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I <3 CV Podcast day! :)

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early pod cast, cool

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YA! Another Podcast, downloading and getting ready to leave for work, Ima gonna enjoy this one at work when I can listen to my Ipod.

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Good good, needed something to listen to while I close out the work day.

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I hope this isn't about Boots and more about comics. Even tho I have a fetish -_-

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Podcast Time!!

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Burned a hard boiled egg?? Burned something submerged in water? Wow! I like to chop up hard boiled eggs and put them in salads or pasta.

The remote control batarang in Arkham City does take some getting used to. It feels so damn bad the first few times I used it, but once you remember that it has breaks. It gets easier to manage. I eventually got used to it. Also, here's a tip for dealing with those neon question marks of the Riddler. You don't need to hit the button part at the bottom. Hitting any part of the light works to trigger it.

I just checked out White Rabbit on Comic Vine. Damn, that's certainly an outfit. When I draw Psylocke, I never put her in high heels. It never makes sense. I would actually like to see Psylocke in hakama style pants.

The topic took a weird turn, but Sara has a point about the topless cosplayers. There are kids at comic conventions. I'm all for people dressing as the characters thye love, but you should be respectful about others to a degree. You go to topless beaches with a level of expectations. Sure porn stars and strippers dress in that way, but that's for porn conventions/events. I have a friend who works in porn, and she really doesn't dress the way for work as she does in her every day life.

I don't think Sara's similar to Felicia. In Batman's case, who is in the mask is the real man. Bruce Wayne is more the facade.

Barbra Gordon as Batgirl was for a long time just another member of the Bat Family living in Bruce's shadow. As Oracle, she emerged from that shadow to become a power broker of her own. The reboot has pulled her so far back, but Bruce kept all his history, to some extent. Casandra was a much more interesting Batgirl. I have no idea what DC has against her.

I don't hate you, Sara. You're a great writer, and I love reading your editorials. Whether I agree or not. I'm sorry to hear you had food poisoning. Hope you feel better soon.

Huh, I submitted a question last week. I guess it got lost.

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Love Young Justice line up is weird but maybe it helps it. Only have a problem with young Zatanna really makes no sense why they did that with her. Looking forward to seeing it again scheduling has been bad for it though.

iFanboy is a good podcast it's newer but The Silence! podcast on Mindless Ones is interesting.

Grant Morrison killed off Martian Manhunter in Final Crisis with the line pray for a resurrection. Geoff Johns brought him back in Blackest Night and wrote him in Brightest Day.

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Love the podcast!

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love the podcast

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Amo el podcast

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Little late for this one but did you guys enjoy Teen Titans:Games?

oh and FYI Tony, the Robin in YJ cartoon is Dick Grayson so plz stop tagging Tim Drake lol

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Good Lord, Sara and Tony, you both have qualms about egg yolks? What's a little bit of cholesterol? It's the best bit. Boiled eggs and soldiers, mmmm. I love a hard-boiled egg, but not warm, that's just wrong!

Anyway, great episode, Sara was especially pixie-ish. I was waiting for the Superman #6 review, mind, hoping to hear 'Nee-cola' has become 'Nicola'! But darn, no mention of the fab art.

Hey ho, have a top weekend, all.

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the guy with the Hammer is only referred to by his last name which is Abramovici

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Listened to it at work, kind agree about the yolk being nasty.

Very excited to hear young justice is coming back! Sara calm it down on the hating cosplay (just messing) Ive always thought it weird where the lines blur for people who dress up, Seriously they need to keep it G with all the kids who go to these events. But maybe that's also something parents should expect when they take their kids. Im not sure, I've never been to con : /

Thanks for making the 1/5 of my horrible job go by quick!

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Love the long Podcasts!!

Yeah , The PS3 just downloads THAT slow. I have both as well, and the ps3 takes way longer to download, and then on top of that after it downloads it INSTALLS (something xbox does all at once). IDK what their deal is. When the PS3 and xbox launched, it was pretty obvious who cared more about your online experience...

