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3... 2... 1... FIGHT!

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Tony, you just broke the first rule.

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WOOOOOOOOOOOOO podcast!!! OH DAMN 3 and half ours!!! BAH GAWD!!! Dis Gon B Gud!!!


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I remember a time when Star-Lord was a tactical genius

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Red king ? What about the yellow king huh ? HBO True Detective

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Good stuff guys!

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If I was showing Star Wars to somebody for the first time, I would go 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 6. That way, the Darth Vader reveal is preserved with Empire and then you show them the prequels to get the story of his fall. Then you see his redemption in Return of the Jedi. I am going to have my friend who hasn't seen them before watch them in this order before Episode 7 comes out. If he doesn't like them then he probably won't remain a friend. Lol. Just kidding...maybe.

As for Darth Vader #1, that issue was absolutely incredible. 5 stars for sure. The art was brilliant and the characterization of everyone in the issue was spot on. I liked both issues of Aaron's Star Wars but Vader was definitely my favorite of the three Marvel issues so far.

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Here's a fun game, tally up how many times Tony ends a news article or review with "I don't know". Quite a lot, huh? If you don't take one side or the other, it keeps the publishers happy.

Re: Harley Quinn

Different takes on characters are fine. In fact, they can help evolve the character and create new and interesting stories. However when you miss the fundamental point of a character, that's when fans react negatively. For instance, none of you all seemed to pleased with the Jimmy Olsen casting for Supergirl. They missed the core values of the character. The same thing is happening to Harley Quinn. Chris Simms explains:

See, that’s the tragedy of Harley Quinn, the thing that makes her so compelling underneath all the bright, poppy cheer. She’s in love with someone who will never, ever love her back. Someone who can never, ever love her back, because he’s thoroughly obsessed with someone else.Read More: Ask Chris #173: The Trouble With Harley Quinn | http://comicsalliance.com/harley-quinn-paul-dini-bruce-timm-dc-ask-chris/?trackback=tsmclip

So when you remove the Joker from the equation as DC has done, you're left with a character so adrift and rudderless, someone decides she's perfectly fine murdering children

That's not the character Paul Dini created. That's not the character Arlene Sorkin voiced. It's trash.

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Yeah baby! That's what I'm talking about!

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I wear my sun glasses at night~

Can you guys add an hour dedicated to fighting each other every week? I wanna see Tony fight next week.

Are you guys sure people are mad always? I'm usually not trying to be a jerk when i question or challenge something, but i worry I'm one of the people you talk about. >.<

I suspect this to be happening.

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@teerack: you get bonus points for posting a key and Peele video

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@teerack: you get bonus points for posting a key and Peele video

Can I get extra points for posting a Key & Peele AND The Chappelle's Show AND Mad TV videos?


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Agreed with you on the artist for the Secret Six. The artist completely took me out of the story. Looking forward to when Eaglesham takes over. I do like Catman's new costume.

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On your discussion on costumes, I think they should match the character. When Ms. Marvel's suit was introduced it was a good costume, this was before Julia Roberts and Pretty women when high boots weren't considered hookerish. Part of the problem I've had with the new costume is that everyone suddenly started saying the old costume was never any good.

I don't think everyone should go around dressed like Tarot. I think Batgirl's new costume is suited to the teenager they've made her, but that costume on the Batgirl Gail Simone wrote wouldn't work. When I look at some of the stuff they put Sue Richards in during the thong era I don't like it. But costumes are there for dramatic effect, they are the outward presentations of the character as written by the writer.

You guys keep telling us that comics need new customers, just how much of the old comic ways do I have to throw into junk heap to help get those new customers? The amazon's in Wonder Woman, Batgirl being reduced in age and attitude to a teenager, Thor becoming a drunk so that the new Thor will shine... You guys want new readers fine, but some of the old ones are still here and I for one kinda resent being told I'm not good enough anymore.

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Woo Hoo! Team Four Star unite!! :D

@undeadpool, don't forget to... Doooooooooodge!

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I actually really liked The Amazing Spider-Man movies.

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Go go Comic Vine Rangers!

Tony GO!

Cory GO!

Mat GO!

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Well handled on the disagreement of Spider-verse. That was nothing like Sara's Batman: Death of the Family meltdown.

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Crap, not sure what went wrong but here are the 2 pics that didn't make it in my email. I think I'll stick to posting pictures on the forum. My old laptop just isn't what it used to be.

The iTunes 'General Hobbies' chart
Quantum & Woody explain how Spider-Man (probably) avoids VPL