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I haven't even finished last week's yet.

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Never seen Edward Scissor Hands but i heard it's pretty good.

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(Kool aid man breaks through wall) "Oh Yeah!"

"Best podcast yet" lol

You can't really blame Nintendo for the gouge- they're simply sort of upping the ante on what Microsoft has been doing on Xbox for years with dlc content.(Start old person rant) I still play, but it shows my age that I remember when buying a game meant you got the whole thing (end old person rant).

Not overly surprising regarding the robin reveal, and can't blame Tomasi for wanting to break it early given it's his story and the info was getting leaked anyhow. It's unfortunate that the solicits basically broke the news (possibly to drum up excitement/sales?) as I imagine that it could've just been a blacked out cover and a solicit saying "the new robin debuts!". Not sure what I think of the super powered angle, but certainly think it could allow for some great storytelling opportunities-will definately be interested to check it out.

Damn kids with their hula hoops and Walkmans, indeed:Dlol

It's arguable that the robins weren't technically killed under batmans orders, but rather for a lack of following them--Jason was killed disobeying a direct order to wait for batmans return to go after joker, and Damien was under house arrest, if I'm not mistaken. Of course, it's equally arguable from the other side, so what do I know?:p he does have a penchant for allowing children to join his crusade and letting them put themselves in harms way:p

Agreed on TWD.

Every crow movie since the first has been an unequivocal success lol. I loved that movie years ago...less so now, but still think Brandon Lee was the best part of that flick, and yeah, very 90's zeitgeist movie- I think that sums if up perfectly

LOL abject poverty is pretty funnyXD

That mike Tyson cartoon sounds pretty funny. I wasn't planning on watching it, but that clip has me intrigued (and chuckling). I may give it a look.

Thanks for the podcast, guys:) always a nice way to kick off the weekend:)

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Sorry to nit-pick, but it's not chain mail, it's scale Mail. @g_man...Captain America wears scale mail. Like the scales of a dragon...or fish.

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Yes, I'm reading Tomb Raider. Lara Croft is my religion, but this book is a challenge to stay invested in the story. I still buy it because reasons, but no, I'm afraid it's not worth your pull list. *cries green she-hulk tears*

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Finally got my internet back and time to listen to the PODCAST!!!!!!!!!

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@madeinbangladesh: sorry oops :P i think i was just zoning out and put you down because of your name being on my screen on the top posters.

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This week on the "super duper marvel is the greatest company in the world and nearly every movie, TV show, and comic they put out is great... And oh yeah DC kinda did some stuff this week too" podcast.. I'm looking at you g-man... Or should I say "M" man...

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Batman/Superman was originally going to be a Man of Steel sequel but that is no longer the case. When they hired Chris Terrio to re-write the script it became a Justice League prequel essentially and the Man of Steel sequel will be coming between 2016 and 2020. It will follow up on some events in Man of Steel but all things are pointing to it no longer being an actual sequel to that movie.

On the subject of Gotham, I think it's okay. Not bad but not great either. I'm getting kind of annoyed at the constant wink wink moments to the crowd. Edward Nigma is so forced. Penguin is an absolute delight though.

The Flash, Arrow, and the pilot for Constantine are my winners for comic book TV shows so far. Still don't care for Agents of SHIELD or The Walking Dead. I'll check out iZombie when it premieres but I'm not convinced that it's a show for me.

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I came back to say that I am super pumped about the Static web series. I love the character and I HATE what the New 52 has done to him. I was excited to see that he was being used but then they botched it so hard that he basically disappeared. I still think he should join the Teen Titans.