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Excellent. Another 2.5+ hr podcast.

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And for later reference:

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I'm hoping it means "Wipe-out The Fifty-two"
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And for later reference:

I don't recognize that reference...

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Ha! GDILF of the Marvel universe!

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I still say that a crippled Joker is still dangerous. He manipulated Harley. Maybe that is the next Joker arc. He is now confined to a bed and cannot move anything below his neck but still has followers and manipulates people to do his bidding. A Hannibal Lector type story.


Cyborg does deserve to be in the spotlight. Its annoying that he was such a huge star and huge successful part of the Teen Titans and was then elevated to the JLA where he has done absolutely nothing. And then they changed history to say that all the huge stuff he did with the Titans never happened and he has been with the JLA this whole time like he is now.

I don't know what the article says yet, I'll read it tomorrow. But I think one thing that should be done is give him an arch enemy, Superman has Lex Luther, Hal Jordan has Sinestro, Batman has the Joker, I say Cyborg should have A.M.A.Z.O. And like Sinestro, AMAZO's origin and Cyborg's origin are intertwined. He was created by Ivo (who is now part of the lab with Cyborg's father and T.O. Morrow). I see AMAZO's and Cyborg's relationship being similar to Sinestro's and Hal's or Black Adam's and Captain Marvel's. AMAZO isn't exactly a bad guy, or doesn't see himself as that, he sees him and Cyborg as brothers. Cyborg is a human who is becoming a robot and AMAZO is a robot who is becoming human

(or wants to or is trying to)(Or maybe AMAZO wants Cyborg to embrace being a robot and join him against the humans). With them having that sort of relationship where they fight but they can also have a deep conversation. Because AMAZO is sort of the only guy Cyborg can talk to, maybe understand, what he is going through. I think giving Cyborg that sort of arch enemy would help his status, give him something else to do while not in the JLA.

Not sure who mentioned it, maybe me or someone else, said that the Metal Men could play a part as well.

I see Vic Stone's character arc being like, he was an athlete going to make it big. But more importantly he loved sports, then he became a machine man. Feeling like a freak he isolated himself from the rest of the world in the Watchtower. But as time goes by he has sacrificed more of his body to machines to aid the JLA and his father. Now he is getting to the point where he feels like he is going to loose the last part of humanity he has, so he decides to try and keep it. He moves to Earth and tries to live as Vic Stone, which is hard since he hasn't for a long time. He meets that girl who works with kids with Prosthetics (name?) and she becomes a friend (like MJ or Harry Osborne to Peter). So this is his quest to reclaim and keep his humanity. He wears clothing over his robot parts, he tries to just be a normal guy. And maybe adventures ensue.

Just some of my ideas.

And I read another's blog here, they said that the cast of characters should include his father (a strained relationship), T.O. Morrow, Ivo, Magnus, and the others from the Red Room lab.

About the never had been a Teen Titans, perhaps one of his adventures sends Vic back in time where he helps found the Teen Titans with Dick, Kory, and the rest, and he could spend like a year or half a year there and then go back home, and the history books are forever changed. Suddenly its known that they were the Teen Titans before the current series was. But only because he went back in time. Just an idea how they can do both, the New 52 and keep the old Pre-52 Titans.

More ideas: And I think while trying to reconnect with humanity and keep his humanity (because little by little, organ by organ he feels he is becoming less human and more robot) he could even move in with his dad on Earth. Much later down the line, maybe after 12 issues of his own solo about him and his humanity (and what qualifies as life and humanity and AI) and pits Cyrborg against AMAZO, we could get a story where Vic's father has a revolutionary experiment for his son. He can start replacing organs and body parts little by little, a lung here, a vertebrae there. Over years Vic could be almost completely human again. But will he be able to give up being Cyborg? At this stage how would he feel about that? So, to needlessly recap, 1st arc would be about Cyborg moving back to Earth and trying to save his humanity. 2nd arc could be about Cyborg possibly becoming human again.

Also, AMAZO's origin could be tied directly to Cyborg's. Ivo works in the same lab that created Cyborg during the Darksied invasion in Justice League. So maybe Ivo used the data and schematics about Cyborg's body and other tech from the Red Room and his own tech and genius, and created AMAZO. Giving AMAZO and Cyborg a stronger connection.

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@Manute117: Plenty to choose from:

Or the writers could invent some.

Invincible 100 was great. I love the thinking of the bad guy and his conversation with Invincible. I loved that this guy killed him, but not really, so Invincible could help him in secret but then is shown by Invincible that his reasoning is flawed. And the bad guy sees the light. He agrees he was wrong. Very different than usual.

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The man in the issue is The Hood a British spy Batman. The statue in Action Comics looked like it had the normal costume I also believe that the next issue of Action Comics will address some questions about the new Doomsday.

