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I don't...are you slapping us Tony? Is that us slapping you? Is that you slapping Corey? What's going on man?@G-Man:

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I want to scream profanities about how awesome it is having a 3 hour podcast.

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@spinningbirdcake: Ya gotta listen to find out.

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We need an article on 'How JLA 1 blew our minds" I'm guessing we'll see Cheetah and Black Manta in the Secret Society...Somehow...

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@G-Man: Remember Cyborg is using technology from Apocalypse, maybe Stargirl's staff has a connection to Apocalypse in the new 52.

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I agree with Sara, I hope Geoff Johns doesn't dumb down the JL to make the JLA look cool.

Sorry I hate on Mr. Johns a little too much...

Also I think Terry Sloan reference the tangent universe in earth 2 0. He references the "ninth dimension" aka earth 9

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@Walzo: I...don't wanna talk about it!!

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@G-Man: In season 2 episode 1 of JL(animated series) titled 'Twilight' lightray slaps wonder woman's butt as well when she's carrying batman flying through new genesis,i dont think any of the new gods have respect for non new gods and that scene was so funny!! so after seeing Orion in WW 17 do that i got really nostalgic mainly cause that episode came out like 10 yrs ago.

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Great Podcast thanks guys!

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I would love a spoiler cast each week even if its just for the major realses I don't like it when you him and ha about the spoilers just tell us already.

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I'd love a spoiler filled podcast. If you come to a comic I haven't read I'll just skip over that bit.

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LOL Corey is awesome

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What I wanna know is why, on the poster for Wrath of the First Lantern, it says..."They survived the Sinestro Corps War, they survived the Blackest Night."

I thought that didn't happen in the new universe?

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I would listen to a spoiler cast, for 2 reasons

1. I have read the issue and would love to hear an in depth discussion of what took place

2. If its a series I am not reading, I can keep up whats going on, and if something peeks my interest, new direction, artist or creative team, or just hearing positive feed back, I could just check it out, and not be behind with whats going on,

I really dont know how you guys do it without spoilers, its funny because listening, some times you can tell what you guys want to say, because i have read the issue, but you dont want to flat out say it, as not to spoil it for others (which is very respectful), but at the same time want to have a meaningful conversation about the book, that's not just, "ya I liked it".

Another Option would be just to label the Podcast spoilers, and just keep one. either way I enjoy listening !

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Probably when the JLA fights the JL they will have to switch partners sort of, like they usually do in Superhero battles. And Star Girl could end up fighting Wonder Woman. I like that idea.

I agree that I am not thrilled with Fox in the TMNT movie, that added to the rumors of aliens, and what Bay did with Transformers, not sure anymore about this movie. And all the news about her in the TMNT movies is that she and Bay and friends again. Rivalry over. Is how its being reported. So weee. I will still wait till there are actual commercials for it, but not thrilled. Someone on a different forum, after Bay was announced in connection to the project, said he would probably cast some actress like Fox for April. Just hoping that maybe we are all wrong about it and her.

That stuff about the Avengers and the trial for Scarlet Witch reminds me of Family Guy. "My next witness, I call the Ghost Who Never Lies. Except only I can hear him." So they call Dr. Strange and he assures everyone what he is doing is proving the Scarlet Witch was possessed, but even if they brought in Doom and he said he used magic, how can anyone be sure.

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@The Mast: Green Lantern's continuity makes no sense in the new 52. If Blackest Night happened, it would have had to be some alternate version of the event where key components have changed.

Maybe I don't have the facts because the only Lantern title I'm reading is Green Lantern, but does the how does the 5 year rule work in regards to all of the Green Lanterns like John Stewart, Guy, and Kyle?

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Also, I have mad issues with Matt mistaking the heartbeat. He never does that.

He should've known.

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I feel like the point keeps getting missed on Remender's Captain America. He's doing stories in the vein of Kirby's late 70's return to the title because they are the type of stories that appeal to his nature. Has anyone on the podcast read Fear Agent? It's Remender's love letter to EC comics. Stories told with wild, crazy abandon. How about Frankencastle? The fact that it's been 12 years should bother no one. Cap's from the 30's for glob's sake. He's been frozen in ice, turned into a werewolf, and in Brubaker's "down-to-earth political thriller" was SHOT BY A GUN THAT FROZE HIM WITHIN SPACE AND TIME. There is no continuity, it's made up by obsessives. Just enjoy the story.

