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Posted by cyberchop979

Ahhh, podcast time. Now my weekend can officially begin.

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This is a shirt Sara should wear.

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@G-Man: lol!

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@G-Man: Should wear that on the next Ask and You Shall Receive.

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I listen to the podcast for the banter. Its fun.

I think what also is going on with Storm is that she has just joined Wolverine at the Jean Grey school and has seen a very different, very caring, side of Wolverine. She may be feeling sad and lonely, and there is her long time friend Wolverine who is showing a very fatherly type side to him. Maybe she is finding him very emotionally attractive. She said something like "She is very impressed at not just how the school is running but how he has filled the school with such hope and is leading these young children."

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This makes my hard day worth it to come home to my favorite comic book podcast, Oh and my family but I prefer the former.

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@G-Man: lolololololol your face in that picture

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@ArtisticNeedham: That and Wolverine and Storm having been doing a friends with Benefits relationship for a long time.

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Thanks for the podcast. This was a fun one, and get well soon, Corey. Don't let it bother you with how long it takes you to get to comics. You should listen to the average Giant Bombcast. I personally enjoy the banter,...within reason.

On the issue of Kate Bishop sleep with someone. I remember Sara being offended that Huntress was involved in a threesome with Hal Jordan and Lady Blackhawk. Calling it diminishing to her character. Things sure have changed. Not that I'm arguing the matter. Just an observation.

When it come to costumes as far as Wonder Woman, and possibly many other characters. It seems you need a mind who isn't stuck in comic book norms. Look at Batman for an example. The more recent movies did what makes complete sense for the character.. He uses state of the art, light-weight body armor. Now, that's worked into the comics.

As far as comic prices. I bought a subscription to WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP online. It was $25.99, and I'll be getting an entire year of this weekly manga magazine. It's day one release with Japan now with full translations. That's such an advancement to go day-one-digital in another country.

Looking past DC's confusing continuity doesn't sound quite right. Isn't that just giving them a pass for either poor writing or lazy plotting. They do dramatic reboots to "fix" their continuity, tell creators what they can't do with certain characters, but seemed to put so little thought into their own timeline. It would be different if there were being sold as a series of short stories with nothing to do with one another, but they advertise it as a cohesive universe.

@G-Man said:

This is a shirt Sara should wear.

I take it things got interesting? This should be a fun listen.

I don't know if you could define the nature versus nurture argument so easily. Me and my older brother were raised in the same environment, and were are pretty wildly different people. He's a major conservative who quotes Glenn Beck, I'm much more liberal/independent leaning.

All that buildup about the face palm thing and it was never explained. I laughed so hard. I've been searching the internet but haven't found anything.

My mischievous side is really going to have to hold back on drawing Cassandra Cain in Starfire's outfit now. I'm sure the reactions would be...entertaining.

Posted by longbowhunter

I buy my son comics pretty frequently. For years it was Archie back issues. Then he would borrow my Batman and GL stuff. Currently he accompanies me to the shop on Wednesday and I buy him Bravest Warriors and Brian Wood's Star Wars. It is a shame there aren't more all ages books. I wish Gladstone's would come back. That was a series that really showed the difference between an all ages comic and a kid's comic. Great story cut short.

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Another spectacular podcast, love you guys and appreciate all your hard work.

Totally agree with your views on Uncanny Avengers and its less than auspicious beginning. As much as i loved Uncanny X-Force and Remender's work on that, i have this unsettling feeling that i was blinded by my love of the characters in UX-F and of the changes to those characters and didn't see that it was fleeting thing, not to be repeated. Could i have been fooled into thinking Remender was capable of capturing that magic again? Franken-Castle sucked, i hated it then and i hate it now and i put that aside to give him a chance.....did Rick "Catfish" me?

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Jim Starlin is going to be taking over Stormwatch

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

You say that the diversity in comics is getting better? That's not true AT ALL, 90% of comic characters are still American or based in America, we have African Americans, and Mexican Americans ect what about just straight up Africans and Mexicans?

Posted by longbowhunter

I never knew Kyle Rayner was Mexican. Thought he was just another honky with a ring. I think its ok that it doesnt make up a big part of his character. Not everyone is in tune with their heritage. I'm white and my girlfriend is black. We've both said numerous times our race is our least defining characteristic.

Posted by Press Oblivion

Yeah the Kyle Rayner information was interesting! I'm always informed with this podcast.

Posted by iceslick

Hey I noticed that the majority of the questions in this podcast have already bit answered in previous podcasts. I think it was until the 2nd hr and 40 mins mark you started answering newer questions. So, maybe you leave a marker next time when was the last time you guys left off on reading questions.

Wow, it's no wonder you look so good. Because you're Brazilian. jk By the way, don't take Tony too seriously. Because half of time he's just teasing you. lol

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I am bored at work waiting for a reaction so I'll bite. Given someone already linked rule of thumb, I'll link for wife-beater. http://www.pauldavidson.net/2005/05/13/words-for-your-enjoyment-wife-beaters/ Some people seem to link it to on the waterfront, but this guy gives a fairly convincing argument. Yay for needless internet information.