And , everybody doesn't hate you. You have some unpopular opinions, and the internet doesnt always handle those well. Also, your a semi conservative female. Internet doesn't like that either. Your good. People just want your attention. ps Why not X-23 as a cosplay? about your same build and usually somewhat modestly clothed. or Hollow if your looking for something more unique?

about Martian Manhunter, i feel like he always gets short sticked because he has the potential to kill superman, and in general be like a second Superman. That's not something DC seems to like to keep at the forefront of anyone's minds. As a result, he is almost always taken out immediate by fire or a cheap shot, or is tasked with the apparently ultra-taxing job of mentally coordinating the team. The new 52 seems to have gone to the other extreme, making him (at least so far) one of the greatest forces we've seen. And then there's the whole confusion about weather he should be considered black or white... he just hasn't had any consistent positive showings in the better know stories (JLA books, the Cartoon, and Smallville) for anyone to really write him in a way that everyone can agree with. That being said, Pretty much anything hes in without DC's holy trinity in it treats him like a power house and a leader. So JL Detroit/ International. Also, i really liked the Final Crisis tie in issue that showed his Extended Death. He would have dominated that team of villains if not for Libra...

Other Podcasts: I sometimes dabble in Fresh Ink. And IFanboy has always been great and fun (though they are currently on a rather long hiatus).

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I listen to geekbombast and LEOG.

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For me it's Raging Bullets, iFanboy, House to Astonish, Quiet Panelologists at Work, Word Balloon, Comic Book Showdown, Awesomed by Comics and Quiet, Panlelologists at Work. Thank goodness they're not all weekly! Oh, and away from comics, I love Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's movie podcast from BBC Radio Five Live.

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Keep hating, Sara. The industry that creates the costumes you guys talked about on this podcast clearly needs some internal criticism.

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Whats the deal with Ghostrider and X23? First they are cancelled in Feb, then i see adverts in the current Venom Circle of Four about new issues, are Marvel having an early April fools at our expense?

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I have wanted to dress up to go to the Cons, but one of the reasons I do not is because I do not want the attention... unless I could wear a costume that covers my face for the pictures. I don't mind people marveling at my skills at making a costume, but I really want the attention. Another reason is because the Cons are like job fairs for me, so I can't dress up as Blue Beetle and go to a job interview, or run into a possible employer. Although I could totally pull of Spider-Man or Blue Beetle.

Figure Drawing Class is another place you'd expect naked people.

I have thought about this before, when I see someone dressed up like a Spartan at Con I wonder, don't they feel uncomfortable? That much exposed skin in a public place where most people aren't exposed that much. Its different when you are surround by others, like if you are at a pool and everyone is wearing swim wear, but...

And there are kids, thats the big reason. I heard the Super Size me guy, name?, say he was able to take his son to his first Comic Con. So he showed his son the book he made about the Comic Con. His son saw the Cosplayers and go so excited and said, "DAD, I could be Batman!" His dad said sure. Then the son said, "Wait, YOU could be Batman. I could be Batboy!" So they dressed up. I imagine his son is very young. It would be not right for his son to suddenly see half dressed people all over.

I was thinking about the New 52 Timeline the other day and I realized that their time is different than ours. They do so much more. Spider-Man has been about 25 forever 10 years, Batman has been in his 30s for the last 70 right? So it would be impossible to say this happened 5 years, or even 10 years ago, probably, because so much stuff had happened since. Maybe its possible to say all this stuff still happened but just cram it all into 5 years.

Sara, did you actually not like Captain America, why? Or was that just a joke because you loved it?

I would go with Spider-man as the poster boy for Comics because he is a typical superhero, has powers, got his powers through an accident, has a bright colorful spandex costume, and fights everything from aliens to monsters to super criminals to regular thugs. Things I think most people think of when they think of superheroes. Plus he was sort of what started the whole feet of clay heroes life isn't easy because they have powers thing that all comics went into after him.

I understand everything about the creator owned versus bigger companies stuff.

Wish I could go to the Image Con...