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I'm with you G-Man, pretty sure Arkham Knight was only delayed about 3 weeks.

Also as a Brit gobshite is a perfectly acceptable swear word.

Posted by rob1157

Podcast time....some really good books this week, can't wait to hear the reviews.

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WOW I always knew it...... Matt you should be ashamed of your self.....

I see that Confederate flag on your shirt...... how could you sink that low?


Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Gobshite is a British swearword. Well it's not really a "swear".

Posted by judasnixon

Can't wait to get home from the bar and listen to it and then insert frumpy Poison Ivy meme........

Posted by D9000

Take that you Oscar voting Gobshites! (pardon my French...)

Posted by Saint_Wildcard

Eh, Ultra Comics was meh for me.

Posted by Surza7

new podcast wooo today is a good day ,love listening to you guys....eargasm...*hides in closet* >.>