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Full podcast image can be seen HERE if you're interested.

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No new post, where is everyone?.... Wink wink.

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Me is lisseying.

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Yay, Corey is back!

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To Tony's point about the weird dichotomy between sex vs. violence and its acceptance into the United State's culture: Yes, sex is more likely to be a real situation than violence, which is exactly why kids should be educated on this much more so than on the realities of violence. This is why other countries think we're delusional: we would rather our children understand a fake reality than face real fears. Many people will go through life without being punched in the face, but almost no one will go through life without having sex. Just sayin'.

Also, sometimes books, or a movie, or some art does suck. Sometimes artists only wrote a book because they got paid to do it, and they know it sucks too. I bet there are times you guys try not to offend an artist or a writer and they are just sitting there laughing and thinking how terrible their work was and how they only did it for the paycheck or to meet a deadline and yet they're still getting decent reviews.

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@avatar_of_green: There is plenty of "sex education" that goes on. It's part of the fifth grade curriculum. Pretty much everything is discussed. So they're learning this stuff at ten years old.

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I didn't go to my regular comic shop because they are dicks and I didn't feel like dealing with them today, so I went to a different LCS for Free Comic Book Day. I walked in and they handed me 6 books: The one with the new Batman, All New All Different Avengers, and Secret Wars #0. The other 3 were actually free comics from last year. They then told me I could choose 1 more free comic, unless I wanted to donate $5 to the store and they would let me pick out 3 more. So the 7th I chose was the TMNT one, which just brings everyone up to date on what has happened lately. Which was nice because I thought that Donnie died, but I guess he is weirdly alive. The store also had a Storm Trooper and a Sand Trooper standing outside the building. The Sand Trooper woudl just stare at people through the window, and it was kinda weird. But the costumes brought tons of people into the store because the store is directly next to the box office of the movie theater at the mall. So the Snow Trooper was walking up and talking to people waiting to get their tickets. There were a lot of kids picking out comics, but then there was also those 55 year old guys who looked like they just came out of their mom's basement (Actually, I think one of the older guys there was actually with his mother). Over all, a good FCBD.

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You know I wasted 0 minutes of my life watching a terrible Adam Sandler movie. Meanwhile I just wasted 15 minutes fast forwarding through that HOURlong review of Jack and Jill that was mentioned on the podcast. What a load of BS! I was hoping to hear some big revelation as to why Sandler would go back to making terrible movies after making fun of them in Funny People, but the "scam" that they reveal makes me like him even more.

Yeah, what a jerk, he found a way to take money from huge corporations to get a paycheck for his less successful actor friends. What a crime! I really feel so bad for Sony and Dunkin Donuts (sarcasm). Bad movies have existed before Adam Sandler and will exist long after. And I can still make a list of Adam Sandler movies I'll re watch anytime. And I did like him on SNL ya jerks!!

Ugh, why did that make me so mad?

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loved the Batman issue,and was just awesome from start to finish,and had a fun time on FCBD took my nieces to get some books for them and got 3 issues from FCBD.Sucks that there were some leechers at my comicshop but I bought some stuff just to support them.I have been really enjoying Convergence and telos as a character,plus seeing Dick Grayson of Earth 2 is fun and I am super excited for him,and the rest of Earth 2.I may skip out on Secret Wars sadly,issue 0 left me confused and alot of the ties don't appeal to me,but may pick it up in hardback.