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Love these long podcasts!! Just makes them hard to listen late on Friday. Trying to get bed at a reasonable hour.

Wow, marinating a whole bird is tricky. Bravo, Sara. I'm sure Elanor was delicious. I've had three deer in my backyard, and I live in the suburbs. They must have jumped a bunch of fences to get into my yard.

Wait a sec. The government makes a secret Justice League becasue they don't trust the regular Justice League? Yet they fill it with people they can't really trust. I'm still waiting for an explanation as to why Catwoman is on this team. I get an idea as to why they would want her, but why the hell would she want to help them?

I was interested in DAYS OF FUTURE PAST movie, but the ballooning cast is concerning me.

Sara has a surprisingly romantic suggestion for her use of the Infinity Gem. Though, that may just be reading romance into the scenario she described. I like the sentiment though.

I can understand why day one digital have similar pricing, but it's inexcusable older trades still have the same price as the print versions. I was looking for the digital trade of X-MEN SUPERNOVAS on Comixology. That came out years ago, and it still costs the same as the print version. So, I didn't buy either. The digital version after so many years should not have the same price.

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Don't let people spouting crap about you all getting paid to give positive scores get to you. They don't even know what they're talking about. As Jeff says in some of this question videos. If they think you are that easily swayed. Just let them go to some other site to get their reviews.

I'm with Corey. People who want to believe that will think that despite any and all evidence. They aren't worth bothering with. I have faith that all of you are above such payola schemes.

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Good episode, but what was all that noise towards the end - Tony eating sloppily? I can't believe it!

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I do not like Captain Marvel's artwork. At all. AT ALL.

Amazing book, though.

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@the_mast said:

I do not like Captain Marvel's artwork. At all. AT ALL.

Amazing book, though.

Yeah, I agree :(

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Tony can you please tell me why Batwing being changed makes sense? I just read your off my mind and I just don't get your argument. I am so sick of all the Bat characters being the same person and now we have yet another playboy billionaire Bat boy...ugh

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The all ages talk on Nova was a bit maddening as an old school fan of Nova and Annihilation. Really hoping the writing on these new books hold up to all the wonderful Annihilation stuff which is definitely far more adult than anything Sam's book is dishing out. I'm doing my best to be open minded to the Sam but I dislike Marvel forcing characters on me that I don't actually want. I understand they're trying to bring new audiences to cosmic Marvel. So why not give us a Richard Rider book too?