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Is good to see you guys are trying to put something on for us, i'm sure that will be fun.

Posted by Sammo21

Oh wow, you guys still did a podcast? Awesome! Hope you're enjoying C2E2! I just picked up the Paulo Rivera Guardians of the Galaxy #2 variant and love it.

Posted by CitizenJP

Robes AND comic books?! Jealous.

Posted by new_onslaught

I already saw Iron Man 3! :D

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Schmeg Schmatzman.

I love it.

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@new_onslaught: Me too!!came out a week early where i live...have some comments but reserving them for when the review comes out.

Posted by yo_yo_fun

That picture!lol

Thanks for the Podcast this week guys!

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@g_man Didn't you miss Teen Titans (if you read it that is)?

Posted by QuantomMan

You guys rock for staying up to give us a podcast. it's was hilarious

nice robes btw lol

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I enjoyed this week's podcast. Short, sweet, and full of comic reviews.

Regarding the discussion of a Daredevil movie and how Punisher didn't really pan out:

I think the problem with a Punisher movie, is that when you cut to the core of Punisher, it's about a family man / former soldier who suffers a tragic loss at the hands of "untouchable" crimnals and takes matters into his own hands, which is something we get in about 5 or 6 Shoot 'Em Up movies a year. Granted Frank Castle has evolved into a deeper more complicated character but Comic movies seem to focus on origin stories for the first installments, so it would be hard to really make a Punisher stand out from the other action flicks.

Maybe if they did a Punisher movie in the same way they did Dredd. Just jump into a good Punisher story and go from there.

Posted by dangermart

I'm only ten minutes in, and it's bedtime, but I really want to thank you lads for staying up late, when you're already knackered, and recording a podcast. It's great that Mat and Tony are in the same room, it makes for a much easier conversation.

Now, any chance of a calendar-worthy shot of you guys in your sexy animal print robes? For da goils, obviously!

Posted by gotwillpower

lol Wearing robes? You guys are so old. jk jk just kidding!

Posted by Dirk_Dexter

Norm coming back for the Iron Man 3 discussion is great news.

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YAY!!! Was worried there wasn't gonna be a podcast.

Btw The email is comicvine@gmail.com?


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@g_man I really don't understand this idea that previous Reverse Flash costumes had too much yellow in them - he's the Reverse Flash, hence reverse colours. Would you say the Flash's outfit has too much red? The new look is pretty darn unattractive.

I do, though, agree that mainstream superhero comics have gone OTT in what they show. No one needs to see Batman humping Catwoman.

@Inferiorego Aargh, it's the return of 'Frasier' Irvine - I've chatted to him on Twitter and he can't understand why Americans don't seem to see the name Frazer as 'Frazer' - no extra syllable ... how can one sitcom have removed an entire nation's ability to read?

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Thanks a lot for muscling out this podcast guys. Talked about some good to great comics and made with the laughs. I'm in agreement with Mat that Terry Crews should play Luke Cage. He's clearly not above being type-casted but that doesn't make his performances any less memorable. He might be too old for the role. Keep up the great work.

Posted by nappystr8

I really appreciate that you guys went out of your way to make sure we weren't all left without a podcast this week. Thank you!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

The robes are awesome, lol.