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You guys are early this week.... Not a bad thing...

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Yeah new Podcast!

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Listening Last week's now.

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Eric Larsen is writing the book, with the plot continuing outlines and threads left by Moore during his tenure.

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To comment on the early section of this podcast... I totally agree with the frustrations on comic ratings. It is really frustrating when people respond purely to the star ratings without reading the rationale behind it... your points on context and relativity are also really important... I for one love having your ratings... even when I disagree with them (and will on occasion voice such disagreement). I think you do a perfect number of 4 and 5 star books... in part because it indicates you LIKE what you're reading. And why shouldn't you? I might not have given Avengers Vs. X-Men a 5 star... but I love that Tony and Sara would, particularly because they were excited to share their enthusiasm for it... so thumbs up to that.

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I think Action Comics is trying to set the costume and Kryptionian technology is set to memory and adapts the uniform matches one of Jor-El's outfits from pre-Crisis era. I think it was enjoyable issue but the last pages of different art did bother me. I still think it will be like the Batman run and be one long storyline rather than different stories. President Superman also sounds like a lead up to Multiversity which is Morrison's alternate reality stories.

Fatale has been a reliable series so far the best scene was Henry coming out of Jail and thinking about Jo even after everything that happened.

The scene with the Dogs in Animal Man is one of the most interesting scenes especially what follows afterwards. Only not sure about the crossover with Swamp Things.

I think Alan Moore's scripts are being recovered for Supreme later Erik Larson is suppose to do his own run.

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Tony only gets an hour to be the man?? The podcast was really good, and I'm not saying that just because yo answered my question in it.

Reviews work in a way that you either agree or disagree with the reviewer. It tells you the taste of the person and you see if it matches your own. The same with movie reviews. Just because I agree or disagree with someone's review doesn't make either of us right or wrong.

Marvel has wasted all my good will with their repeated events. I've had enough. Poeple like to complain about events but they still buy them. I'm waiting for reviews to come out after it's over. If this comes out alright, I'll get the trade.

I enjoy reading comics on my Kindle Fire because I love the Gold Digger comics but finding back issues is really hard for a smaller publisher. Comixology has the first 45 issues and growing at the price of 0.99. The actual comic is in the hundreds of issues. I wish Comiixology would update faster on this series.

I found The Muppet Movie disappointing, and I love a lot of the Muppet movies. The villain was just annoying, and the end was just odd.

There is a side quest to Batman Arkham City that hints at something big happening in the future. It's that Watcher side-mission. If you find him four times then solve his glyphs, he will mention something that talks about something big on the horizon. And that's all I'm going to say on that matter. Just be sure to throw a remote control bat-a-rang at him. You wont be disappointed.

I don't want to say ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN was bad. It just feels so childish at times that I don't feel that it's for me. I may give it another episode or so since they are working on a lot of exposition right now. If it doesn't grab me by then. It probably never will.

I thought the slightly motion trailer for SPIDER-MAN: BIG TIME was really effective. The animation was subtle and as a trailer it was interesting. You can find it on YouTube.

I would disagree with Corey's assertion that anime isn't as popular as it was, but not in some sort of venomous way. It's just not on TV as much as it was because - to be honest - people don't watch as much TV as they use to. Though, there has been a lot of talk recently about Toonami returning. There are now many legal anime streaming websites that people can go to and watch the latest anime series from either their computer or portable devices. You can even find a lot of anime series on HULU. FUNimation streams ONE PIECE a few hours after it airs in Japan with full subtitles, and this practice goes on with many other series and sites.. If you ever want a list of some new animes to check out. All you need is to ask, and I can probably direct you to some legal streaming sites that air them. I write about them over on Anime Vice all the time.

Even manga itself is more on the rise in the US. I'll go to bookstores and see that the sections for manga is far larger than the section for comics. Publishers, such as as VIZ Media, a couple years back made a large publishing push to hasten their series count to catch up with the series out of Japan. It used to be that most of their titles were years behind the curve, but now they are a few months behind issues out of Japan.

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So its true? I thought it was an April Fools joke that iZombie is ending.

The Spider-Man webbing the bad guy scene looks really funny, funnier already than the previous Spider-man.

