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Woo podcast!

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Yes!! Talk about some comic news at the beginning for the podcast. And you guys take almost an hour and 30 minutes to talk about the weekly comics. It would be awesome to make the weekly comics discussion much shorter.

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Looking forward to Long Beach next weekend, see you there!

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"Honey, I'm going to the man cave. Podcast time."

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Mat and Corey aren't reading the best comic being published CALLED DEADLY CLASS?

Awesome podcast this week btw.

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I'm so over futures end I miss my regular books.

@undeadpool: Are you going to give Supergirls new creative team a chance? Issue 35 a new girl Kate Perkins is going to be taking over with Mike Jonson who co wrote the book till issue 19.

Tony Bedard was trying to take her in a more positive direction if you read the doomed tie it just seems every time the book gets some where its cross over time or new creative team change. But the covers for 35 and 36 give me hope she is actually smiling so progress at last.

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I liked the news section in the podcast I think you guys gave enough time for everything. Its unfortunate there won't be a podcast Wednesday. The only comics I got from this week's releases were Elektra #6 and Nova #21 but I did get to catch up on some books and got Death of Wolverine #1 & #2, Ghost Rider #5 & #6, and X-Force #8 and #9

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If the boss wants to move out of California, discreetly mention San Diego County has no earthquakes, utterly accessible proximity to downtown, a unique sense of county-wide community, enigmatic five-lane parking lots known to move forward, world-class art exhibits, and unprecedented access to the ocean. Don't move to the east coast ... snow is evil ... life is good in Carlsbad. :)

Edit: Also, when did opening a book and skipping thru the pages count as reading for the week ... shame. Great podacast anyway, as always.

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I would rather have a Wonder Woman or Birds of Prey show than Supergirl.

Batinthesun just did a Casey Jones vs. Kick-Ass video and it was great.

I think the Spider-Woman cover "controversy" is just silly overreacting like with the PowerPuff Girls cover and Harley Quinn suicide page.

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I agree with Cory concerning Ultimate Spider-Man. I mean Miles has now met three different versions of Peter Parker and a different version of Mysterio.

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I want to send you questions what is the email? I can't find it saying ti on the site anywhere sorry. You might say it at some point in this episode but i'm in the middle of this episode now so I don't know.

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The first Purge movie was awful. All of those characters are brain dead morons. The only enjoyment I got out of it was making fun of it. I haven't seen the second and don't intend to. Still, a comic series could actually work well with the concept. I could see someone like Robert Kirkman making a great comic series out of it.

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I always love the after credits

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@teerack: You can also send questions on the podcast forum if you want. They read questions from both the email and the Podcast Question forum on here.

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Great podcast.

Drove me crazy that it took you guys that long to get 'Linda Danvers'

Liked No Ordinary Family, Julie Benz was the actress. There is so much comic book television and movies coming out. I didn't hear you mention the Lucifer series for Fox.

Sam Jones(Flash Gordon) was in the movie "Ted", basically as Gordon. Jones now runs his own security firm, working primarily in Mexico.

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Move to Oregon, Tony, it's great here. And you split the difference between California and Washington.

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@blue_shield: There's also a big comic book community there. Lots of creators plus Dark Horse and Oni. I'm bummed I didn't make it to Rose City this weekend. But since Long Beach is next weekend, no way I wanted to spend two weekends away from family.

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Tons of comic creators here, Greg Rucka and Karl Kesel are regulars in the grocery store I work at.

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geeks taking over the world! so so true

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I've always preferred the Screw Attack Death Battle. The live action battles from the Machinima video's are awesome but I prefer the way Screw Attack looks at each characters strengths and weaknesses. Although I think in the end they just pick the person they like the most.


Does anyone else have a preference?