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Bonus length podcast is awesome.

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Everyone needs a good beard!

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@Iron Apollo said:

Everyone needs a good beard!
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James is a Tom Waits fan too!!! Awesome!

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Can't wait to listen to this! James Robinson always makes the podcast (extra) entertaining!

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Love the long podcast!

Also James is Awesome

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Yesssss, Shades here to stay. 
Aw they could never bring back the Dibneys 
Yes Bring back the Freedom Fighters 
Yea I liked the idea of Donna Troy and Dick as well. 
Congorilla and Starman are awesome  
Hell Yea I love Wildcat 
Only fan mail I'v ever sent was to Dan Abnett when he was writing ad 2000AD and Todd McFarlane 
I follow writers and characters more than artists 
Thats how wee Brits roll, good actors with crap effects and budgets.  
I'd say longer for a rich T so about 7 secs 
Batman was awesome but it wasn't great trying to read it on a laptop 
Scott Snyder is amazing, with the court of owls, the dark mirror, gates of gotham. It's just more evidence that he should be put in charge of all the Bat universe just like Grant Morrison should be put in charge of the Supes universe. 
Bendis needs to GTFO Moon Knight 
Question for Storm fans, is she half Scottish because her second name is? 
I moaned about Wonder Woman's origin change because being made out of clay is a lot more, well, original, but being a demi god opens up a lot more story telling opportunity and I am a big fan of BA 
Yea James is totally right about the nudity in the UK, we seem less up tight about that stuff than America  
Babs talks the truth 
Does anybody know what the cut off point is for non-DC/Marvel books are? 
I  love the art in Supergirl 
Venom is amazing, Remender is on a total hot streak 
I'm not liking DD at all these days 
James Spider-Man universe is the best thing going on in Marvel, your really missing out 
I love New Mutants, I think it's the best X book out there but nobody seams to agree with me 

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@Nefilim927 said:

James is a Tom Waits fan too!!! Awesome!

hell yeah

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Loving The Shade series Robinson and Shade are a perfect combo glad to see all twelve issues are coming out. Always enjoy his appearances on the podcast.

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Sara Mike Johnson isn't the artists on Supergirl he's one of the writers, Mahmud A. Asrar is the artist.

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Damn it, I knew I should've submitted a question for James' beard. My issue with removing marriages is that the trend is that they are more frequently wiped from continuity in place of break ups. In the case of Lois and Clark, everyone knows that they are going to get back together at some point. It feels as if we are being put through another awkward song and dance just to wind up right back where we started. It took me a while, but I suddenly realize my question never got a submission introduction. Huh? Oh well.

I wrote Harold Ramis a fan letter before when I was a kid, and he sent me an autographed picture of him and the the other Ghostbusters.

Genki in Japanese means healthy or energetic. Genki characters are actually popular in many manga series. They are best known for being almost constantly happy. They have a positive outlook on life.

As an artist that almost exclusively works by commissions. By asking an artist you don't know to work for free. You're often times asking them to dedicate a LOT of time on a project, and have to turn down jobs that they know they'll get paid for. I once drew up a full comic in pencils for a writer I never really met. His script was interesting enough. I penciled 25-30 pages and mailed them in to him. I never heard from him again.

There is a lot in the culture of the US that's Puritanical. Remember the outrage of the Janet Jackson nipple exposed? That was ridiculous, Of course people didn't have the same issue with the twenty sum erectile dysfunction pill commercials that aired before that. Somehow seeing a breast was so traumatizing for people that they were writing Congress. I'm not going to pretend I don't like breasts. I just don't get why people lose there minds when one slips out occasionally.

That was a nice long podcast.


I would give a tip for anyone looking for an artist. Make friends with an artist. Even through the internet. Get to know the person, chat, or even play some online games with them if meeting isn't an easy option. I, personally, would be much more willing to help a friend out on a project without pay per page.. Rather than some random person coming up to me asking for free work. Maybe that's just me. I'm also the same kind of schmuck who goes out in four feet of snow every winter to shovel my driveway and those of my elderly neighbors.

