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Woot! New podcast!

Love yah Tony but these podcasts with out you are in great and beautiful hands ;))

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@secondfallen616: Does Corey have nice hands?

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@Batnandez said:

@secondfallen616: Does Corey have nice hands?

I like to think so.

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As a comic book artist I feel that I must be like a short order cook. Able to draw whatever, cars, people, and even backgrounds.

Lets say I am afraid of Spiders and am unsure if I could stand this issue, having read this issue do you think I should get this? Does the spider part last long or is it over fast? Do they do lots of creepy close ups? Does the the need to read this issue outway the spider?

If they broke Joker's back and left him unable to walk, or his neck and made him unable to move anything below his neck, he could still be a very dangerous threat. Like how he created Harley Quinn. He is like a Hannible Lector type and guy who can get into your head with just words. So that might actually be a great way for the story to end. Now Joker is crippled, unable to use his arms and legs, but still able to strike at Batman and his loved ones through his followers.

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I like how so much more involved Sara get's in the podcast when G-Mans not around

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its time

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Wooooooooooooo! I'm about to go in a hottub.



I could boycott this podcast if it helps. Forget Sara and Corey.

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@G-Man: noooo G-Man you must come back!!!

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I nearly keeled over when Sara said that she would give Batman a 3.5, no offence, but BLASPHEMY!

Always great though guys

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If only comic vine staffers could give 1/2 stars...

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By the Way, I loved this Podcast and how "unprofessional" it was and Corey. It made it more fun and more like I was listening to people just hanging out and talking. It was so great.

I started getting comics from the grocery store. I remember I had to choose between a comic with a cover showing Wolverine versus Grey Hulk, and a Wolverine with an X on his belt and I thought the X meant he was evil. So I got the other. I would always go to the comic rack and pick up some random comic and that eventually lead me to going to a comic store when I figured out I could do that.

And a few years back I bought a Hulk magazine and a Silver Surfer (origin of Galactus) magazine, they reprinted old comics. They had them at a Target or K-Mart. those stores never got anything like that again.

After the events of 52, and right up to the New 52 relaunch, Booster Gold had a great solo book all about him and Rip Hunter and his sister and his (I think) mother in the future (who is actually a child Booster saved from a lost future). It was awesome, fun and funny.

I LOVE Bob's Burgers too! The cast is great, it reminds me so much of Brendon Small's Home Movies, its like Home Movies part 2. Its so much better than other cartoons on that channel that night, except the Simpsons.

Its so strange that someone who doesn't like his art goes to such lengths to describe in detail their dislike of Allred's art. I dislike a few artists but I never go into detail, maybe because I am worried I might work with them some day. But still, I just don't buy it. But it just seems strange. And yes, he is such a nice guy. He have met him a few times and he remembered me and was such a nice guy. Wished me happy birthday on facebook one year.

I'm unclear about Modern Art, but I love Pop Art. Warhol, Lichtenstien (spelling?), Close, Harring (spelling?), Pop Art is great and fun. I also love Van Gogh, Rembrant, Frida Khalo (spelling?), Duchamp, and other artists like them.

I buy about 4 titles a week, lately more than 4, and its really starting to add up. I may have to drop some more titles. I dropped Captain Marvel and It Girl for this reason and its still too much. Wonder what I can keep getting?

His last name was something like Wortham. And he did a lot more than just get rid of violence, or want to anyway. He said that Superman was like the dream of being able to do whatever you wanted and not have to deal with the consequences. Batman and Robin were vigilantes and were too gay, and Wonder Woman and Lois Lane were examples of what Women shouldn't be like. From a documentary I saw, never actually read the book. So DC redid stuff, making Batman a part of the police force and him and Robin hung out with girls like Batwoman. Superman became more cartoony and more law abiding, and Lois became more love sick over Superman while Wonder Woman became more love sick over Steve Trevor. Also I heard that characters couldn't be shown to go against authority in any way. No corrupt politicians or cops, nothing like that. And a Spider-Man comic couldn't show a kid overdosing on drugs.

Favorite wacky parings. I liked Blue Beetle (Kord) and Booster Gold. I like Peter Parker teamed with (the Thing) (Wolverine) (Daredevil) (Captain Marvel/Danvers) (Human Torch).

The problem with a Pull List is that it requires you to buy the comics and those comics. What if I went in and didn't care for the art that week or the writing or a particular scene? So I don't do pull lists because I like the option to suddenly not buy something. But what I do is sometimes call in and ask my store to hold something if I can and I know I want it that week.