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Tony, you are just wrong on a Wonder Woman movie. First off, clearly they would not do the traditional WW custom. Every superhero film with few exceptions greatly updates the heroes custom. With WW it would be as simple as giving her a suit of Greek styled armor with a chest plate and armored skirt. Her costume has nothing to do with why there is no movie. The real reason is DC/WBs simply do not have the vision or people making good decisions that Marvel Studios has been making. Green Lantern more than provide that point. Hopefully they redeem themselves with Superman. The trailers give me hope.

But WW is the next hottest property. Also, really her magic lasso is an issue? Really?!? Interesting that Norse God with a magic hammer had no problems at the box office.

I think the current run of WW, shows there is a path to updating and making WW relevant.

Posted by zachkastner

I asked a friend of mine, who is of Arabic descent, about Baz's name.

She said it to be correctly, it would be pronounced "Simone Baaz".

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On the flip side of the colors in the Uncanny Avengers comic, the subject matter is so dark and serious. Innocent people being mind controlled by a Nazi to beat other innocent people to death, that when the bright colorful costumes of Captain America and Wolverine show up it was a relief. So maybe the colors are a deliberate thing, used to lighten the series and show that its a superhero comic still and not a graphic dark story.

I think Wonder Woman's costume, in the comics and the movies, should look somewhat like this:

What did they say in Red Hood and the Outlaws? What was the sound FX? Why was it offensive?

Posted by Mezmero

Great podcast you guys. A shame Cory couldn't make it but I still had some laughs listening to you guys verbally abuse each other. I was somewhat interested in G-man's response to the questions from last week but it was the right decision to skip them. I could have sworn Wolverine got together with Storm in the Age of Apocalypse in the 90's cartoon universe. If he is that stinky wouldn't his own stench overpower his super smell? Or maybe he's gotten use to it. Either way even Storm needs a little quick and dirty from time to time and there are few people dirtier than Logan. I only read FF, Deadpool, Green Lantern and Wondah Wuhmaaaahn last week. All amazing reads thanks in no small part to the superb coverage of Comicvine. Come on tacos? Really Sara? Never not make me laugh guys. Thanks and keep up the great work.

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Needham! I have been Zinged and I love it.

I read days of Futures Past recently, and the Marvel Masterworks of the relaunched X-Men with Wolverine and Colossus and the new characters. They were really good, but maybe cause it felt like I was reading history. Seeing where things started. But I liked them. They are more wordy than most comics now, but still fun like you said. Buy the Marvel Masterworks.

Speaking of All Ages Comics, my comic Monkey Boy is all ages. I mean its self published so it has not been officially approved as all ages, but I try to make it all ages. No blood and only cartoon violence, I try to make Monkey Boy like the old Marvel Comics from the 60s and 70s where they were fun to read for adults but safe for children too.

Posted by Grondoth

Who the hell listens to a podcast for just news? I don't understand this internet thing anymore

Posted by ComicAddict2814

If Wolverine and Storm's "love life" is anything like the way Wolverine Max portrayed him in the sack then I feel very sorry for Storm. I'm sure some of you know which scenes I'm refering to. I would imagine few woman would find this hairy, sweaty animal style very appealing. Lol.

Posted by ForeverMan

Having this podcast to listen to on a 6 hour drive today was awesome.

Gavril the Rocket Red is a dead new 52 hero. IMO the JLI book should have waited a few waves to start anyways.

Posted by Zeeguy91

I really wasn't a fan of Young Avengers. It was really just a bunch of stuff happening as opposed to a coherent story. I actually didn't like Hickman's Avengers either. It also seemed kind of random and out of left field. Actually, if it hadn't been for the weird narration that Remender chose to go with, then I'd probably say that Uncanny Avengers was the better of the Avengers titles I read this week. I mean, the narration was just unnecessary and at times annoying, but the plot was great, IMO.

Posted by actioncomicbible

Hey guys!

Not to be nitpicky but Andrea Sorrentino is a man. Not a woman.

Just thought I'd let you all know.


Posted by Loki9876

Sarah I don't like The rock or Bruce Willis either and I'm a guy.

Posted by dvorak

I don't comment enough, but thanks for keeping me in the loop every week. You guys put on a show worth listening to.

Posted by impossibilly

I listen for the banter. More banter, please.

Posted by Zeeguy91

Actually, you know what, I'm changing my position on Uncanny Avengers. I forgot that some of the dialogue was just plain awkward throughout the book. I still think the plot is somewhat interesting though.

Posted by enigmahfc

So what was the offending sound effect in Red Hood? Hearing you guys dance around it like that was kind of annoying, especially since I am not going to pick up an issue of Red Hood for pretty much any reason.

Posted by LarryDavis

I thought the Sara/Cory podcast was the most entertaining of any of them. I like Tony, but I can do without churning through all the books, and just reading their names and going "ummm, it was good" or "I didn't read it. sooooo..."

But then, I like the Bombcast when they're complaining about Yelp. Maybe I'm not the key demographic here?

(also, yes, what was the sound effect in Red Hood? googling is giving me nothing)

Posted by AltyAce

@LarryDavis: @enigmahfc: @ArtisticNeedham:

The sound effect was "fap" when she hit her head with her hand