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I hate to say I am not very familiar with James Robinson's work, but I absolutely love what he adds to this podcast when he guest stars.

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2.75seconds is the perfect biscuit dunking time. Bravo Sir!

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Cant wait to listen to this

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So Sara and James believe that Harry was right about friendships between men and women. Did they just admit to the speculation of them being together?

One instance of a writer overthinking things would be the hole in Power Girl's costume. Power Girl was written to say something along the lines of there being a missing piece to her and that she would not feel right with a symbol across her chest like Superman until that void had been filled. I feel they should just say she either wants to show cleavage, or that she has a hole there because of boob sweat.

Also, James, you were thinking about Karma being a lesbian, not Dani Moonstar. Dani was actually put in a relationship with Cannonball before he left for WatXM.

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My mom met Tom Hanks in L.A.. Apparently he's really cool and nice in real life too.

according to one screened.com Kick-Ass made $66,188,903 while Wanted made $266,433,252 but good news Kick-Ass is more likely getting a sequel

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I contributed to the Shade! Cheers gang

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Interesting podcast! Thanks. One point of correction with regards to the history of the Super marriage. The super marriage was planned before the TV show but DC was asked to postpone the wedding because the show was in pre production. They weren't even sure it would get on the air or not. The couple was engaged at the end of Superman 50 (December 1990). To stall the writers decided to kill Superman. The TV show is responsible for the Death of Superman not the wedding. The history complete with quotes from Carlin and others is documented in Les Daniels' book Superman:The Complete HIstory (relevant scans here, sort oldest-newest to read in chronological order http://imageshack.us/g/585/daniels4.jpg/ ) The history is also included as an extra on the Superman : Doomsday dvd.

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@mayak46: I agree!!

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Loved the huge show, except for the long Michael Sheen digression ... I just don't want to hear about the vile Thatcher on my nice comic podcasts. And wasn't Thatcher long gone before Tony Blair rose to prominence, making an appearance in the film unlikely? I used to write fan letters to UK comics, and it got me a job. How's this for an example of comic creators overthinking - after the first Tim Burton Batman film, DC decided to revamp Gotham in the comics to reflect Anton Furst's movie designs. So did they just begin drawing the buildings with a bit more character? Nope, they gave us a convoluted storyline in which a mad bomber was blasting away Gotham's shiny new buildings and revealing interesting old structures WHICH EVERYONE HAD FORGOTTEN WAS THERE! Which could only be the case if Gotham residents really do live in a two dimensional, foreground-only world. (Apologies for the apparent shoutiness above ... no itals for the composer on iPad.) ((Or paragraphs, apparently!))

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I would like to say that I actually don't mind Greg Land's art either. I actually like it whenever Justin Ponsor colors his work. Honestly, I don't think that he deserves all the flack that he gets. I mean he's not the only one who reuses poses or has characters that look the same and I've been reading Uncanny X-Men since issue 530 and I've never really seen anything that would indicate that he was tracing from porn.

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For the record Ironwood is a great comic if for no other reason then (the sex is awesome) the main character is totally an early prototype of the Jack Horner character from Fables.

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All the whiskey media sites need a british dude to stop by every now and then.

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I like when James Robinson is on because he offers a different voice to the show when the group tends to pile about an artist or writer who's work they dont care for. You can love Batman without slamming Detective and the Dark Knight.

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@kingspawn said:

hey,my follow friends. we got bad news and we can't copy a new comic issue as download from megaupload,filesonic,fileserve are dead by dickhead FBI,Governor. i gotta tell you about everything,my friends. the FBI already found out them that owner of megaupload and employees too from zealand. they already arrest at them all everything,now. what do we do?

How about you go out and buy comics like a goddamn civilized human being? Give that a try.

Anyway, let's focus on the positive. We did it, guys! All twelve issues of the Shade are going to print!