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IT'S PODCAST TIME!!! Listening on the computer because iTunes is still wacky

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Finally.. I mean...Yes!

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Yeah new podcast!!

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It's not playing :(

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And no download. What trickery is this?!

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It's up now. Refresh.

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um. ya, its not working... please explain.

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Awesome, glad to see you guys back after your weekend of fun in Chicago.

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And it begins

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Is anyone else confused how they went from Avengers Mansion(#24) to Tower in the beginning of A vs X???

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Working on my art and listening. Great.

I imagine all the voices from the 90s X-men cartoon when I read X-men. Cyclops, Wolverine, Jean, Storm, Rogue, Beast, etc. Those are the voices I imagine in my head. Also I imagine Cyclops's voice when I read Hal Jordan too, because back when Pacheco drew him he looked like a Cyclops type, the voice just fit. But the 90s X-men voices were great, even though Jean did a lot of crying out and so did Xavier. Also, I imagine the 90s cartoon Spider-Man voice for Spider-Man comics.

This was my first comic: Marvel Comics Presents #57: Wolverine, the Hulk, Werewolf by Night, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and Black Cat. published in 1990 I think. I was 8.

Michael Higgins (Author), Len Kaminski (Author), Robert Denatale (Author), Dwight Zimmerman (Author), Dave Ross (Illustrator), Jim Fry (Illustrator), Mike Collins (Illustrator), Mike Harris (Illustrator)

I originally got it because it had so many characters, mostly for the Hulk v. Wolverine and Namor. I thought Namor was very cool, and I thought the fight of the Hulk and Wovlerine was the a big deal. But then I didn't know why the Hulk was gray or why Wolverine was on an autopsy table and then killed the doctor who was going to do the autopsy. So I assumed they were evil clones or something. I ended up giving up comics for a while, in the 90s, because I thought I was supposed to. But it was Earth X by Alex Ross that got me back into comics after seeing a preview art section in Wizard Magazine. In fact I think Alex Ross's sketches from Earth X got me into buying Wizard magazine too. From there I started noticing the artist's names and the writers and such. I would buy that Marvel Comics Presents if I could find it. Wonder if I'd still like it.

Monkey Boy on Comic Vine

I am making my own comic, its on sale at Indyplanet.com for $3.00 and its called Monkey Boy.


Its about a lab monkey who is experimented on and turned into a superhero. And its really good.

Are there questions that you are sent that you just don't answer? I have sent some but they didn't get read, if you leave some questions out that if fine by me, I don't mind, but I am just trying to find out am I posting it wrong on twitter? Have you gotten them? Or am I not using Twitter right?

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AvX #2 was mediocre. The art wasn’t good at certain times. The writing wasn’t that good either. The Claremont esque narration was weird. In addition, I didn’t like how they’re writing Scott. I’m pretty sure they’re making him like Iron-Man in Civil War.

Slott’s SM run has been hit or miss with me. The Ends of the Earth has been fun so far, but I agree with the criticism. One thing I don’t like about this arc, or the entire run in general, is how tech oriented it is. Many times the use of the tech comes off as a cheap Deus ex Machina. Heck, in the beginning of the arc he invented “thermoreactive form” that was able to take out a villain in one hit.

I really don’t see how Scott not wanting a foreign government kidnapping his 16-year-old granddaughter makes him and the Utopia mutants into religious fanatics. That just seems like the “architects” trying to make Cyclops’ X-Men look bad because they love the Avengers. I shouldn’t have been surprised Jason Aaron would write that seeing as he has a man crush on Wolverine.

Gillen did a good job writing from the X-Men’s perspective in the preview of UXM #11 (images below). He should be one of the writers of the main story instead of the “architects”. He’s making me into a Namor fan and I hated Namor.

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^^ That is utter crap

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@spiderbat87 said:

^^ That is utter crap


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Batman Incorporated and Action Comics by Grant Morrison would be a cool idea. New 52 crossover.

Tim is suppose to be in Batman the Dark Knight during this Owl Business and I think he may be somewhere else.


An issue of The Unwritten was a choose your own adventure style comic.

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@spiderbat87: @NightFang:Care to explain?

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@JoseDRiveraTCR7: I personally think this whole Avengers vs. X-Men is just another unnecessary heroes vs.heroes event.

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It's not that I don't like the Night of the Owls logo. It just doesn't seem as if it really needs billing over the BATMAN logo.

Where do people get the idea that Scott Snyder doesn't like Batman just because he's putting him through hell? Don't people want the hero to be put into interesting situations? It's always a lot more interesting to see a hero face a villain that they have to overcome in place of just running rough shot over everyone in their path. Some of my favorite ONE PIECE stories involve Luffy getting the hell beat out of him, but pushing on to save this friends.

Tony, I'm a person who almost universally prefers original Japanese voice work for my anime, but there really is no true way to watch anime. It's up to the viewer. Well, providing the English dub hasn't changed the story. I watched the dub of HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD (because I was reviewing the Blu-ray for Anime Vice), and that changed the meaning of entire scenes and character personalities. That was just horrible. FUNimation though does really good dub work most of the time. I would like to give the X-MEN anime a chance, but they aren't airing it anywhere I can watch it. I have no reason to buy that DVD.

I was listening to the Tested podcast the other day. Will was talking about how he wanted to rent CAPTAIN AMERICA and THOR on some digital services but they were only available to buy. It seems crazy you wouldn't make those available to rent before AVENGERS is released.

Why don't comics number the trades and put the title on the cover?

Hope you feel better soon, Sara. I'd be sad if you couldn't join the next week's podcast if James Robinson can make it. Get plenty of rest this weekend.

They didn't get to my question. Oh well, maybe next week. I have a special one for James. Hope he an make it.

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You missed out not reading New Mutants, it was excellent

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how can i send g man a question

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Holy crap, was that a Teen Girl Squad reference?

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@JoseDRiveraTCR7 said:

@spiderbat87: @NightFang:Care to explain?

Gillen's attempt to write Namor is a complete joke
Posted by Mercy_

Gillen is making Namor interesting, complex, relevant and dare I say it, appealing for the first time in pretty much forever.

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@spiderbat87:How can you hate on "I admire Scott Summers. i would have his woman, of course. But that's a compliment, in it's own way."

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@Mercy_: @JoseDRiveraTCR7: Gillen has turned some one that is meant to be badass and respected in to a complete tool and Cyclops lapdog even Fraction does a better job on Defenders

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Aww man, they didnt get to my question. Oh well, theres always next week!

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Ariel Olivetti is drawing "The War that Time Forgot" for GI Combat. Olivier Coipel will be drawing Act 2 of Avengers vs X-Men starting with issue 6.

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Behold,the power of podcast. Long have I awaited this frightful day, and now I approach it with a sense of impending doom.

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You can download the podcast with Microsoft's Zune if you don't use iTunes, it also lets you put it on Android, MP3 players, or Windows devices.

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Enjoyed as ever, but Corey, why would the Mandarin be called anything but the Mandarin in China? Unless his race and MO were changed, he wouldn't suddenly be The Englishman or The Gael (an old DD villain, and a cack one at that), he'd be whatever 'Mandarin' is in, er Mandarin?