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I believe you've uploaded it as a m4a file instead of a mp3 file, hopefully it'll play ok regardless.

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@FLStyle I'll have to fix when I get home. Let me know how this goes.
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Can't wait to listen to this, I always clean my house while listening to it... and it's been a while since the last podcast so as you can imagine things have gotten pretty bad :/

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I am unable to play the RSS version. Can't wait till its fixed. Gonna work on my art while I listen.

I think I accidentally downloaded something to play this without meaning to.

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@ArtisticNeedham Should be about 30-40 mins. I made a new version on the ferry (no, I didn't reenact it all). I'll re-drop as soon as I get home and let you all know.
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@G-Man: You should have re enacted it! That'd be way better!!

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Wow, the audio quality is much increased. Looks like the big podcast room made a big difference.

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@G-Man: No problem, the thing I accidentally downloaded is working. I'm listening to it right now. Thanks though.

About the Podcast:

1st off, congratulations on the CBS deal.

Its funny to me when you can see the artist's influences in their art. Like you are looking at their art and can tell they are a fan of Jim Lee, or Liefield, or McFarlane, or Ross, or whoever. I think thats great. Sounds like that artist on the Outlaws, was it, was a fan or influenced by Land, maybe. I also love when you see the artist and they look like the characters they draw. I will sometimes look at a comic of the FF by this particular guy and notice how much his faces look like him. I think I do that too sometimes, and I think its because you are so use to your own face and maybe just out of your subconscious it happens or something, from time to time. Its fun.

I got X-Sanction for the McGuinness art, which I loved. But didn't Wolverine and Spider-Man show up at the end of last issue wearing black suits and in the start of issue 4 weren't they in their regular suits? Why did that happen? There was one part I am interested to see where it goes, with Cable and his legacy virus... Overall I think it just seemed like they didn't have as much time to tell all the stuff they wanted to so they cut it down to fit into 4 issues.

I didn't read Super Crooks so I don't know what happened in it, but I remember the JLI went to Paris and (maybe it was JLE) the bad guys just happened to be there because America had too many superheroes. They thought going to Paris would mean less superheroes and be easier to rob banks and commit theft there. But The heroes were there and they get into a fight in French Class. Not sure if that is at all similar to Super Crooks.

What was the name of that Supergirl Villain? Wes Mantooth? I actually am asking.

Hey, you mentioned me. Thanks. It was fun seeing you guys at Wonder Con, and since it was so small I ran into you guys again at Artist Alley while you were filming your Artist Challenge. If I had my camera I would have taken a picture. Thanks for the Comicvine sticker (I stuck it on the back of my drawing board) and Comicvine pin.

I was the BIGGEST Ninja Turtles fan. I loved the first movie, liked the second. Watched the cartoon every day. Bought all the toys... until I started to realize that most of the toy characters wouldn't end up in the cartoon and the were just making generic ones like a Cobra Man and stuff. But I loved them. Its a big part of my childhood.

And I agree with Sara, the new generation wont know that this isn't how they are meant to be. That is also sort of why it bugs me when Marvel or DC does all that marketing with their movies basing it off the characters in the movies. Spider-Man all over t-shirts and toys, Dr. Doom everywhere, looking like the movie version and that is the version everyone seems to know. It almost feels wrong to do to the artist who designed that character. But I sound more upset about it than I am because its written down ... it bugs but not that much. I am hoping this Turtles thing turns out to be a rumor, or maybe Bay was referring to how the Green Oozy mutagen stuff came to Earth. In the comics alien brains, look like Krang ("no one knows who Krang is, stop referring to Krang." 30 Rock. Ha) brought it to Earth and were living in secret on Earth. The truck that spilled the ooze was their truck. So maybe he means their origin will be alien because of that...

Thanks for answering my questions. I heard you mention in another podcast that maybe Ted isn't dead, and I thought hey what if they reintroduce him like how Young Justice just introduced Beast Boy (who was Beast Boy before there was Miss Martian, but in the show is now a kid while Miss Martian is a full hero). Just a thought. And thanks for answering about the Pretending it didn't happen thing. I never read it, so for all I know its good, but the idea of Gwen cheating on Peter with Norman Osborn is something I pretend didn't happen.