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Yes, Orson Scott Card has a right to use his freedom of speech, but DC don't have to employ the guy! Would they employ him if he publicly campaigned against black people's rights, or sat on the board of an organisation that said that all Jewish people should be imprisoned? I don't think so. But if they did, would Cory still stock the books? By supporting OSC aren't DC & Cory indirectly endorsing his views?

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Action 17 seems to take place in the background of the entire series. The Superman statue was the New 52 costume.

Would hate it if Harper Row becomes a permanent part of Batman. Think she is bland and would hate to lose Damian.

One of the Earths in Multiversity was suppose to be a world where Damian became Batman and Chris Kent became Superman that does sound like an Ultimate DC Earth just like Earth 2.

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I'd love a spoiler podcast! The videos you're doing now are cool, but it's pretty much just you telling us what happense. It'd be cool for in depth conversations to happen about specific issues!

Maybe add a part to the description of the episode that shows time stamps where specific issues are spoiled as I wouldn't want the ones I read and haven't done so yet spoiled.

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Thanks for the podcast. I'm sad there wont be a podcast next week. There's a sad thing about Sara being out of the office. Though, being on vacation it seems a bit irrelevant. I've been a bit ill these past few weeks, and I haven't been able to submit a question.

I'm a bit shocked Sara watched the MASS EFFECT ends. I've actually been curious about her reaction. One of the reasons I never even got into the games was becasue of how it wraps up. I heard about all the controversy and just watched those ends. I didn't want to spend the money or time to get involved in a game that would have such an unsatisfying finale.

I only listen to this podcast, now. Not sure I'd want a third podcast. Spoiler is sort of an open term to most people. Just talking about some events in comics could be considered a spoiler. It would be better to put a standard embargo on certain events. That after so many weeks you can talk about spoilers.

Something I notice about women. They will often either take something or leave things behind. I was helping a female friend move. It was kind of cold around the time. I let her borrow my sweater so she wouldn't be so cold. It took forever just to get that thing back. She really liked it. First she was saying she'd give it back, then admitted she wanted to keep it. I told her she wasn't my girlfriend and doesn't get to steal my clothes. Why do women seem to like to takes clothes so much?

I'm often confused when people make excuses for writing people out of character or not explaining aspects of the story. That just sounds like you're making excuses for poor plotting.

As far as Bay's TMNT movie. I would prefer April O'Neil the porn star to play April over Megan Fox. I follow her on Twitter. Not becasue she's a pornstar. She's actually a big geek for DOCTOR WHO, TMNT and various other sci-fi She doesn't talk so much about her porn career and more about games and sci-fi.

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I'm all for another podcast. I can't get enough of these things :)

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I actually liked Action Comics #17. I feel like GM is finally tying everything back together in a satisfying way. I do feel like that AC 18 is sorta tacked on due to the Sholly Fisch backup story.

I feel most CB readers do not like to be left in the dark at all and GM is all about turning that expectation on its head.

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I'm pretty sure I'm on record in past comments on the old JLA articles that they would be used as a counter measure against the regular Justice League. The way Steve and Diana ended their relationship was bound to stir up conflict. It's no secret that the power of the Justice League should be frightening to all nations of Earth Prime. I think Trevor will need to personally back up Katana against Wonder Woman. As creepy as it sounds, he's fought beside Diana before and would be well acquainted with her fighting ability. I want to see if he can fight while maintaining a level of leadership and structure akin to Batman's. Selina is the only criminal Bruce has gone easy on so I'm not surprised she's on the team. My biggest question is how will Baz still be a Green Lantern if Hal Jordan and Sinestro get free from the Black Hand? Will the ring return to Hal and Sinestro or create another construct ring for Simon? Even though I totally saw this premise coming in the last few months I'm still super excited to see what Johns has in store for us after his epic Green Lantern run. Only other books I read were Superior Spidey, Wonder Woman, Deadpool, and Green Lantern. All of them are great.

