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New App Design, New Comic! "Gem Cell Research: Part 2 of 4!" Sweet Jumpin' Laser-Sharks! What are Klik & Teela up to NOW? To repair the girls' gem, they need the laser. To get the laser, they have to catch the Laser-Shark! ... But is that really such a good idea? Are they going to need a bigger raft, or end up as just so much shark-bait? Nevermind that... who is Linsee cuddling up with?! And how is Nooby's new see-weed buddy doing? All these questions and more are answered in this Sharktastic Laserific issue! All that and in a SWEET NEW APP DESIGN! And don't forget that the Pocket God Comic App is updated frequently with all kinds of FREE extras such as The Pygmy Peril newsletter (which includes free Little Green Men comic short stories), and an EXCLUSIVE re-mastered version of the first Pocket God animated short! Speaking of... The Pygmy Peril #16 is available NOW! We have more Fan Art, 'Dev-Corner' profiles another member of the Pocket God crew: Thomas Dye, and we have a NEW feature: "Chillin' with a Villain"! We also announce the first competition in the official OLYMPYGS competition! All that, plus the usual features, letters and of course the LITTLE GREEN MEN too!







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