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Posted by rob1157

Great way to begin the work day.

Posted by Almighty1Azel

absoluty love both podcasts. i listen to them on saturdays while i work... keep up the great work...

Posted by D9000

Wow!! A clean sweep for Team Shield! I was confident you'd pick Morse and Ward (especially after last weeks episode) but I wasn't sure about May and Hunter. Regardless of the outcome those are battles I'd love to watch.

Do more people feel this way about Krysten Ritter? I thought I was the only one didn't love that casting? But I must say that she's really growing on me as Jessica Jones. Her attitude is making way more sense the more episodes I watch. I'm also loving Mike Colter as Luke Cage. He's killing that from role from the start. Really looking forward to more episodes.

Posted by G-Man

@d9000: I finished watching JJ this morning :(

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Posted by D9000

@g_man: In some ways I envy you but in other ways I pity you :p

Posted by Michael_Moran

I on episode 10 of Jessica jones...love the I divides characters, the overall story leaves me a bit wanting. In my opinion it is.not as good as daredevil which I watched last week as a refresher.