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Again, the first 23 minutes deal with SPIDER-MAN 700 spoilers.

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@G-Man: 23 minutes dang, finally get to here what everone has been fussing about! I'd just like to mention that I'm kinda glad Mavel Now titles have been coming out 2x a month. I might not be able to afforable to add the titles to my pull list, but I'll be getting the trades!

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Sara are you sick? As I listen to this I am sick with a sore throat.

700 was a good story, and the concept is a great character study I think. Someone some place said that Dan Slott knew he would get this sort of reaction, and the higher ups didn't like the idea of 700 either until they heard what happens next. Slott has plans and they are apparently so good that it wowed everyone at marvel (even the MTV crew filming them for their website). So I am interested. What left a bad taste in my mouth was Avenging Spider-Man, he felt more sinister there and not the heroic character he was at the end of 700. So maybe I will avoid Avenging. I think Slott's version is the correct version and the one to read. That version in Superior 1 reads like he is at the end of 700, and that he is this remorseful character who is going to try and be the best hero to honor Peter. And maybe in DD he thinks that DD might be mentally unstable so he must do whatever he can to protect the innocent from this deranged vigilante. but Avenging made him seem sinister so I am unsure about that.


Peter as Ock told Carlie what happened. She seemed very suspicious at the end of 700 and MJ seemed weirded out by Peter (ock), and they are best friends who talk all the time now. So they will clearly talk and MJ will find out who Superior Spider-Man really is and the whole MJ sleeping with Superior Spider-Man shouldn't happen. Something people are understandably worried about. Dan Slott also said on Facebook he is offended at the thing people assuming he will write in Spider-man (referring to that). And Ock/Superior will probably push her aside because she would distract him from his grand plans of saving the world. But it seems like a really interesting character study. A villain who like Tony said didn't have much of a chance because of his hard life, and then the brain damage, now has that chance and will he become a hero like he could have all along, or will he just go down that same road he already did because that is who he is?

But mostly I liked it. I am a HUGE Peter Parker fan, not just Spider-Man. And Slott writes Peter better than most everyone. Plus he is a huge fan himself and I doubt he would spend the remainder or his time on Spider-Man with Peter dead. So I am guessing Peter will return before Slott is done. I am even guessing that his return will be part of the Superior Spider-Man story. I could also see Peter come back and stick with being the Superior Spider-Man for a while, with that costume and stuff. So if this story takes 50 issues I could see the last maybe 12 issues be about Peter returning and being Superior Spider-Man for the last 6-10 issues.

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Totally not following the Spider-Man stuff. I'm not sure that I would like it based on the chatter though.

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Regarding Justice League, I think a team movie off the bat is totally doable (in the right hands, of course). While we're familiar with the likes of Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg/Martian Manhunter, etc... the general audience probably only knows the bare basics about them (at most) and that possibly makes them less likely to be interested in a solo film immediately.  I can understand how the studio thinks putting out a solo movie for each first would be very risky and would rather try to get audiences into the characters with the first team film (unless they can lure those people in with a stellar A-list actors for individual movies... and that didn't really work with Green Lantern, so that probably left a bad taste in their mouths).   
What Marvel Studios did was brilliant, but I'm an optimist and really want to believe they can pull this off by doing the reverse strategy. In the end though, I don't care what tactic they use as long as the movie(s) are good :D 

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Issue 700 was not good at all. I'd give this new status quo about 11 months before things go back to normal.

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Spiderman 700#

Mary Jane Controversy

So it seems people find it creepy that Doc Ock is making a pass at MJ? I'm not saying its not let me start with that but think about it from Ocks view. He's never been the good looking guy shunned by most women his entire life. (Justified or not; correct me if I'm wrong people) Oh but here comes along a super model who is in love with him (Yeah not really him but Peter but you know what I mean) your telling me if a super model made a pass at you and you were single you wouldn't even pursue it at all?

I've heard some call it rape to a degree because of age but isn't MJ in her late 20's and Doc was what in his 40's? Except now he's in the body of a late 20's guy. Does it feel wrong, yeah but if it was told with a degree of reality Doc Ock is a man and MJ is a very attractive woman. Though chances are he won't pursue anything with MJ in the end.

I just don't see why its created such a fuss and this is coming from a life long Spider-man fan. Maybe someone can give me another side of and why so many are angered by it.

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Thanks for the podcast, I regret not asking a question for this week, but I still enjoyed it. Sorry to hear you're congested, Sara.

