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Corey Alanisette!?

Also the image alone makes me wanna listen to this podcast extra hard.

.... but not in a weird way....

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@feargalr said:

Corey Alanisette!?

Also the image alone makes me wanna listen to this podcast extra hard.

.... but not in a weird way....

what ?

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@feargalr said:

Corey Alanisette!?

Also the image alone makes me wanna listen to this podcast extra hard.

.... but not in a weird way....

what ?


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This podcast got weird pretty quick.

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I think we need a review from Hipster Corey.

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Re: Superior Spiderman

I remember a certain EIC of Comic Vine threatening to stop reading Batman if the character kills.

Different ≠ good, Corey.

I think far more people are angry not with the fact that Peter seems lost forever, but with the fact that he wasn't a selfless hero faced with the decision of the girl's life or his exposure. However that wasn't discussed on the podcast.

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I loved Rorie's work on Screened. Now that he's back on Giant Bomb/Comic Vine I hope you can get him on some video/podcast to talk about the summer movies

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Supergirl 19 is where powergirl gets her new outfit

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Welcome back to the podcast, Sara!

Thank you, Sara, for playing devil's advocate.. There are readers who want to see certain characters that are being expected to wait for their favorite characters post reboot, Even if you don't agree with the position. It was worth mentioning. I feel that publishers are being far too risky thinking that people are willing to wait for them.

I'd figure that James couldn't be on this week. That's why didn't resubmit that question he asked about.

If comic publishers don't want readers to care about continuity, then they need to stop trying to sell this as a connected universe of continuity. They created this expectation and is often the focus of reboots.

The January Jones is one of the reasons why I still haven't seen FIRST CLASS. Soon as I heard she was cast, I ha d good idea where they were going.

I've shaved my head before. You trim it extremely short. and you use a good razor that flexes. It's easy to avoid missing a spot. You just run your hand over your head and check for spots. I don't do it very often. Those razors aren't cheap, and you have to really keep at it.

I once answered a question Fred Perry opened to his fans. He drew one of his characters in a Halloween costume from the PEBBLES & BAM BAM SHOW, Since I guessed the name of the character Perry's character was dressed as, I got a free commission from him.

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I look forward to these every week.

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Read Supergirl 19 to see where she got the costume.

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HAY! I'm not going to post stuff without your permission!

Also, Bryan Singer was the guy who said he never spoke with Millar. Sometime later, they Tweeted about chatting over a meal about Fox's future.

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Disappointing that there wasn't animal man and swamp thing review this week whcih were both awesome. Also was expecting James this week. Is he coming next week?

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@fastestblender: It's true, innovation without being tempered with quality isn't inherently noble, that wasn't my point. My point was that people want innovation to come to them, but the things they already love must stay completely static and unchanging. I for one think Superior Spider-Man is an excellent example of fantastic, quality innovation.

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The cassette and Knight Rider graphics are amazing. Thanks.

First time podcast listener.

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Fucking hell...Marvel is cancelling Winter Soldier! What the hell! Sorry for the swearing, but Bucky has become one of my favorite characters now! There are many other series that sell worse and aren't getting cancelled! Gambit sucks majorly and it still is allowed to continue!

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I love that you're never able to stay on topic for more than a couple of minuttes at a time!

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supergirl 19 is where she got the costume amazing issue btw.

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I'm not sure where the whole name of the Viner who edited the Movement page, ME24601, comes from, but the number is the same as Jean Valejean's prison number in Les Miserables. I suspect ME represents 'me' ;)

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If Dan Slott wrote your story your body would probably be taken over by Doc Ock!

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Wow i think was not the only one drunk on this friday.

About Superior Spiderman, i'm a a Spidey fan but i'm not following right now just cause i don't really like Dan Slott... i'm not against what he is doing but as i'm not his fan... so, no thanks.

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@g_man power girl got the new outfit in Supergirl dude!!

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Knight Rider DuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubSteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!

every podcast must have sound effects

Batman Killed Harvey Dent in Dark Knight

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@g_man Enjoyable podcast, as ever. I had to smile when you were talking about reviewing Iron Man 3 and giving it four stars, and said 'ouch'. And people complained about the rating. Only on Comic Vine is four out of five stars considered to be begrudging ...

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Pretty annoying music. Everything else was great as always.

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Awesome :)

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I don't post here as often as I should, but this needs saying. GOD DAMN this weeks podcast was brilliant :D

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I'm interested to see how The Movement evolves. The first issue was a bit over the top for my tastes, but this is Gail Simone doing a team book again, and I'm happy with that. Plus I'm glad for the return of Tremor, I wanted to learn more about her when she appeared in Secret Six (pre-52).

I'll also admit I cheered a little at the end of Superior Spider-Man #9. No spoilers, but the logic bomb that Doc Ock drops on Peter at the end turned me around. I want to see more of how this superior spider-man operates. Its compelling reading. We'll be back to the status quo eventually but for now..omg must read book!

Lastly I'm sad for the end of X-Factor, but I'm very glad Peter David is getting to close it out on his terms and we aren't getting a forced rush like many of the Pre-52 books did.

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@g_man @babs @undeadpool Also thanks for the tips on writing reviews. I write comic reviews for an indie music/art/performance blog and I often forget that my best work is when I am writing from my perspective and not trying to tailor it to a specific audience.

I may start posting some of the reviews I don't post there to CV.

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Great podcast. Problem is, I writer down all the good comics that are mentioned, and I end up picking them up. (note: very expensive)

Ah, and that Charlize Theron film would be Young Adult. Such a great film. Totally agree that she could do an excellent Emma Frost.