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hey always a great laugh guys
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Thanks for getting it up guys! I really appreciate it!

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finaly    the podcast 
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Missed you all on Friday! Hope to see you here in Chicago in C2E2!!!! Thanks for keeping this Monday lively!!!!

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@Crono11 said:
" Thanks for getting it up guys! I really appreciate it! "
Gotta agree with you
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better late than never

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Given with everything that was going on Friday, I think it's respectful that the podcast was held off.
I have serious issues with Quesada as a writer and an editor-in-chief, but I have never said one ill word against Quesada as an artist. My boycott against Spider-man comics is because of Quesada, but it's not about hating everything about him. I just this as a writer and editor he butchered a story and for no good reason other than wanting him not to be married. I will not support any Spider-man comic with his name attached to it and has editorial control over it.
Ouch, that sounds like some stinging criticism of the Death of Oracle story. This sounds like one of my critiques of U.S. comics is that writers and artists don't get enough time to really flesh out a story, and publishers toss around the "Death of...." far too often.
I remember Sara was not too found of all those Mass Effect ads in comics. Comics based on video games should be more based upon and expand the story. Though I never read them, because they always feel more like something to just get more money from fans since they never really effect anything in the actual game.
Didn't Lou Ferrigno already do the voice of the Hulk in the last movie? He's listed in the cast of the movie as Hulk and Security Guard.
The comic movies start to fall apart when they start trying to stuff too many characters into the films. That's what happened to the Batman movies.
About Walking Dead, even if that guy knew Rick's wife is pregnant. why would he whisper it to him? He just met them, how would he know that Rick wasn't the father? There is no reason to whisper information such as that to him. While I like Teri Hatcher (she got me to watch Lois and Clark), but the series seem vapid.
Actually, a lot of animes are often closer to 12 episodes. The 26 episode series are normally for larger productions or from producers who are already established (Ghost in the Shell, Code Geass). The 12 episode series are normally already based on light-novels or mangas.  If things go well, second seasons are not unheard of. Animes based upon highly successful animes are closer to an average of 50 episodes or far more (Fullemtal Alchemist, One Piece, Naruto, and BLEACH).
Oh Tony, you have no idea how happy I am to hear you are a parent who actually considers the rating system into consideration for your child. When I was working at a theater, I can't tell you the number of parents who tried getting their young kids into R-Rated movies alone. One mother bought tickets for her teen daughters for Summer of Sam (based upon the 1977 serial killer). The movie had a graphic orgy scene. She didn't realize what the movie was about. She just bought the tickets at the counter and never looked at the rating. 
They just seem to make new i-devices because they know that people will buy them like sheep. I loved that Futerama parody they did with the eye-Phone. The eye-Phone was a plot to get people to buy the eye-Phone 2.
Good podcast and have a safe trip, guys. Sara, try not to be lonely without them.

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Didn't they reveal that the alien symbiot connects itself to  kidneys or something, and in Eddie they sucked him dry?  And thats why they left him, because they couldn't live off him anymore?
I agree with Babs, the Simpsons are still good.  beats many things on TV right now.  And to me, its a comfort to know that they are still there.  I have been watching my Simpsons DVDs lately while I work on my art.
The show is like SNL, an institution that I hope doesn't go away anytime soon.
Maybe what GIJoe means is that they wont have the actors who played those characters, but will have them played by other actors.  
Back to the Simpsons.
One of my prized possessions is a portrait of myself drawn by Phil Ortiz (who worked on the show) in The Simpsons' style.
 Notice I am wearing a Monkey Boy  shirt. 

 I also have a portrait of myself by Tim Sale 
by the way, why don't you guys post as many videos as you used to?  It seemed like there would be a new video practically every day.  Just curious.
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I do not see the problem with the group being called Batman Incorporated or Batmen of All Nations since Gaucho, Man of Bats, Raven Red are all showing up in the same series. And Batgirl is teaming with Squire in a future issue.  
Agree Batman and Robin with Tomasi is a very interesting book with a great villain it's a shame it may end quick with Winnick taking over the series but at least he will write another Jason Todd arc.
Lou Ferrigno did voice Hulk in the Norton movie and will provide voice for him in Avengers which should be Hulk starts to speak. 
That writer who was attached to the Sandman series was not really a bad fit on Supernatural the seasons he directed were very connected in a mythic way ending in God The Devil and near Armageddon it was the network that was the warning sign so that is why it is a relief the writer was not bad. 

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Tinker Bell has a star: Tinker Bell Gets a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame 
I haven't read any comic books this week! :( So I heard a lot of spoilers, but that won't stop me from buying them either way!
A pixar movie of Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers would be EPIC!

Have fun at C2E2 Tony! While the con is going on in Chicago I am going to be at the second annual Comic Book Convention here in Tijuana! ( ComCom
So... I guess it's official: Con season has begun!

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Love these
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@darkrider said:

" finally the podcast  "

             Good things come to those who wait. 
And Tony sounds very deferent when he's sick, almost like Seth Rogen.
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I just saw that Batgirl will be going to London in issue #22. 

When Stephanie Brown arrives in London for a top-secret Batman Incorporated assignment, jet lag, lost luggage and those terribly difficult accents are the least of Batgirl’s problems – the actual Greenwich Mean has been stolen, and as all of London literally grinds to a halt, it’s up to Batgirl and Squire to save the United Kingdom! Tally-ho!    

Guess that answers that question.
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Ah, just saw this as well. 

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Just wanted to say, I LOVE the Speed Racer movie, and always feel like I'm the only one. So thanks for saying something, Tony.

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Also, where can I find that Punisher War Zone video you mentioned?

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You like Ryan Seacrest? *gasp* I dunno, he kind of seems a bit creepy with what he did with Kathy Griffin. I would have thought you thought he was a jerk lol
Thank you guys for still deciding to do a Podcast this week, you guys didn't really have to, so chur! Oh wait, Huntress and Catwoman date? Is Hal going to be there *eyes roll out of head*  
I agree with G-Man on Howard Chaykin, but also the switching. Surprised you guys are so ho-hum about Age of X. Us X-Men posters in that forum are like so totally raving about it. I think its a book you have to sort of read with care and undivided attention, lol Agree one hundred percent about Fables.  
Thank you again guys and CV people associated with putting the podcast together!! Good luck with Comic Con
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Nice cast! Get better!

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Hey all, 
Was wondering when's the next podcast?

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@TheHood: I'm pretty sure Rorie and Ryan like it too. I haven't seen it myself, but I'll withhold judgement until then.