I get the feeling that Brian and Francis have plans and have thought about that, maybe not all of DC but I think those guys, and I think it will have something to do with Daniel West, Iris West, Reverse Flash, and maybe the whole new Speed Force concept they created (how Barry builds up the Speed Force in himself and has to release it and the power inside the Speed Force effects those inside it and can effect those on Earth as well). So I think Wally might be coming soon. And like they said about Reverse Flash, he/SHE is new and Flash has no memory of fighting him before. So Wally will probably be new as well.

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I had to stop the podcast in the middle, and look up the Archer Dinosaur pilot. Funniest F-ing thing I've ever seen!

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Court of Owls and The Death of the Family both seem so uninspired when Batman Inc ends it looks like the Batman books will have a more boring outlook. The last issue of Saga showed how strong of a character The Will is a more compelling lead than Alana and Marko. Hickman's New Avengers seemed a little dry.

Alan Moore was right Superman and Wonder Woman are too predictable.

Agree with the Joker Harley Quinn relationship one of the best moments between them was The Clown at Midnight when Joker after his plastic surgery tries to slice her mouth open.

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I must say I agree that this book is a 3.5. It's definitely not a 5.

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@ArtisticNeedham: I understand your phobia, but Paco Medina's art is HIGHLY stylized and doesn't even come close to resembling the real deal, so I wouldn't be worried.

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Alright podcast 

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Echoes was my favorite mini of 2010. Amazing stuff and made me an instant Fialkov fan.

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My question got almost answered twice haha.

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I often wonder how many innocent people have to die while Joker just keeps getting free until Batman finally does something about it? Who is he really protecting, the people of Gotham or himself?

You could always call this new Peter, "Octo-Peter".

MMORPGs sound fun in concept, but I've never played one. They are just so incredibly dependent on time and so many people. The only game I really play regularly online would be UNCHARTED 3's multiplayer. That has a fun Co-Op segment.

I've always been astounded why violence is so accepted in comics but sex is considered so taboo. As if violence is the natural order and sex is the aberration.

It's been years since I've seen a comic in the market. I have seen some of the latest volumes of NARUTO.

Thank you, Sara. I've been saying the very same thing about Harley and Joker fora long time. I got in an extended discussion about this very thing when I saw someone use Harley as an example of a feminist/ strong women characters. She is an icon of domestic abuse and Battered Wife Syndrome. She makes every excuse for his abuse and will always run to him when asked.

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Can we stop with the whole kill the Joker or making him unable to walk? Other villains have killed just as many and even more people than Joker has! How many deaths are Ra's Al Ghoul or Black Hand responsible for?, but are still ruining around fine and dandy.

Harley Quinn kind of brings that abuse on herself for FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE JOKER in the first place! I think Harley needs to be reworked into being as crazy or even crazier than Joker for loving him.

There are worse villain names than H'el, like the f**king Purple Man!

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@knightofthechronicle said:

I nearly keeled over when Sara said that she would give Batman a 3.5, no offence, but BLASPHEMY!

Always great though guys

Heh,maybe she should start reviewing Batman.

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I kind of agree with Sara and Corey on the whole Batman thing. This arc is amazing, but it's just been leading to the end to see what crazy crap happens with Bats and Joker. I agree that it's been awesome and had some superb writing, but this story is all about what happens in the final issue!

That being said, this was a super fun and silly podcast! Sara and Corey should have their own seperate podcast like Tony has his Super Invincible one!

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Awesome podcast this week guys. Tony is sorely missed but if there's anyone who deserves a vacation it's that guy. I hope he enjoys a well earned respite. Sara and Cory held it down in a big way this week. They may be a couple of goofballs but they had me cracking up all the way to the end. You also make me want to pop in my copy of Red Dead Redemption. I even had my question sort of answered this week!

I'm not going to lie when Sara brought up my PM last week I got a bit nervous. "Uh-oh. I'm about to get put on the spot and then get called out by James and Tony." Luckily they ran out of time before taking it so I was in the clear. I appreciate you guys talking about it this week. I brought it up because I played Binary Domain where they build robot humans that can give birth. Also technology created by a dude. You'd think at least one female scientist in comics would pursue artificial life since creating sentient life is built into their DNA. Scarlet Witch created her children through her will alone and yet no females are able to build life with science. Hippolyta originally sculpted Diana out of clay yet could she not use steel and circuit boards? It just seems hard to believe that no comic writers went in this direction.

