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Podcast Friday. Woooooot

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Yeah new podcast

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Another podcast and another smile :)

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Podcast Phriday! Podcast Phriday!....yeah, that was pretty bad.

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Hellz Yea 
I know comic books covers have had nothing to do with the interior for like ever but I wish they could link they to slightly, they dont have to be a direct panel but at least metaphorically linked 
God Damnit I still cant get a hold of any Scarlet Spider books 
G Man has a kryptonian tattoo?????!!!?!?!?!?!!!? 
 "lol STFU noobs" - G-Man 
Captain Britain was made an Avenger during Secret Avangers 
Who is his dad? 
All soldiers are dumb, FACT! I should know, I was one. 
 I totally got Adventure Time lol 
Tree Trunks is amazing 
I agree that Indi books need more advertising  
I like Thieve of Thieves I reviewed it in my blog. 
Oh god, no Vultures 
No they have never showed Dredds face 
Happy with Freeze getting a make over, he should be really scary 
 Yea Image really needs to advertise more in general 
Oh you guys should totally go to Image Expo, I would love that. 
I really cant wait for the Man of Steel movie 
I totally agree with Cory, a spy book about Shield agents would be great, get Brubaker on it. 
Yea ignore the Phil Noto haters 
Props to G Man for his hard work on the Art collection 
Irredeemable and Incorruptible are both amazing, long may they reign 
I'm still annoyed they cancelled that Young Doom book 
Shaun22 thats me, thanks for answering my question 

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Batman and Robin has been getting better as the series goes on. The relationship between Bruce and Damian is really the highlight as is Patrick Gleason's art.

The comic and mainstream appeal is weird apparently despite DC's efforts the relaunch only got lapsed readers and not much else. It's strange that all that promotion that is what happened but when judged against the current comicsales it is a success. If something like that could not reach all audiences than it's no wonder smaller publishers do not sell as much. Pretty sad all around.

Could Loki's army be the Frost Giants? Avengers trailer did not really impress me but I was amazed by the Amazing Spider-Man trailer I found myself rewatching it a couple of times when I saw it. Uncle Ben is suppose to die in according to leaks. I guess he has powers for a while and he puts on the costume before his uncle dies but when he does he uses his costume to fight crime.

The Smallville comic series either digitally or print is coming a bit too late since it's been more than a year since the series finale. Also a little weird considering the character is changing not only in the comics but in animation and film.As Chris Simms said in Comics Alliance maybe Bryan Miller just forgets Smallville and writes the Superman series he wants with him and Pere Perez involved it will hopefully have some quality.

Swamp Thing was published under DC and then moved under Vertigo along with other mature readers series that Karen Berger edited.

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I'm really glad you talked about Severed. It was incredible. The tension in each issue, not knowing what you're gonna see when you turn the page or get to the next issue.

As you said, I picked this up mainly because of Scott Snyder's work on Batman. And I could not recommend this enough! It is awesome, very intense. It is very dark, violent, and certainly not for someone with a weak stomach. However, if you can handle all that stuff, you will not be disappointed. This is a must buy when it is collected in hardcover.

Great show guys, and I'm really glad you talked about some of the indie stuff. You're reviews and analysis of the Marvel and DC are always great. but it was really refreshing to see you talk about some of the lesser known books. I hope you keep doing that, because some of these books deserve the recognition.

Keep up the great work, I'm loving the show. Looking forward to next week, a lot of good stuff coming out next week, excited to hear what you think about them.

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Lobo is equivalent to Deadpool. He's comedy relief but he's also deadly.

Batgirl has been deaged alongside a bunch of others in the new DCU. Of course, she'll be acting younger.

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Dick already explained how his DNA was under the guys fingertips. The guy found him to warn him the Court was after Bruce Wayne.

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I actually figured out what Tony's Kryptonian tattoo means as soon as I saw it on Twitter. I wont give the answer here. I remember that Jak & Daxter website had a text format that gave you the ancient Precursor font. It was a cool addition to the site.

Speaking about how you treat your girlfriend that is also a co-worker. I remember one of my friends was dating her boss. It didn't work out well for her. They broke up, and he tried to get her fired so he could hire his new girlfriend in her place. Though, she's never had great taste in men.