Another stellar podcast despite the awkwardness of skyping in Sara. It's going to take time to get use to the delay but I still enjoy hearing her poignant views on the latest and greatest comic books. Cory AKA "Unblackcatpool" brings his special brand goofiness and honest opinions on the comics business. Tony I love the West Coast Avengers too and I only read it like a couple years ago. I genuinely enjoyed that Moon Knight's split personalities gave him impunity to mind control. It was like his super power was "he's crazy." Those books don't have many great villains but I just love the idea of such a misfit group of heroes as Avengers. I wonder how Fraction's Hawk Guy would run that team in the current time line. I'm all for a Metal Gear Solid 3 HD ver.endurance run but your work load is already too much. Sad to hear there won't be a Friday cast but I'll be looking forward to coverage this week. Thanks and keep up the great work.

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Woot! See you at ECCC Tony!

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Im down for a third podcast guys I try to spread the two out during the week and I love hearing your thoughts on comics

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I love the tangents. It feels like a real conversation. I like it when the podcasts go all over the place. Its fun.

I comment as I listen, always. But how about you just record a regular podcast (and go ahead and spoil whatever) and post that on friday. Later, saturday or sunday or money, you can post that same (now edited) podcast that cuts out all the spoilers from friday's. That way you don't have to record two, just one. Only thing is the time it would take to edit. And that way you could just keep that one podcast going as long as you want and with as much spoilers as you want and just edit it down later. The Spoiler one could be three hours and the edited one could be an hour and a half, or whatever.

I feel like the reason I am expecting MJ and Peter to get back together is that they are constantly hinting at it. If they didn't hint at it, like before when he was just friends with MJ and dating Carlie I think it was fine. Same with Barry Allen and his current girlfriend, who I cannot remember he name. I like them as a couple.

Of coarse Wolverine's costume would look ridiculous in real life, but in a comic its fine. In fact, I like it. But then again I also liked Nightwing's disco collar costume. But in comics costumes can be flashy because people have already suspended their disbelief. But if changes start getting made, like in real life no one would wear this yellow costume, or no underwear on the outside, its a slippery slope. Eventually you might get to the point where your like, in real life no one would wear a costume at all, Spider-Man would just wear a regular black jumpsuit. I have found this when trying to redesign charactrs to be Ultimate. I ultimize away their costumes almost right away, and have to pull back.

I thought he/she meant buy "movies ruin books" that when they make a superhero movie based on the comic the comic starts to be changed to match the movie. costumes are changed, origins, storylines, characters, villains, are changed to be more like the movie. And in that way I could see how movies could ruin books.

Superman: Secret Origin #4, by Gary Frank.

I would LOVE to see Gary Frank on Allstar Superman, not that I don't think Frank Quitely was perfect. He was, I would just also like to see how the book would have looked with Frank's art. His Superman and Lois looking like Reeves and Kidder (spelling?) and all that. Would have been fun to see.

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I think i would a prefer a podcast, only if someone else was on it with you tho.

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i make sure i read my comics before i listen to the podcasts so i don't have to worry about being spoiled at all. I'd rather hear a podcast where you guys are talking in more detail and tell your opinions more. Not just "it was good," "art was amazing," or something like that.

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@Fastblender said:

I feel like the point keeps getting missed on Remender's Captain America. He's doing stories in the vein of Kirby's late 70's return to the title because they are the type of stories that appeal to his nature. Has anyone on the podcast read Fear Agent? It's Remender's love letter to EC comics. Stories told with wild, crazy abandon. How about Frankencastle? The fact that it's been 12 years should bother no one. Cap's from the 30's for glob's sake. He's been frozen in ice, turned into a werewolf, and in Brubaker's "down-to-earth political thriller" was SHOT BY A GUN THAT FROZE HIM WITHIN SPACE AND TIME. There is no continuity, it's made up by obsessives. Just enjoy the story.

The comparison to Kirby's sci-fi run, which completely disregarded any pretense of continuity and even tried to pair Cap with a new romantic interest, is spot on. Remender is doing interesting and innovative things with the character. Cap might have a son when he gets back (or is going to have to deal with the loss of one). We're learning stuff about his childhood that's never been talked about. And yet, all anyone seems to be able to talk about is continuity. Now you know why the film industry ignores comic book fans.

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@Mucklefluga: Not sure if you meant you don't want me solo or you want me to mix it up.

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@G-Man: I'd rather you be WITH another person. The debates over the shocking spoilers would be great.

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I'm all for a third podcast, it sounds great :)

Awesome podcast by the way :D

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Hulk has had a game before. Damn good one too.