For as much as I don't even like the premise of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN. Absolutely nothing justifies death threats.. That's going to do nothing. If you really want to get a message across toa publisher that you aren't happy. You don't buy it. I used to be ahude Spider-man fan, but they lost me after OMD/BND. They showed me what they're capible of, and I didn't like what I saw.

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Speculation on spoilers below :

Maybe Peter Parker is still Peter Parker but he gained the intelligence of Doctor Octopus and currently believes that he is Doctor Octopus ?

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lol'd I totally thought you sounded like an old mother when you were complaining about MJ and Peter "Why aren't you two married, she's a nice girl!"

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i might have to disagree,i actually love the parts where we see adult cyclops cause i really like his character and new powers he has....i actually started reading marvel cause i loved cyclops in AvX...

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this was awesome!

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@FoxxFireArt:At this point I hate people who whine about getting death threats more then the people who send them.

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@Trevel8182: Really now?

You wanted to tell the world that you prefer people who write death threats over those who decry them?

Your parents must be proud.

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Glad my question got answered, but now I have some points I'd like to make in response. Firstly calling X-men one of the worst movies (you probably meant superhero movies? but even still it) is pretty dismissive of what Fox has done with that franchise. I assume you're talking about X-Men Origins or X3, but even keeping those admittedly awful movies in mind they're still responsible for 3 pretty awesome X-men films, and the first one in particular was a gamble that not many companies were willing to make at the time. As for Daredevil a lot of lessons have been learned by every company about superhero films in the ten years since that movie's release. In the last couple of years in particular Fox has shown a commitment to getting quality directors like with Mathew Vaughn, James Mangold, and their attempted courting of Darren Aronofsky.

As for my comment about Disney not being willing to tackle issues like discrimination, I definitely am not under the impression that they only make kids movies. I merely think that they've turned down every opportunity to tackle weighty subjects that their comic movies have ever thrown at them, Captain America is a world war 2 story that barely has any Nazis, Iron Man doesn't make any comments about the war the movie takes place in, and their use of terrorists is relegated to cannon fodder, after which they are quickly forgotten, and the religious implications of a character like Thor existing are completely ignored. Their track record so far has proven that they are only interested in making character action films with no underlying meaning whatsoever. And don't get me wrong, I don't think that's a bad thing, and I've enjoyed most of the Marvel movies so far, but I think some of the other properties need more than that in order to thrive.

Also I think you have a little more faith in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie than I do, but I suppose time will tell on that one. Thanks again for reading my questions guys =)

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Jeff Loeb still destroyed the ultimate universe. He STILL wrote it. List or not, screw that guy and that storyline.

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thats a whole lot-a hours of podcastin, giving giantbomb a run for its money.

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Ask Babs Or G-Man Questions

I'm not so sure that the superior Spider-Man is not really Peter Parker. If you look at some of the moments in the last issue of ASM peter took on a lot of the doctor's personality and vise versa. Do you think that it the effects of the octobot really are temporary and instead of swapping minds the octobot rewrote minds. Which would mean that Superior spiderman is just peter parker who thinks hes doc oct who thinks he is faking being Peter Parker
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With a half hour drive to and from work, you guys are killing my music listening time. lol

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Can anyone tell me if they answered my question? I didn't hear it. :(

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wow, I haven't followed spider-man (though I have been a fan since the 90's). but just from listening to the previous podcasts leading up to this one, i predicted (to myself) the results of 700. i had a feeling that what had happened was going to happen. i'm surprised (and a bit proud of myself) that i was right (since the last spider-man comic i read was the 30th anniversary). well, i haven't finished listening to the podcast yet.

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Great podcast as usual. I never miss a week. I don't think I've ever been a huge fan of Spider-Man purely because I don't like the way he fights. Superior Spider-Man seems like something that will address this issue for comic fans like myself who are into the idea of a new take on Spidey and Doc Ock. I've heard Peter Parker's story to death and I want nothing more than to give him any sort of new lease on life no matter how sinister the implications. Whoever's sending Slott death threats for something like that are consumer garbage plain and simple. I'm pretty sure that in Deadpool #3 Dr. Strange told Deadpool that Mistress Death still loves him. Such a revelation could have lasting effects in the current ongoing. Thank you guys so much for keeping me abreast of the latest and greatest comics.

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The Comic Vine Podcast Drinking Game: You take a drink every time Corey gasps.

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Thanks for answering my Questions.

I like comic clichés personally, they usually don't annoy me. Like characters changing their costumes or coming back to life. I like that a character can die in comics and come back because in real life that is not possible, but in comics you know that Peter Parker wont be gone forever so it makes it less sad.

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Every time G-Man says this take a shot

Wally West is the only one cool enough to be hsalF