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Posted by Overmonitor

Wahooo!!! Thanks!

Posted by dondave

J'onn was wearing his cape when he fought Jemm.

Posted by DrellAssassin

This may sound mean, but I'm so glad the Invincibly Super Massive podcast is back just so that I don't have to hear about the DC TV shows on the main cast anymore. It's gotten to the point where DC is pumping out a new one every TV season, and it felt like due to the sheer quantity, news about the shows would dominate the podcast discussion. Thanks Tony and Mat for taking the time to do this podcast again to keep the two interests separate.

Posted by rob1157

Thanks, guys..great way to begin my work day.

Posted by D9000

I was thinking the same thing. Very surprised Coulson could beat Ward without using some gadget inside his robot hand.

Posted by JewishDork

Another great podcast to listen to while exercising. Your conversation about a superhero's ability to hear everything, reminds me of the main character in Mark Waid's Irredeemable.

Posted by Avatar_of_Green

Now that I'm over the initial shock from MMH, I would like to know if MMH was still the one who killed Alex's dad? Because it seems like he killed all the agents pursuing him and then took over Henshaw's identity, which is great, but it would mean MMH killed Alex's dad.

Posted by budwyzer

I have to disagree on everything to do with Coulson. It all actually made sense to me.

He wouldn't be put in a "jail", because he killed Ward while on a different planet and so broke no actual laws. And he finally killed him, not for revenge, but because he knew that if he let Ward live, even if stranded on that planet, that some day it would come back to bite him in the ass and Ward would kill someone else that was important to Coulson. So it had to be done. Maybe they'll touch on this in the next episode or something.