The fate of fungi in the DC universe still eludes me. It's never made clear if everything in the domain of the Green has to be photosynthetic. I went back and read some curret Swamp Thing and some of the Parliament of Trees have fungus growing on them and none of them are shaped like a giant mushroom or anything like that. I had a good laugh when Cory said I might be Scott Snyder. If I had half the talent he had I could quit my job as a wage slave and go into writing full time.

The only things I read this week were Saga, Avenging Superior, Daredevil, and Batman. All are fantastic but I could always stand to read more comics with all the high quality on today's market. Thanks guys and keep up the great work.

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Did you see the season premiere of Archer? Especially since you are a Bobs Burger fan too.

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What short-haired Wonder Woman pic are you talking about?

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Hey guys, Great Podcast! I just wanted to share a picture I sent to my friend way back in September of 2012. I was in Target and actually for the first time ever I saw comics for sale in the store.

Since you guys were talking about it on here I figured I'd share it with you guys.

I haven't seen them in any other Target besides this one though.

Again Great Podcast guys!

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Debra Whitman is apparently a brief love interest of Peter Parker. (I just searched in Google) I don't know but it looks like she hasn't made that many appearances.


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@Tyrannotaur: Wow, what Target is that? I live in NYC and I never seen a Target like that in NYC.

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I think Batman killing the Joker would be pointless because he would probably just come back to life. Batman will never be able to get rid of him. It's their destiny to do their dance for eternity.

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@iceslick: It's a Target on Long Island, Where I live. More specifically It's on Route 110 in Farmingdale.

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Alliterative names...

  • Peter Parker
  • Matt Murdock
  • Scott Summers
  • Bruce Banner
  • Reed Richards
  • Sue Storm
  • Wally West
  • Guy Gardener
  • Cassandra Cain
  • Silas Stone (Cyborg's dad)
  • Sarah Simms (Cyborg's girlfriend)
  • Lex Luthor
  • Lois Lane
  • Lana Lang
  • Bucky Barnes (although his real name is James)
  • Victor Von Doom
  • Wade Wilson
  • Moira MacTaggert
  • Pepper Potts
  • Happy Hogan
  • Keith Kenyon (Goldface, the GL villain for those who don't know)
  • J'onn J'onzz
  • M'gann M'orzz
  • Mark/Marco Mardon (Weather Wizard)
  • Sam Scudder (Mirror Master)
  • Bernard "Buddy" Baker (Animal Man)
  • Abigail Arcane
  • Anton Arcane
  • Katherine "Kate" Kane (Batwoman)
  • Boston Brand (Deadman)

Well, that's all I can think of, for now at least, but you could probably think of more. This list, if anything, is probably indicative of the fact that I have too much time on my hands right now. I don't consider Clark Kent alliterative because its CK, not CC.

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Disorganized but a cool podcast! Sara should take the lead more often.

But really, Super Skrull, nope Amazo would beat him. Amazo would be able replicate and amplify any power Skrull has and can even replicate super powered objects. Amazo for FTW. Now if we are talking about stupid names, Amazo wins again. ;)

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I got the Unicorn. I rode across Mexico listening to the song from Robot Unicorn Attack. One of my proudest gaming moments. Also, Chupacabra for Sara: http://reddead.wikia.com/wiki/Chupacabra

That's how I found it.

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That bus story could literally be the most romantic thing ever, if anything romantic had happened. Also you guys were hilarious this week! Good job!

EDIT: Also you kept saying that it was bad that you were going off on tangents but they're the best part of the podcast! At least in my opinion anyway...

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I couldn't ask for a better podcast! You guys held it down mighty well. It was a fun change of pace, and I'm glad G-Man got a well-deserved break.

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Wow, I could never buy only 4comics a months, I buy at least 10 and I always have a couple of trades of past stories to read as I'm new to comics. Corey thanks for always big up invinsibles, I've started reading just after Xmas and I love it....

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So now we know the secret recipe to a great Comicvine Podcast: someone has to hide Sara's lunch.

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Does anyone have a link to the wonder woman picture on deviant art that @babs talks about on the podcast

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Been a week but I finally listened to the podcast. I loved it! Corey; Sara; you guys did an awesome job in Tony's absence. I really enjoyed it. It was a bit different and a lot of fun. You 2 made me laugh. Really get to see Sara's personality shine through hosting this week. Good stuff. Thanks again for an interesting show guys.

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The Sara & Cory show is awesome! The 2 of you should make this a regular feature!

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I'm late to the party but just wanted to say that this was one of the funniest podcasts you've done. Thanks Sara & Corey, you're awesome!

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@G-Man: Where did you get that beanie? It's Awesome!