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SPOILER: How Age of Ultron ends:

Posted by shanagn5

you gotta be old school to get the bobby ewing joke lol

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@shanagn5 said:

you gotta be old school to get the bobby ewing joke lol

That or have the internet.

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@G-Man: So Ultron tells Black Widow he's making her, "all wet" after she wakes up from Age of Ultron? I get what you were referencing but, I like my analysis a tad more XD

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@Nightwing_Beyond: Peter Parker get's a Dallas reference wrong?

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@Trevel8182: After the shower scene, Bobby says he's getting Pam,"all wet", when she hugs him.

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Lies, sir! You gave STAR WARS #1 a 4/5 :P

Corey, completely agreed on ALIENS VS. PARKER. The first few pages were fun visually, but the jokes felt like terribly, terribly forced references.


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What if Wally West, Cassandra Cain and all of the other heroes in London get together and form the Justice League of England.

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The JGL: Jolly Good League

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Isn't age of ultron in an alternate universe?

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Hey (I still feel bad about what I said, since it was mentioned in the podcast. I'm still sorry for it) (P.S. - I was honestly just try to lighten up the mood when I wrote that joke, because we lost someone right around the same time.)

I honestly think it's not biased that you felt touched by the Batman books because you lost someone too. I also felt the same way you did reading those books because I have lost someone the week before yours. I lost a very good friend that died in her sleep at the age 17. No one really knows why she had passed and the only contributing factor was lupus. So, it's not bad to feel a certain way for a character that isn't real. It's what the writers want us to feel. It's a way to give writers a soft connection that all of us humans or living things deal with in everyday life. So, it really is not biased at all.

Posted by zachkastner

Geez, Sara is a bit harsh on Green Arrow. It has a plan now. DC has recognized their editorial stranglehold on the titles early on, they are letting the creators create more freely now.

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@G-Man said:

SPOILER: How Age of Ultron ends:

Haha, love this. LOL.

And, as far as my thoughts on the future of the Batman & Robin book, I think that they should just do what Marvel did with Captain America & Bucky after Bucky died (In Fear Itself, I think). They should make it into a team up title, and while that's pretty much what they're doing, they should expand it to beyond the Bat-family. They should have arcs like Batman & Flash, Batman & Wonder Woman, Batman & Captain Atom (?), or Batman & Deadman (especially Deadman, since he and Batman have a history of teaming up). So, yeah, that's just what I'd like to see.

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This is something I'd never thought I'd say, but I may have to take a break from Snyder's Batman for a while. The constant crossover event after crossover event, now followed by him grieving over Damian (in the most action packed way), is giving me a headache. You mentioned the lack of any downtime for Batman, & you're absolutely right. It's been turned up to 11 for 18 issues now without pause. I like chocolate cake, but not for every meal. A standalone one-and-done issue, with no Bat family, or place in a bigger arc or anything, would be like a breath of fresh air. At the moment it's just too claustrophobic...

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DC's richest: Superman mentioned in Superman/Batman that Bruce's wealth exceeds that of Luthors. That said, he has probably been lowered since according to the writer of the Green Team, those kids will have even more money than Bruce.

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Thanks, and I do so enjoy the long Comic Vine podcasts. It's just being 3 hours makes it hard to listen to late when I'm trying to get to bed earlier. I've had many a trial in my life dealing with people trying to pronounce my last name. People have added in vowels that aren't even there.y

Good to know Judd Winick is just giving his comics away in place of throwing them out. You should never throw away a book. Either sell it or donate. I used to give my mother hell when I'd see her throw away a paperback she no longer wanted.

When I read. I love eating salty pretzels with orange juice.

A young Bruce Wayne could be a cool series. I was thinking about YOUNG INDIANA JONES CHRONICLES.

It just breaks my heart that Adam Hughes doesn't do commissions anymore all becasue people have abused his talent.

Oh lord, I hadn't considered that TMNT is an equivalent to SEX IN THE CITY. I've never watched the SEX IN THE CITY, but I know the general idea of the cast. I actually am a little blown away by that.

Uncle Phil was the voice of Shredder????!!!!! =O

I do tune in to listen to talk about comics. I just also like hearing answers to the questions.

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Corny or not, I loved the KGBeast!

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Ultron would look pretty slick on the big screen. Fingers crossed he's the villain in the next Avengers flick. .

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My last name is pronounced "base". Like the ball, or the guitar (yes, I realize that "bass" is spelled differently). It's spelled super weird. I asked my dad once and I guess it used to be spelled "Baize" or something and when my grandparents came to the States they "Americanised" it with the new spelling of "Baese" I did some Googling once and I guess Baese is a German occupational name for "fine collector" which amuses me because of the whole comic book collection thing, but as far as I can tell, "Baize" was never an alternate spelling for it, and my grandparents were Scandinavian anyway, I think.

Where was I going with this... oh, right. My name is pronounced "base".

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The wiki page for Wayne Enterprises has a good history and overview of how the fortune was established, despite his father being a surgeon. It dates back to the 17th century.

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Great cast every week. I usually have more to say but my wits have been completely frazzled by the work week. Just keep doing what you're doing.