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wooooooooooooo yea.


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"They're not going to focus on event after event."

*thumbs up emoji goes here*

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Action Comics has been getting a lot of love. And I also bough the Bill And Ted variant, but I also grabbed the original. It's the first time I've ever bought two covers of the same issue. After reading this I'm sad that Pak won't be working on the mini series, but I'm gonna hold out hope that the writer can do more with the issues she has.

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Here's my issue with Superman and Wonder Woman's new costumes (besides the fact that I think they look awful and non heroic) is I can't see them fighting in those outfits. I can't see Wonder Woman moving around or fighting in something like that, it doesn't look like what a Greek warrior would wear. As for Supes, I didn't mind him wearing pants and a shirt when he wasn't very powerful, but I can't see him fighting in that now, it would tear apart.

Although as I've said, we should never worry about being practical in comics, the moment you say "That's impractical" you're missing the point of super heroes. That being said, in addition to being impractical they don't look at all heroic or very comic book like, so I really really dislike them.

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YESSSSSS @undeadpool !!!!!! Corey knows what's up! Hoawd The Duck was the most awesomest comic of the week!!!


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Oh yeah Ant-Man isn't disappointing.... unless you're a Scott Lang fan...

Seriously though, at this point I've basically given up on Scott, everyone likes the book, so the changes and the tone will be permanent. I don't feel bad though, because I wasn't too attached to Scott, I was looking forward to Ant-Man because it was going to bring him to the forefront of Marvel, but he ended up changing because of that.

Like I said though, it's not a huge loss for me, I'll move on, so just enjoy the book everyone (also no that's not sarcasm I really mean that).

Plus I've really been getting into the Atom lately and reading a lot of his stuff, so now I have a new favorite shrinking hero so it's all good :)

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@captainmarvel4ever: at least your favorite ant man is around. Mine has disappeared. I miss you Eric O'Grady

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@inferiorego: Well now Scott kind of is becoming O'Grady, they're really playing up the comedic crook thing (unless that's not what his series was, I never had any interest in O'Grady).

Like I said though, I've basically completely moved on. (Thank you though)

P.S. The Flintstones and the Jetsons do in fact take place in the same universe, but different time periods. They had a crossover where the Jetsons went to the past and then Fred later wound up in the future.

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Just like "they held the line at $2.99!"

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Loved listening to this guys!

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When I saw the new outfit for Superman and saw the blood on his hands I thought it was his own. I think he is going to be greatly depowered. I mean the Superman writer ever said a few weeks ago "He's going to be Superman no matter what. That's just who he is." The reason people wrap their first is for their own protection so it makes sense.

Thank you very much for answering my questions. <3

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Thanks for the Justice Society love...would really like to see these guys return.

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Awesome cast, as always...

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MJ was a total brat in the beginning in the 616 Spider-Man book as well.

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Another awesome ep! Thanks guys for your hard work!

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Great podcast. Any chance you guys are thinking about attending Eternal Con on Long Island NY?

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I'm in agreement that Palpatine changed because of the lightning shot back at him. None of the other Sith's were deformed because of the dark side.

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I really love the podcast, but if Corey could keep his faux gasping to maybe just a couple times per episode, I'd like it a lot better.