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Looking forward to both Earth-2 and the Avengers! I hope all those avengers clips they released online don't dampen the movie experience too much.

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Yeah new podcast,can't wait to listen!! The Avengers is the best comic book movie in my opinion!

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YEAH!!! James is back....IM SO EXCITED. I'll be listening to this Sunday when I go into work. Hope its as it seems it will be.

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Yay, James Robinson is back!

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Lucky bastards lol

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Really like Phil Coulson I think I'll like him more than Downey Jr. as Iron Man looking forward to Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises.

Loved the Flex Mentallo hardcover I understand the colors are a little bit of a issue for some people but I still think the art is beautiful. James Robinson returning to Hawkman would have been a better choice to me.

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I didn't really like cry for justice that much, but I still buy everything James writes because when it's good, it's great!

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podcast with james yes

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Awesome. Thanks for reading / answering my question and passing along my message to James. :D

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Darn your Superman Contest. I got that Superman #7 where he met Helspont and so I had to get #8. Kidding about being upset. It was great. I am not even all that into Wild CATS but I got so excited about the prospect of Superman teaming up with Grifter or the idea that Spartan might be introduced into the DC comics. I love the idea that Helspont could be one of Superman's foes. They clearly showed that it wouldn't be an easy fight for Superman but one he wouldn't back down from. Its a shame it was only two issues though. I was worried/hoping it was going to be more.

I am going to see the Avengers as soon as I can but also when the crowds have died down a little. I don't want to see it with a huge crowd, but I also don't want to hear everyone talking about it.

I can't wait till next week to get both Earth 2 and Brave and the Bold. I am excited by the writers and artists on both, not just the concepts, so it sounds great.

I collect action figures, not just any. Usually its stuff designed to look like the comic versions made 3D like Justice League International or New Frontier. I also collect comics and trades. Almost everything I do is some how connected to comic art, like I have a bunch of pictures saved off the computer of rough comic art by other artists, DVDs that I like to listen to while working on my art, etc.

I played Golden Eye for a long time, against my brother, my dad, until it started giving me motion sickness or something.

My Comic Characters Mt. Rushmore would be Superman (because he was the 1st Superhero), Spider-Man (because he was one of Marvel's 1st "human" superheroes with real problems), The Tick (for me personally because he was funny which I hadn't seen in comics back then)and WHY NOT? Monkey Boy (because he is my comic character). Ok, actually maybe Hulk or Batman for the 4th.

As for Comic Creators Mt. Rushmore: Jack Kirby, Siegle and Shuster, Stan Lee, and maybe Steve Ditko or Will Eisner.

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Thanks for the mention, guys :)

Still think we should combine for a ultra-mega podcast super special.

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Always love when James Robinson is on the podcast.

Not remembering your last hangover can mean two things. You don't drink much, or you drink too much.

In Cyclops defense, Hope is the only mutant born after Scarlet Witch wiped out most mutants. Before Hope, no more mutants were born. That KINDA' says she may be a bit more special than Jean.

IRON MAN without Robert Downey Jr.......No thank you.

AGREED!! I should have waited to buy BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY. No way in hell I'd re-buy the game. I love fighting as Catwoman, because she's so fast. I managed to rank in the top 600 on one of her combat challenges. I just wish she had a weapon destruction move the way Batman does. Those shields and stun rods are so annoying. I don't think they would make a South American ASSASSIN'S CREED game. Not that I don't think it could work. The game just feels more targeted to the European audience. I don't think they'd really get the history of it.

I'm not for Hathaway as Catwoman. Let alone what the costume has been shown. Not so sure about Charlize Theron. I'm more for Kate Beckinsale.

As far as James answering my question. I guess Sara's power could be like the Death Note, which could be terrifying. Though I bet Earth 2 Corey's wife wouldn't be too happy about that relationship. I wasn't expecting him to make you all super powered, but that was fun too. Thanks for using all those questions. Seeing how he'll come back soon. I'll have to think of a new question for him.

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It's all about the director. Did you ever see how ridiculous Michael Keaton looked standing on a box with the Batman costume on? I'll wait for the movie to judge Hathaway.

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Here's a question to ask James next week. He may not be the best person to ask but he will probably have an idea. When characters are shown shaking hands in comics, why are they usually using their left hands? I can't think of a reasonable reason why this mistake is always overlooked.

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I cannot forgive Cry for Justice...Justice.

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It's fun to have James back. I loved the last Shade, though I didn't enjoy the excellent Javier Pulido's art quite as much as I did the previous issue's ... there seemed an awful lot of 'silhouettey' panels.

I also love Clark Gregg's turn as Agent Coulson, it's been a real highlight of the Marvel films and he's as good as ever in Avengers.

As regards Bendis killing Echo, he didn't create her, that was Quesada and Mack. Not that I care, as she was pants.

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@Artistic Needham - see what I mean about me killing threads?

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Its all about synergy

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Sarah throws them in puddles, lol.