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super early today, awesome sauce.... now i can listen on the way home from the office

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Amy Adams is not first red-haired Lois Lane, Noel Neill was.

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Seems fitting here.

Feast your eyes on the Absorbing Man himself, Carl "Crusher" Creel!

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Did we say she was the first? I don't remember saying or intending to say that.

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I just meant why people might've complained about Amy Adams being a Lois with red-hair when it's happened before (although I guess some people might not know who Noel Neill is).

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You win this round, Corey!

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Ah come on Tony, you left off a part of my question! Tsk, tsk. Mat threw you off your game with all of his Deadpool hate. (Also I was asking what ongoing you'd like to see. Not just a team-up).

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Just so you guys know without having to look it up they can 100% have the Fantastic Four and X-Men in Disney infinity. I'm over 100% sure about this.

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That's a good idea, comic book movies that use two lead characters. Earth's mightiest duos. Perhaps after Cap saves Bucky in CA3, they could put him and Natasha together in their own film, call it Black Winter, or Widow Soldier, or, How to Train Your Assassin. Either way, this is the best time to be alive for comic book movies, media, TV, everything. It's like the Platinum Age. :)

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@g_man: @teerack: Yeah, it doesn't make any sense why they wouldn't have X-Men or Fantastic Four characters because Marvel Heroes MMORPG has over 20 X-Men characters and all 4 Fantastic Four characters. So, Marvel has the video game rights to all of these characters since they are being put to Marvel Heroes and Super Hero Squad Online just to think of it.

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@g_man Don't know if you ever answered it, but did you get my question asking about Alfred's role in Bruce's grieving? And his becoming Batman?

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I'm hoping to get audio for the "Friends of Comic Vine" panel at Long Beach.

Let me know if you have any questions for the guys. Jen should be there as well!

Friends of Comic Vine

Sat 6:00 pm

Room: 103 A/B

Comic Vine, the Internet's largest comic book wiki site and home to comic news, podcasts, and more, talks to some of their friends, who all happen to be writers at some of the industry's biggest companies. Hear stories about working in industry along with plenty of off topic conversation. Guests include Joshua Hale Fialkov, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Brian Buccellato. Moderated by Editor-in-Chief of Comic Vine, Tony Guerrero.

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@g_man: The last news I saw for Supergirl was she is Kara Zor El from Krypton. She is 24 years old and been in hiding on Earth with the secrete identity Linda Davis. Now with the blessing of Superman she is ready to come out of hiding and reveal her powers to the world.

It sounds like there taking all the best bits of the charchter and bringing it into the show.

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I complained about Amy Adams' performance as Lois Lane, not her hair colour. Teri Hatcher didn't have black hair yet she gave the best Lois performance in live action IMO. Adams was a little bit of a wet sop and not strong, disciplined or driven like Lois should be. Not enough focus was put on that anyway and I'm surprised the Clois fanbase lapped it up. Perhaps they were blinded by the Superman/Wonder Woman fauxmance.

So from the sounds of the podcast staff, Agents of SHIELD>Arrow & Gotham. So much for DC being ahead in TV show. Shame I gave up on AOS, it wasn't doing it for me anymore. Sounds like it's getting better.

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Definition of a "Guilty Pleasure":

1) Enjoying Punisher War Zone.

Just.... So.... Bad!

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@lvenger: I would say Arrow and Gotham are still quite a bit better than AoS. It has more to do with personal taste than any objective stance. Although, the season premiere of Agents of SHIELD was significantly better than 90% of season 1 it still wasn't all that impressive imo. It's just not what I'm looking for in a comic book tv show.