The method of solving mysteries in Jeph Loeb's comics: whoever died is behind it all.

Snyder is not the first to write Batman as making mistakes pre-Infinite Crisis was building up those failures until he was forced to change as seen in 52. No you do not get interesting stories where the hero is always on top but sometimes as RIP shows making Batman smart and savvy is interesting and it is sometimes too easy just to write someone who can only fail. Also there is a different between Batman being flawed and just being stupid sometimes.

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I really wish DC would stop with the stupid marketing ploys. WTF gatefold covers, who cares? I'm only concerned with what's inside. Speaking of what's inside. Four different artists on I,Vampire this month took me right outta the story. I so wish Szymon Kudranksi was the permanent artist on that series. The few pages he did were amazing.

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I didn't really dig Hickman's Avengers this week. I really wanted to with Hyperion and Thor coming to the forefront but the rest of the story was pretty bland.

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It's not Ninja-k! It's Ninjak! I can't believe you guys don't read the new Valiant books regularly! Fortunately, K4tzm4n and inferiorego do!

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Thanks for the podcast. I don't know what it was, but something about this podcast moved faster.

Character mysteries are a tricky subject. Sure, an unknown history can be compelling, but you can't just keep teasing your audience. Eventually, you need to answer it.

Earlier this week I made this image for Tony. I had been thinking of something that would be good for Sara as a shirt design. I think I know the perfect idea. It could be an "Uncle Sam Wants You" themed image that says, "Sara Wants You to GET OUT!".

I agree that the Norman and Gwen scene is one of the most disturbing scenes I can think of. More so if that was her first, and he got her pregnant.

If you don't want readers to care that much about continuity, then they shouldn't sell the series as that. They even do drastic reboots in order to "fix" continuity. If it didn't matter, then they would just change things and no explanation would be needed. You can't say these stories are all happening in the same universe then tell people nott o care about continuity.

Glad to hear you're feeling better, Corey.

On the topic of lesser characters and people not being willing to invest. Part of the problem is probably partly the $3.99 price point. I actually wrote in a blog about this issue with how manga series court new series to readers. Since some of the largest selling manga series are sold in serialized magazines. They have the opportunity to drop in one shots chapters in along with these other series. It gives them a very broad audience to test series,

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You guys are always talking about the comics shop have to buy the issues ans all that stuff i guess in that point brazilian sells are more inteligent cause here shops don't buy the comics they recieve it and the issues they don't sell are returned to distributors.

Very nice podcast, i don't think anyone knew Kyle was Mexican till last week podcast.

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i would like to see squirrel girl in her own series.

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Another great podcast. Very funny and informative as always. Listening to Tony abuse Sara and Cory is still entertaining but I hope he's not taking it too far. You guys didn't talk about Superior Spider-Man? I thought I was having a stroke or something. Really wanted to get your opinions on issue 2 but I can tell you've got lots of comics to read. I was a little surprised that Oda said Luffy would be Brazilian. I always figured he was just a generic island boy like myself. Then again they probably wear way more straw hats in Brazil than we do. Thanks and keep up the great work.

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@Mezmero: Yeah, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN didn't make it to the podcast room. I totally forgot to mention it. I loved it. "Crazy-Town Banana-Pants."

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Come on guys! The best part of the podcast is at 12m40s! Don't tell me I'm the only one who gets that!

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hey for comic book video game marvel heroes looks great and is written by bendis, you even sat in on ign's video come on tony

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@G-Man said:

@Mezmero: Yeah, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN didn't make it to the podcast room. I totally forgot to mention it. I loved it. "Crazy-Town Banana-Pants."

You're a Crazy-Town Banana-Pants! Get out!

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@Redhood45: *cough* you mean GameSpot *cough*

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lol iwas like what!my fave abc show on my faverite podcast!!!!whew!

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Where can I post questions to this podcast?

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@Bobzenub: There is a Ask ComicVine thread on the podcast forum. Or email: podcast@comicvine.com

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I got your back Sara I was yelling Samurai Jack in my car right when you said something about him and the guys weren't getting it. I gotcha.

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I just read Before Watchmen's Dollar Bill. Corey dismissed this book as utter filler material. Maybe this is the case because who wants to read the life story of a throwaway character created by Alan Moore? But I think he is wrong. The book is a 'done in one' gem. The story is well executed and made me instantly care for the character. The art is simply stunning. The book also got a 10 out of 10 rating at Newsarama. Corey's remark looks based on prejudice without really checking out the book.

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I know I'm a bit behind on listening to this episode, but I thought I'd add my two cents on something.

As a long time Kyle Rayner fan, I'm fairly certain his mother was either Welsh or Irish. May have to dig through my old comics for this info, but I'm not really sure where you guys would have heard that she was Mexican.

Anyway, keep up the good work.