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Okay, I've replaced the m4a with a mp3. All should be well. And I apologize for the lack of the lovely intro music everyone loves. It was on my old hard drive I left at home. Hope you guys enjoy this one. We should be completely back on track next week.

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@G-Man: Thank you sir. And lack of intro music will be fine after everything you and Sara have been doing in the past few weeks.

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It really seems that if anyone else was writing Batman or had a different artist then everyone would be saying it is a contrived story. Really glad I can read Batman and Robin. Wonder Woman sounds polarizing very upsetting but maybe it should have been expected based on Azzarello's last superhero works. Maybe in a mainstream marketing sense it is fine all the heroes are in Justice League as James Robinson said before his run was heavily affected by DC's continuity. It probably does not help having that book with an inconsistent roster and stories never fully finishing. Just needs good writing.

The Bay-TMNT development sounds horrible.

Ms. Marvel as Captain Marvel sounds interesting reminded me of Miraclewoman at first. Does make sense that Marvel should have made her a higher profile character.

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Well. Batman does have serious trust and abandonment issues. Not surprising that he'd have control problems.

Given the historical background, I don't see a real problem with what's been done with the Amazons in the WONDER WOMAN series. I just feel he's taking a risk of not making the Amazons very sympathetic characters. Though, that may be his whole point. Using this to make Wonder Woman stand out from the crowd.

As I listened to this, I was sketching a redesign for Psylocke's outfit. It was something that was mentioned in a previous podcast.

Wow. My question got shut down. Sorry about that, Sara. I didn't intend that part to be interpreted creepy. I wasn't asking you to say anything too personal. I thought it could just be something you two could have fun with and joke about. I wasn't aware of your aversion to tattoo questions. I didn't wish to offend. I also agree that tattoos should be something personal and not done on impulse.


That was surprising how jarring it was to not hear the regular music at the start of the podcast. You get so used to hearing something. The whole thing still sounded really good. Was this recorded in the same room the GB guys used? During their podcast, They mentioned there were several podcast rooms with a variety of equipment in each.

The big separation has been working out for the sites that were taken in by CBSi. Not so much for the other sites that got left behind. These BB bosses are not great at communicating with the users. Anime Vice and Screened users still have no idea what is going to happen with their paid subscriptions. We've been left completely in the dark.

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Welcome back

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I have to disagree with Sara on 'the new generation not knowing if the Ninja Turtles are aliens or mutants' thing because of the 2003-2009 cartoon, it's direct to TV and DVD movie Turtles Forever and now Nickelodeon is gonna air a new show later this year and IDW's current comic series, it doesn't make any sense to change the turtles origin and overcomplicating things.

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I honestly don't know what Geoff is doing. He is trying to be a different kind of writer and it isn't working. I don't understand how he can write Hal Jordan in two different books, but have them be completely different people. It almost seems like the Justice League isn't even taking place in the same universe. I have lost a lot of respect for him because of the way he has been writing.

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@G-Man: so with the multiple podcast rooms and more resources is there anyway we could get a ginchy over-sized extravaganza edition podcast that covers the books from the two weeks we missed? lol, kinda kidding but not really!

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@G-Man: Sorry if this has been covered already, but is your new location going to affect James Robinson's ability to visit for podcasts? I know that your last location was fairly convenient for him, and so the new offices might be too much of a hassle. Is this it for frequent James Robinson podcast appearances? I really enjoyed his presence.

The same goes for Corey. Is that a by-gone era in the nuComicVine relaunch? (sorry, bad joke)

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@Hashbrowns: Hopefully both will be able to continue. Just a matter of working out the minor details.

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I really loved what BA did with Wonder Woman this week. This volume just keeps getting better.

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I usually agree with Sara and value her opinion, but the first Darkness is one of the most underrated games of all time. Probably one of my favorite games, the storyline is definitely the best constructed story in all video-games i've played. It took all the best bits from the comics and excluded all the bull. So yeah, when Sara said that the first one sucked i nearly yelled out loud lol.