I would actually prefer Cassandra Cain DLC for Arkham City.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought the Avengers trailer reminded them of a Michael Bay movie. I agree that Black Widow seems out of place in that trailer. They are facing this gigantic force, and she's reloading this little pistol? I actually preferred the WWII era Cap outfit over this streamlined version. It's so 'bright' The older version seemed more practical.

The Amazing Spider-man does look like it could be a good movie. I just find their Peter to look too CK model and less science nerd. I do like that they seem to be making Spidey more smart ass. That really was missing from the previous trilogy.

I actually have some hope for this new G.I. JOE movie. The Rock looks cool, and I'm digging the more serious mood. It's more about soldiers kicking ass, and less about 'super suits' special effects. Also, Snake Eyes!

Just to clarify. It wasn't that I specifically wanted Sara to answer the question I submitted for last week. I just felt that she would bring a valuable perspective to the topic. I wanted both Tony, Sara, and Corey to approach the topic since Tony's a Spidey fan, Sara has the woman's view, and Corey likes Black Cat.

I do disagree on a certain level about the mask being part of the fantasy for Black Cat. Sara has a completely valid point. Just the way it's written, it more appears that Black Cat wants him to wear a mask because she's rejecting who he is. As if she doesn't want to acknowledge he's a person. That's not friends with benefits as much as it's her using him as a living sex toy. Fantasy play in itself is perfectly healthy, but she's abusing the fantasy. The mask for Black Cat isn't just a play element. It's a requirement for her.

As to buying Spider-man finally. I was never going to be one of those jack asses who was just going to rant against the series forever because of OMD/BND. I said wouldn't buy while Quesada was EIC. He's not now, so I owned it to live up to my word and give it a shot. I am a man of my word. Though, I wouldn't have bought that Big Time arc if it hadn't been drawn my Humberto Ramos. I love his work and the personality he gives characters. While I don't think it really lived up to all the hype. It was a nice story. The entire trade was $6.99. How the hell do you beat that?

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Scarlet Spider: I wondering what Kaine would do in Mexico. I mean, usually in American entertainment the country's portrayal is misinterpreted. So... I'm curious.

Wolverine and the X-Men: I want to go to this school! The cast is so amazing. I don't think there is a character in this book that I don't like.

Deadpool: I don't read this book but... huh? "It was good"?

Secret Avengers: It sounds like this would be a good time to jump in.

Name Recognition: The thing is that not many people pay attention to the creators and just look at if the book is made by Marvel or DC Comics.

Avengers Trailer: Never listen to Dan, Sara! That trailer was awesome... I heard about Maria Hill as the Skrull Queen... Then again they were all rumors.

Amazing Spider-Man Trailer: If this trailer gets Sara excited for the movie then Sony is doing something right. I also agree with Cory, Spider-Man jokes in this movie! Something that greatly lacked in the last trilogy. There was some amateur video of the scene where Uncle Ben dies... so he's going to die.

Mr. Freeze: *facepalm*

Smallville Season 11: I am excited for this...

Earth-Two: Interesting... So not Supes, Bats and WW but Kon-El, Dick and Donna? Nice! If this proves to be true then I am even more excited!

World's Finest: Here I thought Power Girl was not going to appear on New 52.

Once again, great podcast! Thanks for the 2 hrs and 40 min of entertainment.

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I dont see whats so great about phil notos art

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Really saddened to hear Corey's take on Aaron's Punisher Max and hope the listeners give it a chance. As a 15+ year reader of comics, I found it to be the best Punisher story I've ever read. If you didn't understand what Aaron was going for, he sums it all up at the end of the book. He took Ennis' Punisher to it's logical conclusion. The fact that it is a conclusion is significant as veteran readers know how satisfying it is to see an end to these ongoing tales (see Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow). Castle is now even older and his reflexes and skills are starting to deteriorate (ala Dak Knight Returns). For near 40 years, he has waged his personal war against crime and what better opponent than the KINGPIN of crime for a final battle. It's these bright colored creations such as The Kingpin, Bullseye and Elektra from the 616 universe that are ultimately his undoing which if you want to get meta, mainstream Marvel is the only thing that can take the bite out of the idea of The Punisher. But that isn't even Aaron's greatest achievement on this book. His lasting contribution to the character is the reveal of where exactly the Punisher was born (hint: it wasn't in the park that day). Yes Ennis did Punisher: Born and Punisher: The End, but Aaron's tale is more cohesive. He deftly weaves in and out of Franks past to show us there is absolutely no soul left in his war torn body. He's simply a killing machine which will continue to mete out his personal justice until he no longer functions. Steve Dillon is the perfect partner for Aaron given his past on Preacher and Punisher. Yes, Dillon's characters are unnerving and that's deliberate. The violence is absolutely over the top and that is absolutely deliberate. If you're a fan of the character, Aaron, or hardcore storytelling, please give these comics a shot.

