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00:00:00 - 00:58:59 - Intro and news

00:59:00 - 01:36:40 - Comics

01:36:41 - 01:43:36 - Spoiler Section

01:43:37 - 02:27:02 - Questions and Outro

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Rick Moranis retired after his wife died

Posted by Sprior93

Yay, episode notes!(are those new?)

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The idea of Moon Knight being in the KKK is funny since he's jewish

Posted by Janjaman

It can be in the same feed, in my opinion.

Posted by Overmonitor

@sprior93: No, they've been in before.

Miss Corey :(

Posted by D9000

Noooooo! Haven't watched any season or series premiers yet! I have to fast forwarded to avoid possible spoilers.

Posted by inferiorego

@d9000 said:

Noooooo! Haven't watched any season or series premiers yet! I have to fast forwarded to avoid possible spoilers.

everyone dies

Posted by rob1157

Would love to see Super podcast in the same feed.

Posted by SynCig

I vote for Super Massive in the same feed. It'd maybe increase it's audience and make it easier to push some of the non-comics stuff to that show without people missing out.

Posted by G-Man
Staff Online
Posted by Overmonitor
Posted by Zearing

@g_man: I don't care whether the Supermassive is in the same feed as the Weekly podcast or not. I just want it to return.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh


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According to Previews the first Blade is out October 28th. Not next year.

Posted by D9000


Oh no! Not li'l Bruce! I knew that cave was trouble.


Posted by Wardishy

@zearing: Same here, I'm subbed to both anyway so it makes no difference to me.

Posted by ParaChomp

No Sinister Six, Amazing 2 was one of the worst movies of 2014 because it was trying to set up too much.

Posted by G-Man

Staff Online
Edited by Jasoninthewoods

Gotham will basically end with Bruce going off to begin his training.

I like the show ,but I don't see it lasting ten years.

And maybe if the industry followed the Earth One method of publishing self contained OGNs ,more people would be willing to buy more often.

The industry needs some new blood ,because the old guard just doesn't cut it anymore.

More Scott Snyder's ,and less Scott Lobdell's

Posted by Janjaman

You talk about two stuffs that contradict itselves and you don't notice because Marvel is so crazy nowadays. If Nick Fury was a LMD, how can Mockingbird have the infinity formula?

Posted by Janjaman

Also, Nick Fury became kind of an heir to the watcher, but it was like a punishment. He is called the Unseen now. He even appear in the end of the Fury issue you mentioned.


Posted by Surza7

I love Chick Fil a ,they have awesome Spicy Chicken Sammiches! Yours must be terribad >.> also cool with the ghostbusters thing,still call it a reimagined! And Nick coming back I hardly doubt it cause he left due his wifes asskng and at the time was raising his kids.

Edited by D9000

Oh My GOSH! I thought you said Vertigo was coming out with a Neuromancer comic.... turned out to be New Romancer :(

Also, Rick Moranis has done a couple albums since he stopped acting. I really liked Agoraphobic Cowboy, thought it was pretty cool.

I can't believe Tony knows Bob and Doug, and Mat doesn't! Total mind blow. Their Great White North album used to crack me up as a kid more than Adam Sandler!

Oh, and for T(ea?) in Greenbay. I always thought Mysterius the Unfathomable was really fun AND weird. Plus it was pretty short which makes it easy to read.

Edited by G-Man

@d9000: And Mat tries claiming he's Canadian...

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Posted by D9000
Posted by disolomon

Another vote for Super Massive in the same feed! Keep them coming.

Posted by munkieKONG

fun-weird comic......


Posted by Vincenzo

Hi Tony and Mat. I vote that Super Massive goes in the main feed. If it's labeled something like Super Massive in front of the title, people should be able to determine if they want to consume it.

For me, I like having it all in one place. Thanks!