The Previously page in Marvel comics is good because it helps new readers be able to jump into any comic, because any comic is potentially someone's first comic. And it helps when the reader maybe doesn't remember what happened last issue and doesn't want to dig out his last issue from under a pile of comics just to find out that yes Spider-man did confront Jameson or something. So its useful even if you are a dedicated reader who reads the comic each month, because you may not remember everything that happened last issue or two issues ago because life can get busy and you can read a lot of comics in between.

On Marvel's website back in 2001 or something they used to have a lot of trailers where they animated panels. They had the new (at the time) Elektra comic trailer, the Captain America trailer (after 911) and the Hulk trailer where he tried to shoot himself. I liked them so much it inspired me to animated one in my Flash/After Effects class using Ultimate Gambit... animated to the song "Wings of a Hero"... anyways. But with animation the simpler the designs the more fluid the animation will be. The more detail the harder it is to animate and the slower, jumpier, the animation is because the animator has to animate all those lines. Most comics are very detailed, so the animation is harder to do to make it a motion comic.

First time I met Mike Allred I told him I was working on my own comic and I wanted it to be as great as his, as fun. I think that without the actual comic it didn't mean much. But later I saw him at another Con and he recognized me and I showed him my comic and he talked to me about inking. And the first time I met Alan Davis I couldn't think of anything to say, I gave him a comic to sign and he did and I said thanks and left. So next time i see him I should have stuff to say... It was also great to meet you guys for again at the Wonder Con. You were so busy I didn't want to pester you too much, but I wanted to say hi.

I haven't read much X-Men in years, so the way it seemed to me was that Cable came back told Cyclops that the Avengers would kill Hope. Then the Pheonix is coming and the Avengers are worried about it and and go to Cyclops to ask about it. Cyclops is already agitated as shown by pushing Hope and Magneto going "Wow, he is being like me." And then Cap asks about the Phoenix and for the X-men to work with them. Cyclops says no and blasts him. But again I haven't been reading any X-Men books in a while. but when you mention it he did come to their island and say Hope must come with him.

The thing is Cap wants to destroy the Phoenix so it wont have a chance to destroy anyone on Earth or anywhere else, while Cyclops, sort of irrationally, thinks he can manipulate it to return the mutant population to what it was and save everyone. Sort of reminded me of Green Lantern when he went around killing Green Lanterns and taking their rings so he could resurrect everyone who was killed in his city.

Namor is cool because he isn't a good guy, a bad guy, or even an anti hero. He helped Captain America during WWII fight Nazis, but then he teamed up with Dr. Doom against the Fantastic Four. He was on the Avengers, but then he tried to take over New York. I think he even teamed up with Hulk and Magneto at different times right? The excuse Stan Lee created for him was that he is from a culture completely separated from our surface world. His morals and rules and everything is different than ours so you can't judge him as good or evil by our surface world standards... according to Stan Lee's version. Plus he can stand up to Hulk and Captain America but is rude and feels entitled because he is the King.

I think maybe if the writer can do it in a way where he is not just having Batman or whoever say his political views but sneak it into the story in a subtle way, like when Cap went against the Government and was then assassinated. If the writer can hint at a political view then thats ok, as long as its not having the actual character state the political view.

I am looking forward to World Finest because of Kevin maguires art.

Do you guys ever have extra questions left over that you just save to answer later or do you just not have anymore?

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@spider-man 2996 said:

Yeah new Podcast!
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Hello Sara, Tony and Corey, I don't see why people argue with your right to give a book however many stars. Anyone who disagrees can just write their own review. Not necessarily a rejoinder, rather, a discrete piece outlining their own opinions and, if liked, stars. And if they don't fancy putting finger to keyboard, simply shrug - it's a review, not The Law. I didn't like the Marvel AR at all - it didn't add to the book, it distracted, with those intrusive AR flashes on the art throwing me out of the story. And then the 'extras' don't add to the narrative, they're simply sub-Wizard style 'DVD extras' but with wobbliness and fuzziness. As for whether Marvel has big plans, I hear that there isn't any extra digital budget to develop the idea, it's the existing Marvel Digital department having to sort things out.

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I'm so glad Sara thinks that PG's new costume is garbage.

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How do we send our questions into the next podcast?