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As far as Deadpool goes you said you haven't been reading it and anything before the Hulk arc was garbage by Way... and favorite non marvel or dc comic The Ninja Turtles... The new series is sooooo good!!!

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For some other artists work in the art roundup, consider getting a Deviantart account and following Terry Dodson, Adam Hugues, and J Scott Campell. They tend to post more sketches during the summer when they're on the convention circuit, but they show some nice pieces from time to time. I'm sure there are a few other artists there too.

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Does anyone else get antsly and constantly keep checking this page for the new podcast each Friday?

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Podcast WHERE ARE YOU!!>!>!>!>!

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@thisbeadam said:

Does anyone else get antsly and constantly keep checking this page for the new podcast each Friday?


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Fun podcast as ever. I'd like to see a Lois book too - her series was far more than a Fifties phenomena, it ran to the early Seventies, 137 issues before being absorbed into Jimmy Olsen's numbering as part of the Superman Family. A good example of how a slightly more serious approach to the character can work would be Mindy Newell and Gray Morrow's Eighties micro-series.

Now, this will likely sound arsey. Bear in mind that I love you ... I keep hearing 'Nicola', as in Scott, pronounced 'nee-cola', as if Speedy Gonzalez were hosting the podcast. I've never heard of a 'Nicola' who called herself anything other than 'Nick-olla'. Is this maybe a US pronunciation, the way the name 'Craig' so often sounds like 'Grag'?

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great podcasts

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If Kane lets people see his face, doesn't care, he is playing fast and loose with Peter's secret. He looks like Peter, and someone could make the connection somehow. Peter is probably on the Internet credited as a photographer for the Daily Bugle who took photos of Spider-man. He is carelessly putting Peter, Aunt May, MJ, Jameson Sr., everyone at Horizon Labs, and Cooper, at risk. He seems to have even more responsibility somehow. He has to protect Peter's secret as well as his own.

I read X-Statix. Is there some place where I can find all the Doop Translations? Or can you tell me what he says? I'd like to know. There are times where everyone is talking and Doop says something and everyone bursts into laughter, I thought it was just one of those things where he didn't really say anything but since its meant to look that way you imagine he is saying something really funny.

The reason I buy the big names like Avengers or Spider-man is because I like fun adventure type books. I don't care for the dark, gory, intense, comics. I enjoy a fun escape and for me personally that means superheroes saving the day. I do buy stuff like iZombi. I plan to buy past issues of the Moth. I buy Madman and Atomix, I have bought Nexus. But I don't care for zombie, vampire, horror, comics.

IMDB also mentioned that Omega Red was going to be in X3, and even named the actor who would play him, but he never showed up. So I wouldn't listen to IMDB necessarily.

Huh, wouldn't it be interesting if Uncle Ben dies halfway through, giving you the chance to get to know him better and like him more and see why he was so influential to Peter. But the problem is that you then have Peter being an entertainer for half of the movie instead of being a hero and people wouldn't like that.

The plot of GI Joe may have been bad but maybe with the right plot the actors could have been good. Or maybe just don't kill them off, so that Scarlet or Duke aren't killed just replaced with new actors. Because these are characters some people grew up loving. Imagine if some young girl grew up loving Scarlet, her favorite GI Joe, and now she is killed. That would be a bummer because that character is finally brought to life in a movie, its bad, so they kill her movie version off and now she wont be in any movies.

I read that Worlds Finest will be drawn by rotating artists of George Perez and Kevin Maguire. Has that changed? Or did it change to that?