatting in Wayne buildings, and them infiltrating his own house, all were VERY personal to him. He may drag his bat family into it, but not the league because he figures it's not their business. MAYBE when The Night of the Owls is all said and done, the league may pop in 1 or 2 times, otherwise, we shouldn't count on it.

P.S. Great podcast.

Posted by The Cyan Lantern

Also, a possible Off My Mind could be "When Does/Should Batman Rely On Help and Should He Be Less Stubborn?"

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@G-Man I think you guys can spoil at least one book a week no more then three and you should not spoil the same book. What i mean by that is that you shouldnt talk about issue 24 of a book then next month talk about issue 25. You could do like issue 24 and issue 30 that way we listeners have some continuity to what your spoiling but your not making so that we dont want to read a book. This is just a sugesstion. The ambiguity of what you guys talk about really irks me because if im not already reading the book your way of stepping around the really good parts to prevent spoilers doesnt push me to get it where if you did spoil it an I liked it I would start reading the arc. I'm just one person and im not asking that you change your ways but if you agree that this is a good idea then you should implement it.

You guys did another great podcast and I too would love if they were two hours long again! :)

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I love the podcast this week and I'm with Sara about Batman Inc. Good, but concept wise...  
The new theme song, while I like it, I'm not sure it's better then the old one. I think the old one could be replaced but I think it should be replaced with something a little better. 

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Nice to see people appreciating "Red Hood and the Outlaws".... I have to say that sometimes it lacks cohesion and some plot points are thin but it's such a fun read plus it's maybe the first time I really got to like Jason Todd ( for me that's a great accomplishment).

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DC old message forums and now facebook comments have always allowed spoilers. People do like to talk about spoilers. Maybe do a separate shorter podcast that is free from spoilers. A longer podcast can be done to discuss spoilers.

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I would say spoil it all. No body has to listen the day it comes out. They can read their comics then listen to the show. That's what I do from time to time when I can't get through my stack of comics. I value your opinions and you having to hold back in order to not spoil an issue because someone can't hit pause takes it away from those of us who have read it and want to hear you opinions. It's not like you guys go back and talk about past comics in full on a future podcast.

Posted by TwistedBishop

I would say a mixed approach towards spoilers. It's important you can discuss within reason what you need to about a book. Just remember a lot of people will be picking up new titles based on your impressions, so please don't completely invalidate the joy of actually reading the issue.

Posted by HotSauceCommittee

If I'm late getting my comics that week I don't listen to the podcast. If you're really against spoiling everything how about you just spoil one book each, a pick of the week where you go beyond the usual 'this was good.'

Posted by Robrat93

Another great podcast guys, personally I don't mind spoilers if it helps get acroos the reasons why you like/dislike a certain book, i doesn't diminish my enjoyment of the books. And i love the new theme tune, it was catchy look forward to another week of news and articles.

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Oooooohhhh!!!! New theme tune!!! :D

Posted by No_Name_

@HotSauceCommittee said:

If I'm late getting my comics that week I don't listen to the podcast. If you're really against spoiling everything how about you just spoil one book each, a pick of the week where you go beyond the usual 'this was good.'

That's not a bad idea, actually

Posted by joeyesposito

Another great show, guys :)

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You guys mentioned that we need good comics book shows on TV, did you think that Smallville was a good Comic Book show? I like the series but thought that Clark was not a strong character. I'm hoping Arrow will have less whining.

Posted by joel221

I like the new opening theme! Very nice.

I am mostly a lurker who listens to your podcast only on most weeks, but when I heard about the spoilers issue, I wanted to write in. I realize it's complicated for you, since you have fans that want both:

Would you consider doing two podcasts- a spoiler-free review where you give your star ratings and the basic place in the plot each comic has (1 hour?), then do a longer conversational spoiler-cast where you simply talk about a few important issues in great detail, including maybe reading portions of the issues and going back to previous issues to read additional context (1.5 hours)? Maybe this would scratch the itch for both camps?

Overall, I'd just love for Tony, Sara, Corey, and James (when he is available) to have candid and in-depth conversation about a few issues (they have all intentionally read) with spoilers included. When you folks do have time to get beyond basic impressions, the podcast becomes more interesting.

Overall, though, i still enjoy your podcast and listen to it weekly. Keep up the good work.

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Dope. Love this one.