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Now THAT is a Bat-face!!! :-)

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SHOULD have used this.

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Its one in the morning here, what took you so long this time?
Still worth the wait though.

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You should have made one of you guys Wonder Woman :P

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Someone's really full of it this week

  • If you want to hear about comic books, start at the 20 minute mark. Seriously
  • You can't just preface a statement with 'everyone is entitled to their opinions' and then complain about the comments on your site. A vocal majority thought Zero Year dragged and just as many think Original Sin went off the rails. Very few people think the world is just filled with 4 and 5 star books. So people are more salty and one sided about their opinions online, who cares? You could not read the comments. Or you could disable them on reviews. Either decision is a lot more productive than whining on the podcast.
  • What is the source for the data that Comic Vine doesn't want to hear spoilers? A comment thread? a poll? As Corey has mentioned, there are studies out there with a much larger data pool that prove knowing plot points ahead of time isn't the disaster you make it out to be:
    Spoilers Don’t Spoil Anything
    also, many say 2 days is plenty of time for someone to catch up. Comics come out Wednesday, your podcast comes out Friday http://www.avclub.com/article/new-study-asks-how-long-spoilers-are-fair-game-tot-208178
    It's ludicrous to suggest someone won't buy a comic because now they know how the story goes. Do you think people won't go see Guardians of the Galaxy because they can read the plot on wikipedia? We're asking for plot points to be discussed so there is some critical discussion of whether they story is good or not. Where Spidey webs a woman in distress is not critical discussion
  • You are wrong about Utah Comic Con. Local artist and fellow podcaster Scott Johnson will tell you as much

And this is just the first hour? Wah wah wee wah...

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@fastestblender: why so ANGRY!!!! Did you really listen to a 2.5 hour podcast just to complain about it, I think you may have wasted your time.

What vocal majority are you talking about? Comicvine comments, or any website comments, do not represent the majority opinion of Batman. Roughly 100,000 people buy Batman every month and how many people comment on the reviews or other theads?

Lastly I don't know about you but the majority of books I buy are great. If I don't like something I drop it immediately because there are plenty of great comics I can find that I do very much enjoy, that's unfortunate your not fully enjoying what you buy.

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am i the only one who think thy should edit the fat out of there podcast.

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am i the only one who think thy should edit the fat out of there podcast.

fat needs love too

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The pre-comic banter is the best part.

The reason so few boomboxes are seen (heard?) in San Francisco, Tony, is because back in 1986, a Vulcan, time-traveled to the city with his commanding officer and starship crew, boarded a transit bus, and was forced to administer a Vulcan nerve pinch to an obnoxiously loud punk holding a boombox. Fear spread that boomboxes caused random comas ... true story.

Five years and two movies later, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, sees Kirk and McCoy imprisoned for life on the frozen asteroid, Rura Penthe, where a shapeshifter lets slip the hint to defeating a brutish prisoner at hand-to-hand combat, is to kick him in the knees, where his genitals are. Spoiler: Jim and Bones manage to escape. :)

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Hey @inferiorego, I don't intend to be a pain in the ass by mentioning this, but have you ever read 'Monster' or 'Pluto' by Naoki Urasawa? They're great mystery/story-driven mangas (not the never-ending battle/power-up/battle kind) that are mature and avoid a lot of the tropes of mainstream manga. Also, the style of art is quite distinct from the mainstream to me. It has some great character work, it's really clean and expressive.

I don't intend to preach about manga (a lot of it sucks and there's a big cultural difference) but Naoki Urasawa is a great storyteller. So, that's my two cents.

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Why not have a spoiler cast that you charge for? If people are willing to get spoiled , they pay:)

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@fastestblender: If you don't like the podcast, then simply leave and find another one. It's that simple.

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and Jet black was about close to ten when steve took baby Ian..no accelerated aging required

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If people want spoilers there are tons of other comic book podcasts/reviews out there that offer that.

I am someone who enjoys non-spoiler discussion. I live in New Zealand so when it comes to weekly comics they can sometimes arrive late at my local store because international shipping isn't always that great. On top of that I am someone who works full time and is planning a wedding so even if I get my comics on time it is very rare that I will get to read them straight away.

Comicvine has always made it clear they don't have spoiler filled discussion, so if that's what you are after then this obviously isn't the site for you and you should look elsewhere at all the other sites who do offer that.

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But Mat @inferiorego…. how could you not like Anime?! :O

JK, I know anime isn't for everyone (I can even barely get through a manga, but I adore anime). In fact, it took me awhile before I jumped on the band wagon. I started out with Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki and just went from there, but I know plenty of people who began there and (sadly) just jumped ship after that. But hey, you gave it a try! That's what counts. Also thank you for not trashing fans of anime like myself, too many times this hobby has been *pooped* on by the average North American Joe. So I thank you for that! Keep up the good work!

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I completely agree with Matt on JLU I guess there is a first time for everything. Great writing great team line up and art just the origin story was super standard.

I do love what there doing with the girls Supergirl , Stargirl and Equinox and Joh'n is the same Martian we all know and love so I will stick with it for the long haul.

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What we really need is more VJ. Vaaaaaan Jeeeeeeensen

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Cool episode guys! Always a great way to start my Monday.

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Love the podcast this week. The pre-comics banter was good.

Original Sin:

@g_man Brought up a good point about the Avengers that has bugged me for the past few crossovers, which has been that they are leading in fist first, and not really asking "Hey Current Big Bad Guy? What's the deal?" Then again these are superhero comics.

Maybe we will see more of the asking before Shield-Bashing in "Out of Time" in a few months.

All New X-Men:
I'm actually liking how Bendis is handling X-23 and Angel. I read an article with him last week, and he points out how the dynamic of The Goth Kid hooking up with the Quarterback always fascinated him, and its a nice bit of characterization for both. So haters can hate, but they can go hate in their own corners.

Amazing Spider-Man:
I actually dropped the book from my pull-list but I still keep going back to read it. I think I did it mostly to avoid getting the Edge of the Spider-verse tie-ins that honestly I do not need to be getting. Much like How I'll be avoiding AXIS as well. Gotta be better about sticking to my guns budget wise. The ending was, as @inferiorego put it, frustrating as a fan but damn fun still. Silk is taking some getting used to, but I love that frantic feel of Peter's life spinning back out of control so quickly after he got it back. Way to really sell the fans back what they had been complaining was lost. You want Peter? Well Peter comes with a completely chaotic life that he can't control. Though I do miss SpOck a lot and feel that Anna is gonna break down really soon if Peter doesn't start being more considerate.

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Where do I go to send in questions for the show? I wanted to hear the guys (and occasional gal) talk about characters dying in comics. One of my friends mentioned the other day that Gwen Stacy is the only character to stay dead in comics but that can't really be true right? The Waynes have never come back to life in the main universe and neither has Uncle Ben or Krypton to my knowledge. I'm waiting for Damian's triumphant return but I digress.

What other major characters have died and stayed dead?

Thanks! Love the show!

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My nephew was saying last night he did not like Spiderman 2 because Gwen died at the end.

Some things should stay out of a hero movie.