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Just what I need on this sad day......LLAP

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ohhhh yeayhhhhh


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Wow you guys really blasted through the news this week... I'm impressed actually.

I've never played Civ IV but I've put a few hours into Civ V. Fun game.

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The podcast made me realize how bad I miss the endless promo :(

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@superstarman I haven't listened to the podcast yet, but I was thinking the same thing seeing that G-Man wasn't there this week.

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@inferiorego That spoiler minute during Amazing X-Men was PERFECT. I literally came back in to you welcoming me back. Can't wait to read the issue.

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Endless Promo takeover, nWo style! I really enjoyed this episode. Really flew by.

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Seth Rollins coming onto the Daily Show was hilarious. Looking forward to seeing John Stewart appear on Raw tomorrow night. I had the same reaction when it was revealed that Catwoman was bisexual, I thought she had been known as bisexual for years. I could be wrong but I thought that other bisexual characters were Poison Ivy and Mistique. I remember a few years ago, Rictor came out as bisexual in X-Factor when was with Shatterstar. I think would be really interesting to see a well known comic character come out as transgender. That could be easily done with a shape shifter.

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guys, can we get a endless promo for Wrestlemania?

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Good suggestion. That'd be 2 sweet!