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@Robrat93 There's a link to email at the top (just put "podcast" in the subject). Or you can pm them. Mostly they come in through Twitter on Friday mornings.
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Ugh the podcasts that start with the chastising of the audience. how about you score out of 10.0 so then you can give it either a "Civil War" 9.2 or a "Snyder Batman" 8.8? Or better yet, do away with the entire ratings system and let your words do the talkin'. You set the 1-5 rating and then you said this tale gets a 5/5 stars. It gets all the stars available. Then you say this other yarn also gets all 5 of all the stars in Marvel 616. That is by definition the same approval of a work. But the bigger story here is that readers are frustrated with Marvel's continuos events that lead nowhere. The worst aspect of this crass marketing is that the event is not grown organically in the titles over time. This is the worst aspect of the DC 52. The act is tired and we want the companies to hear us and make a change.

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Cheers G-Man :)

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http://movies.netflix.com/Movie/The_Spectacular_Spider-Man/70204944?trkid=2361637 here is the direct link to Netflix rental of the DVDs for Spectacular Spider-Man Volumes 1-8 are available if that's not every episode check out the helpful indy site http://www.VIDEOETA.com as soon as a date for something is named they'll tell ya via their newsletter or you can add wish lists for unreleased stuff on there...(for example: i love the movie Back to the Future and the whole trilogy, so i wanted them to email the second a Blu-Ray of the trilogy was available, and i believe Amazon.com does something similar btw heres the amazon.com link.....




this has been CurtMan or CurtMan2k20 on PS3/XBOXLIVE/WINDOWSLIVE! and of course right here on Whiskey Media...er CBSi Giantbomb/ComicVine inc....or whatever you want the parent company of sites to be called....

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Marvel needs to make an Old Man Logan animated movie.

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It's not that the DC Universe Animated Original Movie Wonder Woman didn't sell well. It eventually outsold Justice League: The New Frontier in terms of sales. So that statement about Wonder Woman didn't do well was not true. The whole premise behind Bruce Timm overseeing the series was so that the team could make animated movies based on lesser-known characters. It wasn't until the Warner Brothers execs put out a "cease-and-desist" on B-list characters and female heroines. This is the reason they changed the title to Superman/Batman: Supergirl to Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. Wonder Woman was debatably one of their best movies they put out, yet the WB execs don't care, even though the first JL movie was one of the lowest, and yet they keep putting those out. On the same principle we can blame them jumping the gun and releasing a DC Showcase DVD (Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam) when they had only made 3 or 4 shorts, for the cancellation of DC Showcase short animated films after the Catwoman one on the Batman: Year One DVD. The DVDs have already cut way back on special features (what happened to the commentaries/multiple character featurettes? Yeah..exactly) and now that's just one more reason not to buy the Two-Disc DVDs or perhaps even the DVDs in general. Not much bang for the buck anymore. My opinion is how many Bats, Supes and JL can they make before fans lose interest for never switching it up. Maybe if they finally decide to make The Long Halloween or Hush it might get interesting, but I can see the series waning now.

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Black Bolt need his own comic series.

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@Corey, regarding the membership of the JLI, Rocket Red isn't 'some Soviet hero from the Sixties'. Perhaps you're getting him confused with Sixties Teen Titan Starfire, the chap who was renamed Red Star? @ArtisticNeedham, do you happen to know if that (John Byrne?) business about Namor's changeable nature being due to his body chemistry reacting to the surface world holds?

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Wasn't Rocket Red part of Russia's armored soldiers in the 80s? Introduced in JLI? What was interesting about him, that I don't know if they kept, was that he was sort of a working class hero. He was a husband and father working as a soldier who just happened to put on company issued armor. He wasn't like a Batman or Superman or Spider-man, he was a regular guy doing his job. He was a good natured guy who enjoyed the friendships of the JLI too.

@dangermart: actually I hadn't read that run so I didn't know about it till just now. Sounds like an interesting idea. I just thought it was because he was raised under water by a completely separate culture and as a prince his whole life. So not only would he feel entitled but he would also live by Atlantian morals and ideals and not surface world America's. What run of Byrne's is that?

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@ArtisticNeedham, spot on, Dmitri had a wife and kids, I doubt they've appeared since he was killed in an OMAC storyline, paving the way for Gavril.

Pozhar from John Ostrander’s Firestorm run had family? Must be a Russian thing ...

I didn’t quite get the Namor business right, my apologies, but I was almost there. It’s from John Byrne’s early Nineties run, there’s some good info here, most relevantly, in the third par: http://superheroesetc.blogspot.co.uk/2011/02/review-namor-visionaries-john-byrne-vol.html

(And thank you so much for the reply, I fear that I tend to kill threads dead.)