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Sweet new podcast

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Ya'll Rock. Thanks for this weekend starting gift from the vine!

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For some reason, Corey's gasps on air kinda get under my skin.

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Is the mysterious guest that Tony has been mentioning on this week?? I really wanna know who it is!!

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Saiko found out about Nightwing and Dick Grayson being the same person, I believe, in issue #2 from Mr. Haly.

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Batman didn't just investigate the Court of Owls as a kid. The kid detective story was a cautionary tale about conducting an investigation. You gotta go after facts not legends or myth. He mentions to Dick that he's investigated the Court as Batman and found nothing.

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Lex Luthor Lite = Simon Tycho

Shox had a exo-suit

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Well Starfire's race are decedents of a feline race so in a way she is a "space kitty".

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nice podcast guys!!

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G-Man should totally do his own cast (not that Sara and Corey aren't cool)  
Poor Bruce, he got his ass handed to him. 
Yea I totally agree, it should be like Bendis and Ultimate Spider-Man with Snyder and Batman, he needs to stay on 4evaaaaa 
Lol G-Man is always playing devils advocate 
Starfire said Dicks name in issue 4# or 3# so she does remember
Winter Solider is great, I love Bucky and espionage is one of my fav genres  
Scarlet Witch made her reappearance at the end of Ultimatum  
I think this Wonder Woman series is great, I know BA didn't really read up on the character before he started but it's still good. He's done well to make it more like urban fantasy and that works real well. 
I hate the new Daredevil book so much 
Your not drinking hard enough then Corey  
Super Girl went through a worm hole 
Captain Atom is really good IMO 
Future Zorro, what a load of crap 
Sasha Grey is a porn star lol 
The red guy is Beast Boy in The Ravagers  
I totally didn't make that up about Man of Steel TK BTW it was in the supposed trailer 
3 questions lol sorry couldn't help it

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Clor was rebuilt after Civil War. He appeared in Initiative and then in Thor around Siege where he was destroyed again.

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Gotham is a city. A city has more than 1 precinct. Gordon can't be everywhere at once. Gotham will be corrupt forever.

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@cagedleo730 said:

Lex Luthor Lite = Simon Tycho

Shox had a exo-suit

Always gonna be Dex Duthor to me.

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James Robinson and JT Krul are doing co-features in Men of War #7. JT Krul will be writing "The War that Time Forgot" for GI Combat. James Robinson will be doing a 3 issue arc in DC Universe Presents featuring Vandal Savage and 1 of his children, FBI profiler, Kass Sage. It's a DC version of Silence of the Lambs.

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Supergirl flew through a portal activated by the sunstone. She found Argo City not Krypton. Her father erected a force field around the city and helped evacuate the city before Krypton exploded. The force field failed before they found a new home.

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It seems so stupid that Batman would have no idea that there is a secret society in his own city or knew and didn't take it seriously. Making Dick Grayson into Nightwing again does seem a little weak him there could have been much more stories to be told with Dick as Batman it also felt like the character was staying Batman while Bruce returned for some story reason that never came.

Really agree that Superman is a good character and the weakness is the writer.

Alternate universe titles can easily be done it's over done continuity that can cause problems with any comic.

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Starfire kind of remembers Dick, as she only remembers because issue 6 is chronologically happened before everything else and we can assume that Jason told her about himself and his past with Dick. As stated in the issue Starfire's kind have a hard time remembering humans.

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Great podcast

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Great podcast

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thanks for the mention and Tony is great too and here is a sign of my appreciation . Tony is the Glue that keeps this Podcast together and Run DMC  is Awesome ^_^   

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DC trying to claim that they didn't reboot the series is like me saying, "I don't wear glasses. I wear corrective lenses.".

I think Sara has it spot on with Catwoman. She engaged Batman in sex as her way to distract him, but Batman is not the kind of guy to let things go when he wants answers.

I don't think polybags are a good idea for every single issue. More so when interior art can vary so wildly from the cover. Sometimes as far as a completely different artist. I used to sometimes used to try out a new series by flipping through the pages and checking out the art. That's how I got into Gold Digger, and now it's easily one of my favorites.

If boots over your knees constrict your movements, how is it a full body catsuit wouldn't?

A futuristic Zoro?! No, no! A thousand times, NO!! Zoro is interesting in his own time. There's no reason to be sword fighting in the future when you have guns. The only guns in Zoro's era were single action guns that took three minutes to reload. I loved Zoro as a kid. I remember the old TV shows. I watched those all the time.

Having community stars on the podcast sounds like a great idea, but I can certainly see the problems that could rise from that. There's time zone, Skype, or schedule. I only recently got a webcam for Skype.

Sara dressed as Vampirella................=). Hey, I think I made a reasonable suggestion for an outfit for her in the previous podcast comments. Also, you aren't too old, Sara.

Wow, I feel kind of stupid for being so apprehensive about asking more than one question for the podcast, and some people are asking five or ten. lol

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@J1ml33 said:
thanks for the mention and Tony is great too and here is a sign of my appreciation . Tony is the Glue that keeps this Podcast together and Run DMC  is Awesome ^_^   
Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@FoxxFireArt: LOL  I couldn't help it 
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I Am Legend was not a short story...and the movie was complete garbage.

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I like Avengers...but this whole thing with the government and the public losing faith in them every other day is getting super old. They only just got out of the whole Siege and Dark Reign thing...and now they're just going back to it =/

They need new ideas...

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I'd love to be a guest on any segment on the podcasts

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@cagedleo730: Everyone is giving out about this Simon Tyco guy, and he is a bit of a rip off villain sure. I just keep thinking why didn't they just have this guy as kinda Lex's apprentice, or just someone that was head of a certain devision of LuthorCorp or something.. seems to me that would make a lot more sense....

@mrpandaman: He really should have figured it out in issue #1 where he turned around for a second and Dick Grayson was replaced by a guy that looks exactly like him but now he can't see his cheek bones...

Sara was funny this podcast, I enjoyed it.

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I approve Storms mohawk, I, of all people, know what I'm talking about

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Future Zorro?? Kill me now!!

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'It's hard to write Superman because he's not grounded in reality!' But Sara, if Superman is unbelievable, so is Batman - Superman survives villain attacks because he has amazing powers yet Batman survives awful assaults because ... er, he's Batman. Batman #6 had him sleep deprived for a week, drugged and gutted, then beaten up more by Talon. He seemed about ten seconds from death - then he rallies and busts the guy's feathered arse. Why? He's the Batman. Anyway, I agree with you chaps, both characters have had plenty of good and bad stories. I also agree that Future Zorro sounds pants. Like Future Batman. It's Beyond unnecessary.

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I loved the podcast Sara I hope you can dress up for the cons this year, as well as you other guys. Its tricky though because you have to find something that fits who you are as well as your body build. Fortunately there are multiple companies with a variety of heroes so you should be able to think of a few good ones I would think. Spiderwoman and Vamprella are good choices based on the fact that the only you would need to do is find a good costume that fits them and you.

I totally had a revelation about superman in that i can relate myself to him in a very abstract way, but enough so that's its almost equal in the way that I can relate myself to Batman. I like Superman was not able to grow up where I would have grown up because of Fate. I was sent to another place and told to grow up with Family but not the Family I would have grown up. When i got older I was able to go back and get a few years growing up the way I would have had fate no intervened. While the lessons I learned were different and the circumstances I can relate in having to move an and be my best and putting on a front that I feel superman has to put on in order to be seen as a hero and not a threat.

Its a stretch but no more then my relateableness to Batman. Because of this new outlook on Superman I now have a stronger urge to read books about him that cover these similarities.

Just thought I'd share that tidbit

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@thisbeadam: with me too. i got goosebumps.

sorry for spelling mistakes. english is my second language

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I thought with the whole creator owned versus work for hire thing that creators from work for hire were getting more rights and money for their creations lately. I know that with Jack Kirby he had major problems with this and he went to DC who hired him to do New Gods for work for hire I guess, but also had him design toys and gave him rights to those or something so that he would get more money. But I thought it had gotten better lately.

I understand the stuff about the video and them taking more time than you have so I understand why you don't do as much, but I have an account and would try to always leave comments and I would watch them all. I sure do miss them. but I understand. But maybe with the CBS thing you guys might get more videos done... maybe. That would be cool.